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A $5000 hamburger? The opportunity to be in control of the Bellagio Fountains? Here are 10 Ways to Experience the Luxurious Side of Las Vegas.

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being money-smart with wescom credit union


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Thanks to Wescom for sponsoring this post and helping me understand my finances.

Because Michael and I got married so young – he was 24, I was 22 – we had to learn about money together.

Over the past 35 years, we’ve figured out mortgages, tuitions and retirement plans. We’ve dealt with remodels, insurance and healthcare. Every single event has been stressful because we never felt like we had any idea what we were doing.

Wescom Did You KnowEnter Wescom Credit Union, which just launched a fantastic financial education program last month, Did You Know?

Through mobile banking experiences, educational programs and complimentary financial consulting, Wescom is helping individuals and families understand banking basics and learn how to manage their own personal finances.

I love this idea because they’ve taken a subject that intimidates so many of us, and broken it down so it’s no longer scary. They’re teaching us all to be financially literate.

Wescom says it hopes to simplify the banking world one individual at a time. According to Debbie Shepherd, Director of Signature Experiences for Wescom, “Our Did You Know financial education portal, Signature Experiences and Big Blue events are designed to meet the needs of individuals with tools and resources that matter most for each stage of life.” [Read more…]

joe john duran talks about the emotions behind money

The Mondey CodeAlthough I know I need to learn how to keep on top of my finances and be more aware of how I spend my money, financial books are often unappealing because they’re written in a language that makes me feel like I know even less than I do. The Money Code: Improve Your Entire Financial Life Right Now was a pleasant surprise because it breaks down the driving force behind our financial decisions into three types of Money Minds, each led by a specific emotion. This was much more interesting to me, and made much more sense.

Author Joe John Duran holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and earned MBA degrees from Columbia University and UC Berkeley. He is the CEO and founding partner of United Capital, which consistently ranks as one of the nation’s fastest growing wealth counseling firms, and you’ve probably seen him talking about money on CNN or CNBC. Here’s what he had to say about his new book, which we’re giving you a chance to win along with a $100 Visa gift card. [Read more…]