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life reimagined: i’m now organized!

Life Reimagined article

Thanks to Life Reimagined, who sponsored this post and provided incredible support during my project, I have actually reached my organization goal.

I know — I’m as shocked as you!

You may remember that I was invited to try out Life Reimagined last month, and I decided that was a good time to finally tackle the crap all over my house my organizational issues. That meant I was actually going to clean out the kids’ rooms — they’re both happily ensconced in apartments on the other side of the country — and I was  going to do something about the junk room, below, that was always supposed to be my office.

Life Reimagined office

Well, what I’ve accomplished in less than 30 days is amazing, and it’s because of all the resources offered by Life Reimagined. They’re not only motivating but they’re practical and easy to implement.

And, because we all learn differently, Life Reimagined offers so many varieties of help, whether you’d rather talk to a real person, answer questionnaires or read articles by experts.

Not surprisingly, I’m a reader. One of the first articles they led me to was “Take the Clutter Cure by Transforming Your Relationship With Stuff.” It was like it was speaking directly to me: “Those scrapbooking supplies have been sitting there for eons—and you haven’t touched them. Adams says you sometimes have to face down the hard questions, like “Am I ever really going to do this?” If you’ve haven’t acted in 12 months, admit that it’s just not going to happen.”

Life Reimagined scrapbooking article

I used to do Creative Memories — more like 12 years ago — and that room is filled with scrapbooking supplies that have been sitting there for eons.

Wait! Correction, post Life Reimagined: That room was filled with scrapbooking supplies that have been sitting there for eons. Now, my car is filled with them and they’re on the way to Make-A-Wish. I feel so good about this.

When my son came to visit, we threw out a ton of stuff, including all of his baseball and golf trophies (which are just as meaningful in photos) and got his room ready for a paint job and a bathroom update.

My daughter and I cleaned out her room by text and it was the most stress-free de-cluttering we’ve ever done together. I sent her a photo of each item and she wrote K or T for keep or toss. Almost everything received a T — yes! — so I filled half a dozen bags to give away and another half dozen to throw out.

Now that we have pretty much blank canvases, Michael and I are deciding how we want to use these rooms. A gym? Ha ha ha ha!! No. A library? YES! We’re leaving the kids’ beds because we want them to come home as often as they can, but it is so liberating to have gotten rid of so much stuff that no one needs or wants.

“Simplify Your Life, Calm Your Mind,” states another great article I found on Life Reimagined. It says that “Clutter is stress: It nags at you, drags you down psychologically, slows you down physically.” That is so true, and I can’t tell you how much better I already feel. I’m excited to get the contractors in here.

And I’m also excited that Life Reimagined is offering Midlife at the Oasis readers two weeks of their services plus 30 minutes of coaching FREE. Just head to the Life Reimagined website and get started.

Life Reimagined

This has been a life-changing experience for me, and I’ll post photos of the rooms when they’re painted and decorated. Meanwhile, I hope you’ll go out and take advantage of this amazing opportunity to create the life you reimagine. I can’t wait to hear about it!



  1. So many of us deal with emotional attachments to clutter. To do it without stress – fantastic. Will I sign up? That, of course, is the question.

  2. What an awesome accomplishment! Sometimes the hardest part of getting rid of clutter is the fact that it doesn’t all belong to you. So glad you were able to clean house!

  3. Oh I want to, I really want to. But I’m afraid. Afraid I won’t make the time or worse yet, give up. Talk me down Lois!

  4. I just went through the kids’ closets and rooms. I love to declutter!

  5. I did this once and it was life-changing! I participated early this month and I loved my session. I really needed a little help with jumpstarting some good routines.

  6. I did this last winter and I felt so so much better after a purge. I will have to do another one soon. Great post!

  7. I so want to be organized! It’s the hardest thing in the world for me. So glad you found something that worked!

  8. Wow, what a great accomplishment. I am an organizer, but I also find it hard to let go of things, so you can say I have organized clutter, LOL, does that make sense? We just moved to a new house and I got rid of so much! I feel really free and relieved.

  9. Wow how cool to get organized. My whole house need a good clean out and reorganized.

  10. Excellent. I’m looking into this. Do you have before and after pictures? 🙂

  11. Oy. I’m getting ready to declutter my house….and I cannot imagine how awful it is going to be. I need to look at Life Reimagined.

  12. I think my MIL needs this post! She is 90 and has kept everything – I kid you not! I was only thinking yesterday how feeling cluttered in mind and also your environment can be stressful and now I read it in your post. Sounds like a good course and you now have a beautiful, decluttered room.

  13. I think that’s great to start off fresh. Sometimes you do need a session or two with a fresh set of ideas/eyes to declutter. You gotta start from somewhere and it’s contagious I guess, right!

  14. I am in the middle of organizing. Well, that’s not exactly true. I’m starting tomorrow. By myself. Yeah, I probably should use the help. I’ll have to think about it–because it will force me to actually do it. LOL

  15. I felt less stressed just READING about you getting rid of your clutter! Hah! This sounds like a service I need to try! It’s so freeing to get rid of the junk you have sitting around! Can’t wait to see how you use your new spaces!

  16. I have so much organizing to do- step 1 the kids toys! Yikes. It’s like a toy store threw up in here. Then it’s on to my closet- which I dread. Thanks for the advice!

  17. this is a great reminder for me to get more organized. I like to hold on to things and it ends up in piles all around my house. 🙁

  18. I think I am in a constant state of organizing… with four kids, a full time job, school and a company we always are going through stuff.
    With my personal stuff I am horrible! Going on 42 and I have my brownie uniform from when I was 6.

  19. Oh, I can’t wait to see photos! I know a few a people that could really use this!

  20. Lois you are amazing! Taking those items to Make-A-Wish. Gave me the goosebumps! I started over a year ago purging my home of totes and things I have had stored for over 20 years. Minimalist living is hard to achieve but I am like you, life changing! I thought I have sold a log via online virtual yard sales. The majority I have donated. I do not miss anything! And still feel like my house is cluttered. Do you? Great job Lois! P.S. I just sold the last three large totes that I was using to store stuff!

    • Lois Alter Mark says:

      I totally relate about the totes. I’ve given away dozens of bags and still have plenty! Yes, I still feel like my house is cluttered but it’s getting there slowly. The purging process is so liberating. I’ve never done any virtual yard sales and would love to hear your experience. Good for you for getting rid of so much!

  21. Oh my gosh, what a neat service! I had no idea something like this even existed! 🙂 How awesome that you have done so well with it too – congrats!

  22. I am a queen of clutter. I am getting rid of so much stuff right now because we are moving and I do not want to move all the clutter!

  23. Oh this is great! I need to get rid of clutter and you’ve totally inspired me! Even though my kids are still little there is SO much I know I can get rid of I just get overwhelmed sometimes. I need to look into this and make a plan!

  24. Great accomplishment and I really want to! I did this once and it was great!

  25. I have the issue of throwing things away which I hope to find a balance I hate clutter.

  26. I learned the feeling of freedom that comes with decluttering and organizing a year or two after my kids left home. Now if only I could get my husband to let go of the practically shrines he hangs on to. I’ve been sharing articles with him…

  27. Dr.Amrita Basu says:

    Clutter can be paralysing .It’s good that you are tackling it.Great motivation

  28. This is what wehave been doing this weekend! I love having a clearout and decluttering and always throw a bit more away each time, i always try and ask myself do i really nees this? Or have i used it or going to use it any time soon, we have eneded up with one bag for charity and a car full for the tip! Feels so much better 🙂

  29. The best way is to always keep yourself organized free of clutter or else it’ll just pile up and be worse than it already was/is.

  30. Less clutter definitely leads to less stress…and I have to figure out how to achieve both!! Good for you for getting it done.

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