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laughing my way to erma bombeck writers’ workshop

Erma Bombeck on TimeI could never have imagined when I was young and wishing I could write like Erma Bombeck that the prestigious organization continuing her work would name me – me! – Humor Writer of the Month or that I would be attending an actual Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop with some of the best in the business.

Yet, it did and I am, proving, as Oprah always says, “the Universe has bigger dreams for you than you could ever dream yourself.”

So I’m off to Dayton, Ohio this morning for an event that is only held every other year and that sold out in twelve hours. And, in a coincidence that I’m taking as a positive sign, Huffington Post just published my Blogger Idol-winning travel adventure, “Amster-damn,” about my family vacation in the land of pot, prostitutes and dykes.

I’m so excited to absorb the words of keynote speakers who include the legendary Phil Donahue, author Lisa Scottoline and her daughter, writer Francesca Serritella, author Mary Lou Quinlan, comic Judy Carter and sitcom genius Bruce Ferber.

I’ll be taking notes fast and furiously during sessions led by people I admire greatly, like Suzanne Braun Levine, Ilene Beckerman and W. Bruce Cameron.

I can’t wait to meet in real life the amazingly supportive, smart and hilarious people I’ve already met and feel like I’ve gotten to know in our Erma Facebook group. I will be cheering them on as they put themselves out there to pitch book ideas and perform stand-up.

I’m looking forward to spending quality time with my writer friends from around the country who mean so much to me – especially my roomie, Helene Cohen Bludman, who is either the Thelma to my Louise or the Louise to my Thelma. Whichever.

And I’m planning to laugh and cry and hone my craft until I make my words sing and my readers laugh and cry with me.

Erma once wrote, “There are people who put their dreams in a little box and say, ‘Yes, I’ve got dreams. Of course, I’ve got dreams.’ Then they put the box away and bring it out once in a while to look in it, and, yep, they’re still there.”

I will not be one of those people. I’m taking my dreams out of their box, packing them in a suitcase and letting them them loose in Dayton, Ohio. Who knows where the Universe will take them from there?

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  1. You’re lucky that you were able to score a ticket. Have a great time and I will be waiting to hear all about it 🙂

  2. Congrats. I love Erma. Going to have to check out Your post Amster-Damn.

  3. Have fun and say hello to Thelma – er, Louise- er, both!

  4. See you at the conference!

  5. Have a great time and tell Helene I said hello!
    I cannot wait to read all about it.

  6. Have fun, Lois.

  7. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Way to go scoring your pass into this awesome event! I hope you learn a lot and are inspired.

  8. Have a wonderful time!

  9. That sounds absolutely awesome – way to go!

  10. Have a great, successful trip!

  11. Great fun. Enjoy.

  12. Looking forward to reading about your experience. Have fun and I know you will share the funness!

  13. I hope that you have a great time! I love Erma’s books and will pull one out once in a while for a laugh.

  14. Oh my gosh! I am so excited for you – and Dayton, Ohio is a skip, hop, jump from me. I’m so glad you are living your dream and I’m encouraged to live mine through your vivacious contagious voice!

  15. What fun! Have a great time and please let me know how to find the Huff Post blog Amster-Damn.

  16. Congratulations! What an honor! Have fun airing out your dreams.

  17. Wow Congrats to you!! Hope you have a wonderful time!

  18. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Awww! You’ll always be the Thelma to my Louise! Or vice versa! We are going to laugh and learn together. Can’t wait to see you. xoxo

  19. Enjoy the moment. It is precious. Tell us all about it when you come home!

  20. I had no idea there was even a conference like this. Both my husband and I would love to attend. Thanks!

  21. How awesome! Have a fantastic time, I can’t wait to hear more about the conference.

  22. WOW! that’s so AWESOME! and what a great trip you have planned.

    I love that you aren’t keeping your dreams hidden away, but having them out around you!

  23. I’ll never be as good as her, but it would be fun trying.

  24. This sounds like so much fun. I love Erma Bombeck! What a lucky girl you are.

  25. wowzers. have the best time!! take lots of pics! or video.

    erma bombeck was awesome

  26. How awesome is that? Hope you have a fantastic time and learn a lot! I’ll have to go read Amster-Damn now! Sounds like a vacation I must read about!

  27. Congratulations to you, that is fabulous!! The workshop sounds like it will be a great experience.

  28. what an awesome opportunity to learn and be around so much greatness. Hope you have a blast

  29. I read her column all the time growing up!

  30. I have heard of her name but wasn’t aware of exactly who she was till now!

  31. wow! That looks like lots of fun!

  32. Have a fabulous time! I hope it is everything you want it to be.

  33. I’m So Excited For You Have A Great Time!

  34. This is so encouraging. You are so lucky! I hope you have a great time!

  35. I love Erma Bombeck! Lucky lady 😉 Have a wonderful time.

  36. Wow, that is awesome! Congrats on both of these honors/accomplishments 🙂

  37. Congratulations!! I have always admired Erma Bombeck. I’m sure you will make the most of every minute you are there.

  38. Wow, I’m looking forward to hearing all about your experience!

  39. Sheryl Baron says:

    You are living your dreams, Lois!!! And some of us are living vicariously thru you! Have a great trip! 🤗

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