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Check out these gorgeous paintings and see why The Blackstone Hotel’s art collection is better than a museum – and how you can spend the night surrounded by it!

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It’s never too late to learn something new, like:

“How to Sleep Alone in a King-Size Bed.”  Theo Pauline Nestor nails the realities of divorce in her self-deprecating yet self-assured “Memoir of Starting Over.”  There’s so much you’ll recognize as Truth, no matter what your marital status, and you’ll root for Theo and her girls to make it without the man who gambled away their savings.  This is a story of survival, strength and, ultimately, triumph.

How to hook a rug. Subscriber Anne-Marie Littenberg hooks rugs that are such gorgeous pieces of art, they’ll take your breath away. She shares her secrets, tips and even an actual pattern in “Hooked Rug Landscapes.” You may never hook a rug of your own, but you’ll treasure this book for the photographs of Anne-Marie’s rich, vibrant and original work which you’ll find yourself yearning to touch.

How to eat their words. We know these writers cook, but who knew they could also really cook? Washington’s King County Library System Foundation has compiled “Literary Feast: The Famous Authors Cookbook,” a fascinating and tasty collection of recipes and stories from top names like Garth Stein, Jennie Shortridge, Elizabeth Berg and Lisa Lillien. The fact that proceeds support literacy and reading programs is simply the icing on the cake, so order your copy now.

How to wrap it up. As any child knows, the wrapping is often more fun than the gift itself. Follow the instructions in Jennifer Playford’s “Wrapagami,” and whatever you’re giving is likely to play second fiddle to the layer of fabric lovingly folded, shaped and tied around it.

This post originally appeared on my former blog, StyleSubstanceSoul.

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