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why #imwithher – and elton john and katy perry are, too! by jami kelly

Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton

I got to know Jami Kelly when she emailed me after reading about our Viking cruise and wanting to share her own experiences. I really enjoyed reading her fantastic blog, Two Men and a Lady (and an RV), and invited her to submit a guest post whenever she wanted.

Well, I’m happy that the one she wanted to submit was about the I’m With Her Concert for Hillary Clinton a few nights ago — an event I would have loved to attend. I’m living it vicariously through Jami’s personal experience here. When it comes to Jami’s choice for President this year, well, I’m with her.

I am not a political blogger. My blog is about travel, life, love, and the pursuit of getting published in NYC – not politics. But in the category of “Life in NYC,” a concert featuring Elton John and Katy Perry at Radio City would be apropos.  The evening just happened to include two featured speakers named Clinton.

Hillary and Bill Clinton

Fresh off of securing over 1,000 delegates on Super Tuesday and with little fanfare or promotion, a softer side of Hillary Clinton was on display at Radio City the other night for a rousing show of support from those who love her (Bill and Chelsea), those who know her best (Elton John has been a friend for 25 years), and those who are rooting for her to secure a 2017 White House win (Julianne Moore, Jamie Foxx, and Katy Perry).  The “I’m With Her Concert” for the Hillary Victory Fund featured full-out performances from Elton and Katy, who performed their greatest hits as a thank you to voters for supporting their candidate.

In a special dedication of “I’m Still Standing,” Sir Elton proclaimed that no two people have contributed more to end HIV/AIDS than the former First Lady and future “First Mate.”  He cautioned those of us on this side of the pond that, “She’s the only hope you have” before bestowing “Your Song” upon us. With “Philadephia Freedom” came a shout out to the Democratic National Convention to be held there in July.

Elton John at Hillary Clinton

Gaunt, red-faced, and hoarse beyond the rigors of stumping, Bill Clinton isn’t the dashing leader of the free world we remember from the nineties. But now, his heart genuinely seems to be in the right place – with his wife. He remarked that Hillary is “a gifted change maker (who) stands for people who never seem to be seen” and “sees people not policies” as she works to create “a world with more partners than enemies.” He also said he sometimes wishes he wasn’t married to her for 40+ years so that people would actually believe what he says about her!

Bill deadpanned that he was on stage to kill time while they prepared the stage for Katy Perry. That turned out to not be so much of a joke when the curtain rose to reveal a full set and light show with Katy decked out in an Uncle-Sam-meets-Wonder-Woman red, white and blue sparkly ensemble. She opened with “Eye of the Tiger,” danced her way through “Part of Me,” and sang a stirring version of “Unconditionally,” although I have to say, for me, “I Kissed a Girl” was noticeably missing from her set! In her candid remarks, she cautioned we “can’t get lazy” about voting as “we know how that film ends.”

Katy Perry at Hillary Clinton

Hillary, seated like a casual observer in the back of the orchestra section wasn’t the stiff, uptight Hillary Clinton we often see in the debates. Maybe it was the confidence brought on by Super Tuesday or the comfort of knowing she was among her peeps in NY, but with her adoring family and celebrity influencers by her side, she was relaxed, beaming, in control. And despite the size and grandeur of Radio City, we in the audience felt as though we were part of this smiling, happy family. We agreed with Katy Perry when she said, “it feels personal and we’ve got a lot at stake.”

Jami KellySo why am I with HER?

We need a woman in the White House. People tell me this is not a valid reason. I agree. I am not voting for her because she’s a woman, but because she’s qualified. It’s up to Hillary to break through this particular glass ceiling so that having a woman in the White House in future generations becomes a no-brainer, just as opportunities are now open for African-Americans, thanks to President Obama. I believe the more women that are in charge of countries, the less fighting there will be in the world. Women don’t fight. We talk. We empathize. We give birth to the sons and daughters who do the fighting. ‘Nuf said.

She is the most qualified. You might like Bernie’s authenticity. You might like Trump’s bravado. (Somebody must?) But Hillary Clinton has been a United States Senator, a Secretary of State, and a First Lady. She knows more about the process than these two.  Sure, I think everyone should be able to have health insurance and go to college. I just don’t think Bernie has a valid plan for doing it. And if Trump has the sense to go from a being a blowhard to a candidate should he make it into the general election, and hire the right people under him to take care of the real work that needs to be done, I might feel better about the prospect of his presidency – but that still doesn’t make him qualified.

We don’t need that much change. After eight years of Bush and the Republicans in 2008, we needed change. Not so much now. Unemployment is at its lowest rate in seven years. The uninsured rate is down by six percentage points from its high of 18% in 2013. President Obama averted economic disaster brought on by his predecessors by rescuing the banks with TARP and the rest of us with the Stimulus Package. For a full list of Obama’s 335 accomplishments since taking office seven years ago, see this post with citations, “President Obama has Done Alot!” Hillary Clinton is the one who will continue this momentum.

That’s why I’m with her.


  1. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at this event. A decade ago, voting for a woman for president was unheard of. And yet, here we are. I’m excited to see how this election turns out. I know where my vote is going and I am proud to be able to say, whatever the outcome, I choose to voice my opinion by going to the polls. Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. Go Hillary! You know I was on the fence between #feelthebern and HC but I’m behind either. Been a long time since Geraldine Ferraro and now is the time to put a bright, articulate woman in the White House! Just keep it cool at the debates, HC….

  3. Rifka Kreiter says:

    Sounds like a terrific event. However much I love and support Bernie’s principles and goals, I notice I actually am not confident he could do the almost-undoable job of POTUS. I pray that Hillary will win, and if the Donald is the nominee, you can bet I’ll be out pounding the pavements for her–or almost anyone else who’s nominated– like I haven’t done since the ’70s.

  4. What a fantastic event. I am a supporter of Hillary’s. No candidate is perfect. None. But she’s best qualified for the job.

  5. Thanks ladies! I appreciate the feedback and support on her behalf. Go Hillary!

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