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A $5000 hamburger? The opportunity to be in control of the Bellagio Fountains? Here are 10 Ways to Experience the Luxurious Side of Las Vegas.

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what really happened to your loved ones on 9/11 by michael mark


To those of you who lost loved ones in the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, here’s what happened in their final moments. [Read more…]

california women’s conference – uniting and empowering women by rebecca olkowski

California Women's Conference

Women have enormous power, as we’ve seen in recent months.

Last week, female entrepreneurs and thought leaders gathered in Long Beach for the annual California Women’s Conference. Attendees came from all over the world to be infused with motivation, inspiration, empowerment, mentoring, and sisterhood. I was thrilled to be one of them. [Read more…]

facing my fear by elin stebbins waldal

Elin Stebbins Waldal

When my great friend, Elin Stebbins Waldal, told me she was finally facing her fear of the ocean by going kayaking, I was so proud of her. I think it’s awesome to overcome your fears in midlife — something I did with the encouragement of Patty Chang Anker and her must-read book, Some Nerve

I asked Elin if she would share her experience with all of you because it’s so empowering. I bet her story will inspire you to try something new, as well. Let us know what that might be.

Last October I faced my decades-old fear of the ocean by simply getting wet. You know, the up to your knees kind of wet. I had reached a point in my life where I realized that only I could redefine what getting older meant to me and I was determined not to lead a life filled with “I remember when I was able to …” stories.

Today, I can actually swim in the ocean. Although, to some, my steps may seem infantile, to me they are monumental.

In July, before I actually went swimming in the ocean, I was invited by Everyday California to go kayaking. In the ocean. [Read more…]

emma slater, “dancing with the stars” and me by jillian walsh

Emma Slater with fan Jillian

One of the best parts of Dancing With the Stars Live! was seeing the pure joy on so many fans’ faces as they got to finally see their favorite dancers in person.

One of those fans was Jillian Walsh, a sweet and bubbly 13-year-old from San Diego, who Sara and I talked to at the Meet and Greet, where she was hoping to present a gift to pro Emma Slater. We felt terrible when security told her she wouldn’t be able to give it to her, and were thrilled when we saw her quietly pass it to Emma on stage during the show.

“It wasn’t really the ideal time,” Jillian admits, “but I saw it as my last chance.”

I totally admire a girl with such passion and determination, and wanted to see what it was about Emma that made her such a role model for Jillian. Here’s what she had to say: [Read more…]

5 truths and a lie by robin kall

Robin Kall Homonoff

I love when my friends decide to play 5 truths and a lie with me! Last year, Madge Stein Woods and Rachel Joyce played along. And now, Robin Kall of Reading with Robin is joining in. Yay! [Read more…]

baby’s got a hot blog by michael mark

Red Bubble keep calm and write poetry t-shirt

Let me preface this by assuring you that only parts of this poem written by my husband are true.

I have more than 8000 unique visitors. 🙂 [Read more…]

5 truths and a lie by rachel joyce

Rachel Joyce with an ermine

Honestly, I don’t think I want to know.

I love getting to know all of you better, and am thrilled that a couple of you even played 5 Truths and a Lie in the comments section of my post. Here’s the truth about Rachel Joyce’s statements. They are awesome! (And be sure to check out Madge Stein Woods’ post here.) [Read more…]

5 truths and a lie by madge stein woods

Betty Grable's autograph

I love getting to know all of you better, and am thrilled that a couple of you even played 5 Truths and a Lie in the comments section of my post. Here’s the truth about Madge Stein Wood’s statements. They are awesome! (And be sure to check out Rachel Joyce’s post here.) [Read more…]

lois and the purple sweater by michael mark

Hawaiian shirt

Yes, I’ve learned my lesson but, oh, this one is pretty tempting too …

After my Blogger Idol assignment last week in which I revealed a secret I’ve been keeping for 35 years, readers have been asking me to write about my husband’s reaction. Michael said he wanted to write about it himself, and the least I can do is let him. So here it is. If you haven’t read the original post, you may want to do that before continuing. I’m sorry the Blogger Idol site is gone because the comments were hilarious and worthy of a future blog post themselves. [Read more…]

dad’s last visit by pamela lear

Pamela Lear

Why is it that, even as adults, we still want so much to please our parents?

I finally learned to let that go and, sadly, at the end of my father’s last visit, I told him he was not welcome to visit me again. [Read more…]