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A $5000 hamburger? The opportunity to be in control of the Bellagio Fountains? Here are 10 Ways to Experience the Luxurious Side of Las Vegas.

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my silver linings cook(ie)book

Betty Crocker - Michael cookies

This was supposed to be a sponsored post. Unfortunately, it’s not.

You see, against my better judgment, I agreed to write about Betty Crocker cookie mix. [Read more…]

ringing in our 37th new year together

New Year's Eve

Michael and I celebrated our first New Year’s Eve together at my friend Rachel’s party (Happy birthday, dear Rae!) over winter break in college as 1977 turned into 1978.

It was our second or third date and I was smitten. I was practically strutting because he had cancelled his other plans so we could be together on New Year’s Eve, and I felt alive with the mystery and anticipation of what was to come. [Read more…]

33 years

Lois and Michael at Pompidou

Today is our 33rd wedding anniversary.

33 years! [Read more…]

hey hey hey, it’s world poetry day!

Michael beanie

My favorite poet.

I am not a poet, as I think I made clear many years ago (and with the title of this post).

I do, however, happen to live with a poet and thought I should pay homage to him now that I know it’s World Poetry Day. [Read more…]

my husband’s poem, “baby’s got a hot blog”

Michael Mark jumpingTurnabout is fair play so it’s only right that my husband’s poem, “Baby’s Got a Hot Blog,” is on Empty Mirror today (the same site where Bob Dylan reads “The Night Before Christmas,” by the way).

I have to admit it’s a fantastic poem.

Since I’ve shared many stories about Michael here, including what will forever be referred to simply as the purple sweater incident, I certainly can’t blame him for writing loosely – loosely – about me in his poetry. If his poem was a movie, it would say “inspired by actual events,” not “this is a true story.”

In other words, we are not getting a divorce!

Check out the poem here, and please “like,” share and comment on the Empty Mirror site.

Let’s show him the power of his baby’s hot blog.

lois and the purple sweater by michael mark

Hawaiian shirt

Yes, I’ve learned my lesson but, oh, this one is pretty tempting too …

After my Blogger Idol assignment last week in which I revealed a secret I’ve been keeping for 35 years, readers have been asking me to write about my husband’s reaction. Michael said he wanted to write about it himself, and the least I can do is let him. So here it is. If you haven’t read the original post, you may want to do that before continuing. I’m sorry the Blogger Idol site is gone because the comments were hilarious and worthy of a future blog post themselves. [Read more…]

confessing a 35 year old lie

Our assignment for Week 7 of Blogger Idol was to reveal a secret. Oh, boy.

Lois and Michael in collegeAfter 32 years of marriage, my husband is about to learn something that he never knew about me.

And he’s not going to be happy about it. [Read more…]

celebrating our 32nd anniversary at la costa

 La Costa Spa and Resort

Michael and I celebrated our 32nd anniversary a couple of weeks ago. How that can be possible when I feel like I’m still 30 myself is one of those mysteries of life – and a topic for a future blog post. [Read more…]

kia presents lois and michael: a marriage in parallel texts

Michael and I have been married so long, we often finish each other’s sentences. Apparently, though, that doesn’t mean either one of us has any idea what the other one is talking about — as we were dumbfounded to discover today.

Kia had given us a 2014 Sorento to test drive, and invited us to take it on a road trip up to the LPGA Kia Classic Golf Tournament at the Park Hyatt Aviara for the weekend.

Because Michael was so inspired by the pros, he decided to leave and play a round himself while I watched the matches from the comfort of the Kia Skybox. It was the first time he got to drive the Sorento, because I had been hogging it since it was delivered.

Now, Michael is an avid golfer and has tried, for years, to get me more interested in the game. I thought it would make him happy to hear that I was having such a good time at the tournament and was really paying attention to the shots and the greens, so I decided to text him and share my enthusiasm.

This is the ridiculous conversation that ensued. (My texts are in white, Michael’s are in green.) [Read more…]

An Older Mama (Uh, Me) Talks to One of the Lil’ Mamas About Raising Kids Then and Now

I was so lucky to meet so many great people on our trip to Australia with Oprah (yes, I love to casually fling those words around!) and it’s inspiring to follow what they’ve been doing since then.

You may remember Cecelia Behar-Bush (left), who wrote a powerful guest post for us, from The Oprah Show — she’s the woman who announced her pregnancy to her husband at our big bash in Sydney, so it’s fitting that she and Lauren Price recently joined Lil’ Mamas, the brainchild of their friend, actress Alisan Porter Autenrieth. The three partners refer to it as “not your mama’s mama blog,” and it’s so honest and funny and real, I wish it had been around when I had my first baby — 23 years ago!

Cecelia thought it would be fun for me, as an eldermom, to pass along my words of wisdom to the new moms who make up her audience. I assured her that, although I am definitely approaching the elderly stage, I am not particularly wise and that she should adjust my advice as she sees fit since I did feed my eight-month-old daughter french fries and unhesitatingly place my newborn son on the floor in front of our beloved chow chow for her approval. (Of the two, I only regret the french fries — and even that, not so much.)

So, I’m answering the questions instead of asking them. Thanks, Lil’ Mamas, from … a Big Mama??? Oy. [Read more…]