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Stop lugging that luggage! Here are “10 Carry-On Bags You’ll Wish You Knew About Sooner.”

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Yes, there’s more to Green Bay, Wisconsin than football! Read my 10 Good Reasons You Should Pack for Green Bay on USA Today’s 10Best!


Don’t ruin your vacation by worrying about the safety of your home. Here are 10 Gadgets that Will Protect Your Home While You’re Away.


10 places to meet in st. louis

Did you ever see the Judy Garland movie, Meet Me in St. Louis? Well, here’s my USA Today 10Best piece, 10 Places to Meet in St. Louis – Other Than The Arch!


Nashville may be called Music City but it’s so much more than that! Check out my USA Today piece, “10 Things You Need to See in Nashville That Have Nothing to Do With Music.”

dancing in the dark

So, apparently, my relationship with Bruce Springsteen has changed over the years. See how in Dancing in the Dark, the essay I wrote for Purple Clover.

Travel can be transformative — for both you and the world. Read my post on USA Today about unique voluntour trips that will change your life.


travel gadgets

I have a slideshow up on USA Today now: 10 Gadgets to Take on Your Next Trip! Don’t leave home without these!

my mother’s knitting

I wrote an essay for Purple Clover about what my mom’s knitting means to me.

hot and cold marriage

I’m back on the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop site, where I was named Humor Writer of the Month in January 2014, with a personal essay about “My Hot and Cold Marriage.”

We all know that shoes can make or break a trip. So I wrote about Happy Feet: 10Best Women’s Shoes for Traveling the World for USA Today.