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my silver linings cook(ie)book

Betty Crocker - Michael cookies

This was supposed to be a sponsored post. Unfortunately, it’s not.

You see, against my better judgment, I agreed to write about Betty Crocker cookie mix.

know. I don’t cook.

I must have gotten sucked in by the spirit of the season. Or been hungry. Or thought it would be good to make some money to pay for my most recent Anthropologie spree.

Whatever the reason, I said yes. It didn’t seem like it would be a big ordeal since they only required three ingredients. Even I should be able to handle that, right? So I ran off to Ralph’s to buy a pouch of Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix.

Betty Crocker cookie ingredients

See those soft, mushy cookies pictured on the front of the package?

That’s not how mine came out.

Michael likes them thin and crunchy so I decided to shake things up a little and create my own recipe. Oh, who am I kidding? I followed the directions on the package exactly.

And ended up with these.

Betty Crocker basket at door

I have absolutely no idea what I did wrong but they actually tasted delicious so I stuck them in a pretty little basket, attached the Betty Crocker printable and ran out to leave them at our front door to surprise Michael. He LOVES cookies and I’ve been trying to make more of an effort, romantically speaking, so I knew this would be a perfect post for the sponsor.

I rang our doorbell and stepped back to capture his moment of joy.

Betty Crocker - Michael doorHe immediately went to take a bite, not even asking who left them or why.

Betty Crocker - Michael eating cookie

When I told him I made them, he seemed happily surprised and leaned in for what I was sure was going to be a deep, passionate kiss of love and gratittude — but was actually another bite of cookie.

Betty Crocker - Lois and MichaelI was left hanging.


After a good laugh, he did remedy the situation.

Betty Crocker - Lois and Michael kiss

I left him with the basket of cookies and went off to write my post. As I was reading the requirements, I noticed something about making sure to include at least one young child in my cookie-making and photos.

One young child?

I don’t have a young child.

Um, I haven’t had a young child in a very long time.

Which disqualified me from the assignment.

How did I miss the memo on that one? I almost pulled in one of my neighbor’s kids but that would have meant having to share the cookies.

And that was not happening.

I was half pissed off, half relieved. I decided to go with the relief part. After all, we did get a couple of dozen delicious cookies out of it. And a pretty swoon-worthy kiss.

Silver linings, indeed.

So, even though I’m not getting paid to say this, I would definitely recommend surprising someone you love with cookies this season.

Really, Betty Crocker should be very happy about this post because it shows the power of their product to make someone feel special and bring some extra sweetness to a long-term marriage.

In fact, I just may leave a trail of crumbs leading upstairs tonight …


  1. Totally cracked me up! I know they were yummy!

  2. LOL! I always keep those cookies on hand, they are pretty simple and oh so good. I probably wouldn’t have had a kid around either. For some reason when they are here I feel compelled to teach them the baking from scratch way. It’s hilarious because I am not that good at it.

  3. I think you met the requirements completely! You SHOULD be getting paid for this!!! And they look yum to me, so I’m glad he was happy.

  4. Haha I love it! The cookies look great and I think they’re perfect as a romantic gesture. Cookies are for adults too!

  5. Never met a warm chocolate chip cookie I didn’t like!

  6. This was so funny! I needed the laugh! Looks like he totally enjoyed them!

  7. Aww, that really sucks about the sponsored post fall through, but it sure looks like you and hubby made the best of the situation!

  8. They look delicious and I like them the same way as your husband!

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed your post (even without the photo of the young child)! lol I think it’s sweet you had the gumption to bake cookies even if it’s not your forte. lol

  10. Robin {Masshole Mommy} says:

    I have had cookies turn out like that, too, with no idea well. Ah well, crunchy cookies can be good, too. Glad you guys had a good time. 🙂

  11. So funny! I love this adorable post. And so many memories made!

  12. Best use of cookies I’ve heard in a while. You go girl!
    Kimberly XO

  13. I love this story! Those cookies leave something to be desired though! It is the thought that counts though. Lol!

  14. Kimberly Dickerson says:

    Lol it’s the thought that counts right?! At least hubby knows you made an effort. 😊 I hope he enjoys his crunchy cookies! Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Lois….lucky Michael…sounds like the crumbs may encourage connection that cookies cannot compete with😏. I happen to be in the cookie capital of my world: Parkersburg, Iowa! When I entered this world over three decades ago I would forego meals for cookies…ok I ate cookies like meals and still had meals no wonder I gained weight! George’s grandma (she was almost 80 when I met her) made cookies that melted in your mouth…her raisin oatmeal and her sugar cookies were fantastic! Thankfully the gift of delectable cookies did not die with her…my sis in law Ellen makes the best ginger snaps on the planet. Today I forego breakfast and later pumpkin pie for cookies:)). I will send you a photo of my grandson making something yummy xxo

  16. Oh no! But so glad Michael liked them!

  17. What a cute post. My kids love these cookies, I keep them on hand in our pantry for treats or for when my kids need to bring something to a gathering.

  18. I love this post! It is too bad that you did not meet the requirements, but I am sure those cookies made up for it.

  19. We make betty crocker cookies LOTS!
    Love that they only need a couple of ingredients and they whip up super quick too.
    The kids love them even if they don’t look like the ones on the package.

  20. You are THE best! Of course when I read that you were to “include one small child”, I thought about Hansel & Gretel and figured you were to bake a child into the cookies. LOL!

  21. We like our cookies just fine like that too. I wonder if you melted your butter first? The butter can’t be melted – it can only be soft. Just a thought… But either way it would have been worth sharing a couple cookies…

  22. And I totally laughed…this has happened to me before. A company sent me the items and then I realized when reading through the requests that the product was for someone in their early 50’s. They were great about it and had me keep the product.

  23. Just hysterical! I’m sure they were yummy anyways! Ps: remember to always remove your cookies from the hot cookie sheet immediately or they will continue to cook.

  24. This post is adorable! My favorite read today. I love cookies, too.

  25. I’m glad that you found your silver lining. Cookies must be in the air. My 14 yo woke up and asked me to bake cookies today. (We are experiencing freezing rain and sleet here in Wichita, KS. That may be the catalyst.) I love your pictures! Awwww. So sweet!

  26. I didn’t marry you for your cookies but i do love them, too

  27. I love the photos. Too sweet.Cookies are much more than just for kids. BC should pay you because at what age does someone say I don’t like a cookie you made lovingly for me? When you are dead!

  28. BC should totally write you a big check for this. You reached an important audience with this fun post. Women like me l) whose kids have all grown up and 2) who don’t cook. And should I also mention 3) have enough disposable income to spend on cookie mixes?

  29. LOL Love the photos. Those cookies look really yummy. I’ll have to try them for when I need something sweet and fast!

  30. Your cookies were made with love which makes them the best cookies EVER. Michael is a lucky fella.

  31. This was hysterical. I was shocked that you baked because you and I both admit to not exactly being Julia Child…or even cooking!

    My question is who took the pic of you and Michael kissing? A kissing selfie? Hmm. 🙂

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