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A $5000 hamburger? The opportunity to be in control of the Bellagio Fountains? Here are 10 Ways to Experience the Luxurious Side of Las Vegas.

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why the bruce jenner interview makes me feel better about the world

ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos

For the past few years, I’ve been blaming the Kardashians for the decline of civilization.

I couldn’t understand why anyone was paying any attention to them, why they were making a fortune, why kids were aspiring to be like them.

It was so disappointing to me that these were the people everyone was talking about. What had they done to deserve their fame and wealth? Kim did a sex tape, showed off her butt and married a narcissist.

The world was falling apart but people were too busy watching the Kardashians to care.

But then I watched the Bruce Jenner interview last night. And I realized why the Kardashians had to become so popular. [Read more…]

tedx san diego


If you’ve ever watched a TED talk on YouTube, you know how inspiring they are.

Well, they’re even more inspiring in person.

Yesterday, I got to attend my third TEDx San Diego with my friend, Ruth, and, as always, I came away feeling energized and ready to change the world. [Read more…]

i worry about the world

I voted

I was going to write a light, happy post today – like I usually do – but I can’t. Since hearing the results of Election Day, I’m feeling so discouraged about the state of the world.

And I’m angry.

A whopping two thirds — TWO THIRDS — of eligible voters didn’t even take the time to vote this Election Day.

That’s appalling.

And it’s why our country is in very big trouble. [Read more…]

which will it be?

Oscar cookies

I love these cookies from Zabar’s so much, I had to give them their own post before they, um, disappeared.

I posted my Oscar predictions here,  and am convinced Best Picture will come down to these two movies.

What do you think?

Follow me live on Twitter during the awards @loisaltermark and enter to win a copy of American Hustle – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack here.

my 2014 academy awards predictions!


Watching the Academy Awards is akin to a religious experience to me.

Okay, that’s a little dramatic – in keeping with the subject matter – but it is my favorite night of the year and one that I take seriously. I turn down viewing parties, and the only people I will watch with are my family members. And even they have to be quiet. [Read more…]

“four dead in ohio:” a documentary by 14-year-old augie rice

One of the highlights of competing in Blogger Idol — other than, ahem, winning it! — was becoming friends with one of my fiercest competitors, Liesl Testwuide. And one of the highlights of meeting Liesl was being introduced to her son, Augie, a budding filmmaker whose short documentary, Four Dead in Ohio, moved me to tears. You can watch the 9 minute film in its entirety, above.

There’s no question that the subject matter will always be explosive but the fact that an eighth grader would gravitate to it and want to make sure the students who died aren’t forgotten gives me great hope for our future.

With the Oscars coming up on Sunday, it seemed an appropriate time to talk to this young filmmaker. [Read more…]

win a night at the movies, care of fandango “awards watch”

Academy Awards

I love awards season! My favorite awards show has always been the Golden Globes, although this year’s was bizarre and awkward and uncomfortable. Everyone seemed drunk, no one could find their way to the stage through the horribly-designed labyrinth of a seating arrangement and Diane Keaton singing the Girl Scouts’ song to Woody Allen, who couldn’t be bothered showing up to receive his Lifetime Achievement Award? Not even going there.

I’m hoping for a better Oscars. [Read more…]

“court and spark” turns 40: the event

Annie Ross

Joni Mitchell’s idol, Annie Ross, sings “Twisted” at “Court and Spark” Turns 40. 

As I wrote the other day, this year marks the 40th anniversary of Joni Mitchell’s iconic Court and Spark. This album was so important to so many people that Louise Crawford, who runs Brooklyn Social Media, organized a very special event in her neighborhood to commemorate the occasion. It’s one of those times I wished I still lived in New York. [Read more…]

binge watching downton abbey

Downton Abbey Maggie Smith

I had a busy night planned for last night. I was going to write a post, answer emails, respond to comments and pitch a few story ideas.

Instead, I powered through the entire fourth season of Downton Abbey.

All nine episodes. [Read more…]

carrie underwood, jennifer hudson and me

Help Lois Alter Mark win Blogger Idol

My husband is the competitive one in the family. Give him a challenge and he goes after it with everything he has. Club championship at La Costa? Check. Biggest Loser contest at his office? Check.

I compete a lot, too, but am much more private in my attempts. I may apply for, enter, pitch dozens of opportunities but they’re usually online, and the world only finds out about the ones I actually win.

Until now. [Read more…]