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I met the most amazing craftspeople when I was in Portland last week. Read my USA Today piece, 10 Portland makers who will make you say, “Please take my money!” and get all your holiday shopping done early!

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what really happened to your loved ones on 9/11 by michael mark


To those of you who lost loved ones in the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, here’s what happened in their final moments. [Read more…]

an open letter to jenny craig

No Jenny Craig

Dear Jenny,

I’ve been a loyal fan of yours for years, have sworn by and touted your program as an influencer, shared my progress online and enthusiastically sent many of my readers to you.

So it pains me deeply to learn — from some of those readers who have sent me frantic private messages — that you’re a Donald Trump supporter and are going so far as to actually host a fundraiser for him.

I am despondent at this news because it means I’m going to have to leave you. [Read more…]

why #imwithher – and elton john and katy perry are, too! by jami kelly

Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton

I got to know Jami Kelly when she emailed me after reading about our Viking cruise and wanting to share her own experiences. I really enjoyed reading her fantastic blog, Two Men and a Lady (and an RV), and invited her to submit a guest post whenever she wanted.

Well, I’m happy that the one she wanted to submit was about the I’m With Her Concert for Hillary Clinton a few nights ago — an event I would have loved to attend. I’m living it vicariously through Jami’s personal experience here. When it comes to Jami’s choice for President this year, well, I’m with her. [Read more…]

march madness!

Final Four bracket

Okay, whoever said “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is just plain wrong.

As proof, let me offer up my bracket picks for the NCAA Final Four. A week ago, I had no idea what any of those words even meant.

Now, because I’m an #ExperienceBuick influencer and Buick just happens to be a key sponsor of the beloved men’s basketball tournament and there’s a very generous prize at the end for the winner of our bracket, I am — as Randy Jackson used to say on American Idol — in it to win it. [Read more…]



Last night was one of the most fascinating nights I’ve had online in a long time.

It started when someone on Facebook posted a picture of what to me looked like a gold and white dress, saying obviously it was blue and black and she couldn’t understand why people were saying anything else.

What?! It was obviously gold and white!  [Read more…]

turning the clock back

clock 2 a.m.

I know a lot of people are not happy about turning the clock back tonight and, although I moan and groan along with them so they don’t feel weird, secretly I rejoice.

I don’t mind feeling weird. [Read more…]

my restoration hardware post made cbs this morning!

Restoration Hardware selfie

I tried to take a selfie with the Restoration Hardware catalogs but they were so heavy, this is the result.

I was so excited when a producer from CBS This Morning contacted me to see if they could use the photos from my post yesterday for a segment about Restoration Hardware’s insane 17-pound catalog drop.

“Sure,” I said. “If I can have lunch with Gayle King.” [Read more…]

really, restoration hardware???

restoration hardware doormat

So this showed up at my front door the other day.

I was intrigued by the heft of it until I realized what it actually was.

17 pounds of Restoration Hardware catalogs?  [Read more…]

san diego on fire

San Marcos fire

Once again, San Diego is burning.

As I write this, there are at least half a dozen fires out of control and Michael and I are going through stuff, trying to decide what to take if we end up having to evacuate. Again. [Read more…]

happy birthday, gloria steinem!

Gloria SteinemGloria Steinem turns 80 tomorrow. She says she has no intention of retiring, which is something we should all be grateful for — especially because the ERA has still not passed.

In celebration, I’m reposting this piece from two years ago. I’m also signing this card to wish her a happy birthday, and hope you will, too!

[Read more…]