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Want to take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile? Here are “10 Ways to Experience Minneapolis Like Mary Tyler Moore,” which I wrote for USA Today 10Best.

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ringing in our 37th new year together

New Year's Eve

Michael and I celebrated our first New Year’s Eve together at my friend Rachel’s party (Happy birthday, dear Rae!) over winter break in college as 1977 turned into 1978.

It was our second or third date and I was smitten. I was practically strutting because he had cancelled his other plans so we could be together on New Year’s Eve, and I felt alive with the mystery and anticipation of what was to come. [Read more…]

33 years

Lois and Michael at Pompidou

Today is our 33rd wedding anniversary.

33 years! [Read more…]

win tickets to see “le week-end,” a smart film about long-term marriage

Le Week-end

If you’ve been married a long time, you have to see Le Week-end, starring two of my all-time favorite actors, Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan, as a couple celebrating their 30th anniversary — or ending their marriage — with a weekend in Paris. I made Michael watch it after I did, and he was convinced I was sending him some kind of message. [Read more…]