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“battle of the sexes” movie review

Battle of the Sexes

I remember rooting for Billie Jean King to beat that male chauvinist pig, Bobby Riggs, during their 1973 exhibition match yet I found myself feeling the urgency of her winning even more strongly watching Battle of the Sexes, the fictionalized movie about the two tennis legends.

I was 14 during the original must-watch-TV match and, although I was a devout feminist who believed wholeheartedly in women’s lib, I don’t think I had any clue at the time of just how brave and important King’s efforts really were. [Read more…]

“year by the sea” movie review

Year by the Sea

Joan Anderson’s Year by the Sea has been sitting on my bookshelf for so long, it was inevitable that the movie would come out before I had a chance to read it.

It’s not surprising this memoir has become a kind of midlife classic because so many baby boomer empty nesters will be able to relate to Joan’s story. [Read more…]

“take my nose … please” movie review

Take My Nose Please

This must-see documentary about funny women who have had or are having cosmetic surgery is fascinating, often hilarious and sometimes devastatingly sad. (If you remember Totie Fields, you’ll once again be moved by her tragic story.)

“Plastic surgery is supposed to make you feel good about yourself,” says comedian Margaret Cho. “To me, it’s just brainwashing, manipulation and mutilation of women.”

She waits a beat, then adds, “I’m still going to get it.”

And there’s the heart of the story. [Read more…]

“home again” movie review

Home Again

After seeing the trailer, I knew Home Again wasn’t going to be a good movie but I went to see it anyway because: 1) Reese Witherspoon 2) Nancy Meyers

Reese Witherspoon is adorable, always fun to watch and seems like she would be a great friend. But Nancy Meyers? Her movies are house porn at its finest. [Read more…]

“war for the planet of the apes” movie review

War for the Planet of the Apes

I realize this may shock you — trust me, it shocked me, too — but I kind of loved War for the Planet of the Apes, and found it surprisingly moving.

Of course, I was rooting for the apes. [Read more…]

“maudie” movie review


I hesitate to tell you that Maudie is, hands-down, my favorite movie of the year so far because I know how easy it is to be disappointed when you go in with such high expectations.

But I’m pretty sure you will love Maudie, too. [Read more…]

“the big sick” movie review

The BIg Sick

From the minute we saw the trailer for The Big Sick, Michael and I knew we would love the movie.

And we did. [Read more…]

“the beguiled” movie review

The Beguiled

I loved watching The Beguiled.

I loved the actresses, I loved the costumes, I loved the moody cinematography, I loved the girl power, I loved Colin Farrell.

I did not, however, love the movie. [Read more…]

“wonder woman” movie review

Wonder Woman

Let me start this by saying I have never been into the whole Marvel/DC comics thing. The only comic books I read when I was younger starred Betty and Veronica, and the superheroes I admire are real-life human beings whose super power is kindness.

I have little interest in the testosterone-driven stories of good men fighting bad men to save the world. At some point, they all blend into each other, alienating female audiences who know that, really, the world could be saved if regular men just stood up for what’s right.

But then Gal Gadot came along as Wonder Woman, and the world has suddenly become a little bit brighter. [Read more…]

“beatriz at dinner” movie review

Beatriz at Dinner

Every one of us who joined the Women’s March, wore a pussy hat or is simply doing everything in her power to resist the current Administration will recognize themselves in Beatriz in Beatriz at Dinner. [Read more…]