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I wrote about 10 Places Where You Can Do Yoga with Goats! for USA Today 10Best.com. It was one of the most joyful experiences I’ve ever had. Just check out the photos!

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The smoke from the wildfires has cleared, and the communities surrounding the Great Smoky Mountains need our support. Here are 10 Reasons to Visit East Tennessee Right Now, complete with photos of the gorgeous scenery and amazing comfort food.


I wrote about 10 Festive Reasons to Celebrate the Holidays at Opryland for USA Today 10Best. Check out the photo of Michael kissing The Grinch!


I wrote about Why We Go Out to Eat on Thanksgiving for Huffington Post. What are your holiday traditions?


Check out my USA Today piece, On The Cutting Edge: These Restaurants Allow You To Choose Your Knife, and discover places where the guests aren’t the only ones looking sharp!


Wait until you see what these chefs are cooking up in the Arizona desert. Could it be an oasis?!


One of the highlights of my trip to Little Rock, Arkansas was the ESSE Purse Museum, where women’s history is in the bag.


A 35th anniversary warrants a special celebration so we spent ours at Island Hotel Newport Beach, and I wrote about it on Huffington Post. Be sure to watch the video tour of the amazing suite they gave us!


Yes, there’s more to Green Bay, Wisconsin than football! Read my 10 Good Reasons You Should Pack for Green Bay on USA Today’s 10Best!


Don’t ruin your vacation by worrying about the safety of your home. Here are 10 Gadgets that Will Protect Your Home While You’re Away.


10 places to meet in st. louis

Did you ever see the Judy Garland movie, Meet Me in St. Louis? Well, here’s my USA Today 10Best piece, 10 Places to Meet in St. Louis – Other Than The Arch!