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“hunt for the wilderpeople” movie review

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

I get that the name, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, may not appeal to you and that you’re probably thinking, “Why would I want to see a movie about hunting wilderpeople? What the hell are wilderpeople and why in the world are they being hunted?” [Read more…]

“my love, don’t cross that river” movie review

My Love Don't Cross That River

Michael and I adored My Love, Don’t Cross That River.

From the first few minutes of watching “100-year-old lovebirds” Byong-man Jo and Gye-yeul Kang joyfully tease each other and play in the leaves together like children, we were as smitten with them as they were with each other.

It’s no surprise that this documentary — and, honestly, I didn’t realize it was documentary until afterwards — has become the biggest independent film of all time in its native Korea. It is one of the most beautiful and touching movies I’ve ever seen. [Read more…]

“march of the living” movie review

March of the Living number

Yes, that is a very disturbing image, above.

Yes, it is impossible to imagine that the Holocaust actually happened and could happen again.

And, yes, that’s why you and everyone in the world needs to watch Jessica Sanders’ powerful documentary, March of the Living. [Read more…]

“the music of strangers” movie review

The Music of Strangers

Boy, if there was ever a movie that came out just when it was needed most in the world, this is it.

At a time when too many people are focusing on the differences between us, The Music of Strangers shows the power of music to act as a universal language and bring us together. [Read more…]

“the witness” movie review

The Witness

Anyone who lived in New York in the ’60s was haunted by the story of Kitty Genovese.

In March 1964, the 28 year old was coming home from her job at a local bar in Kew Gardens, Queens at 3 a.m. when a man came out of nowhere and stabbed her. As she screamed for help, he ran away and she made it into the hallway of her building. He came back, found her and stabbed her again.

Despite her screams and the fact that 38 neighbors witnessed the attack, no one came to her rescue and she died.

That fact was turned into a front page New York Times story about apathy and anonymity, revealing the uncaring people who lived in the city.

“It was one of the most shameful events in New York City history,” said one reporter.

As a little girl growing up in Queens, it was terrifying to me.

Now, fifty years later, The Witness follows Kitty’s brother, Bill, as he tries to make sense of what happened that night. [Read more…]

“gurukulam” movie review

Gurukulam Swami

Thank goodness I watched this with Michael because it is more his kind of movie than mine, and now I can also give you a perspective from someone to whom Gurukulam is actually geared.

Gurukulam is a documentary set in the Arsha Vidya ashram in Southern India. The filmmakers take us into the everyday world of Swami Dayananda Saraswati (who died last year at the age of 85) as he leads meditations, discusses philosophy with his students and educates children about the importance of thinking good thoughts. [Read more…]

“the lobster” movie review

The Lobster

I just learned that today is National Lobster Day, so it’s the perfect day for me to review The Lobster, starring Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz. [Read more…]

“me before you” movie review

Me Before You

You know how much I loved Me Before You, Jojo Moyes’ beautiful, thought-provoking, important novel, and how much I’ve been looking forward to the movie.

I took my friend, Elin, to the screening with me and, because she hadn’t read the book yet — what?! — I was curious to see if we would share the same reaction.

The book is a giant tearjerker of a story — but never in a sappy or predictable way — so I thought it was brilliant marketing that they passed out these special little boxes of Kleenex as we headed into the theater.

Me Before You Kleenex

Unfortunately, I never needed them. [Read more…]

“maggie’s plan” movie review

Maggie's Plan

Every time I see Greta Gerwig in a movie, I just want to be her friend. She seems so down-to-earth and authentic and, like the best actors, she never seems to be acting.

In Rebecca Miller’s new film, Maggie’s Plan, Gerwig plays the title character — a Manhattan millennial who’s made a career out of helping students navigate the intersection of art and commerce, and who hears her own biological clock ticking.

Although her good friend, Tony (Bill Hader), assures her it will all work out, she tells him, “I don’t like leaving my destiny to destiny.”

And she devises a plan. [Read more…]

“money monster” movie review

Money Monster - George Clooney

If you want to see why people in this country are so angry, go see Money Monster.

In the movie, a frustrated young man named Kyle (Jack O’Connell) finds his way on to the set of a hot financial show and threatens to kill host Lee Gates (George Clooney) on live TV for recommending a stock that mysteriously tanked, causing him to lose the $60,000 he was counting on to take care of his girlfriend and baby.

“That’s just pocket change to you, right?” he spits at Gates, while strapping on an explosive-packed vest.

Gates is arrogant and self-absorbed, and his director, Patty (Julia Roberts) has her hands full trying to keep him focused. As the action unfolds, it’s also up to her to try to keep everyone alive. [Read more…]