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Sara Blakely of Spanx Just Joined the Forbes World Billionaires List!

Congratulations to Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, for becoming the youngest self-made woman to join the Forbes World Billionaires list this year.

I feel a special kinship to Sara whose appearance on The Oprah Show so inspired me as my partners and I were developing StyleSubstanceSoul.com. Because of this, we were chosen to accompany Oprah on the trip of a lifetime to Australia as “Ultimate Viewers.” You can read the whole amazing story here.

Using her life savings of $5000 to start her company, Sara literally changed the shape of women’s fashion. Fourteen years later, she joins Oprah – to whom she donated $1 million for her Leadership Academy for Girls in Africa – in the elite group of women making ten figures (figures probably ensconced in Spanx!). She has also taken on her own philanthropic causes, supporting a variety of charities and organizations which empower women through her Sara Blakely Foundation.

I applaud Sara, who continues to be an inspiration to me. I hope to have as great an impact on women as she has, and I hope to one day join her on this list. (Hey, putting it out into the universe is what got me to Australia with Oprah!)

This post originally appeared on my former blog, StyleSubstanceSoul.com.


  1. I really admire women with that sense of ingenuity and drive. Congratulations to Sara and thank you for inventing spanks!

  2. gloria colbert says:

    Sara, You are my hero ! Bck in the sixties I would cut out my
    toes from the stockings Iwas wearing..C wearing hose was re-
    quired were I worked).. I think of you often. I have follwed
    your work, since the first artical in the Atlanta Journal.I’m, now
    reac hng may 79th birthday…so from raising 6 children, working
    in Clothing, Opening a Garden Center, Becoming a Real Estate
    Broker…My Hat is off to you. The best of everything good to
    you.. In Gods Love,and mine Glo

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