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wordless wednesday: my good fortune

fortune cookie

I don’t think I’ve ever done a Wordless Wednesday post before but Day 5 of NaBloPoMo seems like the perfect time to start, especially since this is what I found in my fortune cookie the other day.


Bring ’em on!


  1. Why can’t I ever get a cool fortune like that? I always end up with some philosophical nonsense that I can’t understand on mine LOL.

  2. But here is what I want to know. HOw is the food at Panda Express?

  3. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    May we all get fortunes like that! And may they come true.

  4. Let me know how it all works out once you reach your senior years, Lois. Hahahahaha. I can hear your bubbly giggling right now.

  5. What a great fortune!

  6. Well that’s comforting to know right? It’s always good to receive excellent news about the future. I’m happy for you, ha ha

  7. lol Well that’s great to know! That’s too funny

  8. I hope it comes true! I love a good fortune cookie reading 🙂

  9. Now THIS is a fortune worth sharing. Love it and you. xo

  10. What a great pic to start your Wordless Wednesday…. and to provide a little Eastern philosophical reassurance of the blessings you can look forward to.

  11. Love the fortune! Hold on to it as you slowly set sail for those senior years as a reminder of the good things to come (as all fortunes should be, right?).

  12. That is a great fortune to receive. I hope it comes true for you.

  13. Sounds like a great fortune to me.. and now I have a sudden Chinese Food craving.

  14. I so wish I could have posted a pic for today. I already had my after surgery post scheduled. Next Wednesday I am so there.

  15. Whoever wrote that fortune was already peeking in at the life you are creating and living today. The future is obvious. 😉

  16. Hey, I think I got the same one last week! So we’ll all be happy, sassy seniors!

  17. I’m sure it will be true to for you! I could really go for a big plate of orange chicken and fried rice haha!

  18. Now that’s a good fortune to get. I like the happy ones.

  19. You have to get a lottery ticket when you get a fortune like that one!

  20. Lucky you! I should say that is an awesome cookie indeed! Bring it on!

  21. That’s definitely a keeper! I would have saved it as well!

  22. Well that sounds like awesome fortune to me. I need to break open a cookie and see what I get.

  23. What a nice thing to read. But what did you eat???

  24. Love this! I’m with you Lois, only Day 5 and I’m pooped.

  25. Ruth Curran says:

    Ha! Little did they know that the years before your senior years are pretty darned happy and fulfilling. Glad to know the trend will continue my friend!

  26. Congratulations! You can’t argue with a fortune cookie from Panda Express. Enjoy the good times!

  27. Don’t you just love great fortunes? I save them. Put them in my wallet and come across them every now and then when I’m searching for my health insurance card and think — wow. I am going to write that bestseller. Ha.

  28. Amanda Love says:

    So far none of my fortune cookie fortunes have come true but here’s hoping yours do.

  29. That’s a great fortune! I never get one so profound LOL

  30. Wow! Best fortune ever. That’s great! I seem to always get the same “good things are coming your way” ones… I’m still waiting!

  31. I am looking forward to my senior years too! Here’s hoping your fortune comes true!

  32. I am so hungry for Panda Express now. What a great fortune!
    Good luck with the rest of nano you are off to a great start!

  33. That is a good one! Mine usually aren’t so poetic. ha!

  34. Well that definitely sounds like a good fortune! One time it told me that new opportunities would come my way & now I’m working at a wonderful new job 😀

  35. When you see a message like that – you just can’t help but just smile! 🙂

  36. Lois, you are too verbal to do a wordless Wednesday:) But I like your fortune cookie message…you are living the dream.

  37. WooHoo! That is a great fortune cookie. I seem to always get ones with random quotes…not actually a fortune.

  38. That has to be one of the best fortunes I’ve read. It’s so positive and great to “know” that your future will be filled with happiness!

  39. Sounds like a goodie to me! And I say that for tons of reasons. 🙂

  40. That is a great message to get! sometimes I only get numbers and they are not even the 6 that I need for the Lotto. I get 5 or 4 numbers….

  41. This is a great fortune indeed! I love fortunes. 🙂

  42. Now that is a cool fortune to receive!

  43. Well now, that’s a pretty fabulous fortune to receive! I hope it comes true!

  44. Love this fortune. I am always excited to read fortunes from fortune cookies. Thanks for sharing.

  45. I’ve always loved fortune cookies. It’s always a lot of fun reading the fortunes inside of them too.

  46. My fortune cookies don’t usually have anything profound in them. They’re usually just pretty funny. lol

  47. This is a great fortune. I save all of mine so that I can reflect on them at a later date. I keep them all over the house.

  48. This fortune is awesome!!!! I hope it comes true for you!

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