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Academy Awards

I love awards season! My favorite awards show has always been the Golden Globes, although this year’s was bizarre and awkward and uncomfortable. Everyone seemed drunk, no one could find their way to the stage through the horribly-designed labyrinth of a seating arrangement and Diane Keaton singing the Girl Scouts’ song to Woody Allen, who couldn’t be bothered showing up to receive his Lifetime Achievement Award? Not even going there.

I’m hoping for a better Oscars.

To get you ready for the big day, Fandango is hosting an Awards Ballot Challenge, with prizes ranging from movie tickets to an A-list Hollywood vacation. Just make your picks, share them with friends and come back every week for extra entries.

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For a chance to win, simply leave a comment below with your choice for Best Picture. The nominees are American Hustle, Captain Phillips, Dallas Buyers Club, Gravity, Her, Nebraska, Philomena, The Wolf of Wall Street, 12 Years a Slave.

One winner will be selected at random on February 9 at midnight Pacific time. Winner will be notified by return email and prize can only be sent to a U.S. mailing address.

I’ll be making my own predictions closer to the actual Academy Awards but, meanwhile, you can read my choices for the top categories here. Unfortunately, sigh, they’re probably not the same …


  1. I haven’t seen ANY of them!!! But I am going to go with 12 Years a Slave because it seems like it’s an incredibly powerful movie that is a must see.

    • Her is such a subtle understated film exploring some profound concepts. I think it will get the recognition it deserves.

  2. I haven’t seen it yet, but from what I hear along with my women’s intuition (which is infallible – hah!) I predict “12 Years a Slave” to win Best Picture.

  3. Kim Henrichs says:

    Lots of good ones! My choice would be Wolf of Wall Street.

  4. konny church says:

    American Hustle

  5. I’m thinking Gravity might win this year. 🙂

  6. I loved Nebraska – but Dallas Buyers Club is also a favorite. Tie, maybe? 🙂

  7. Margaret Primos says:

    American Hustle was the best. Well acted, well written. It was very entertaining. Probably because it was from when I grew up in the 70’s. Weird, wild trip down memory lane (ok, partial memory…it was the 70’s after all)! I was wondering what happened to my polyester, sparkly neck scarves, and yo-yo platform shoes?

  8. Audrey Kamin says:

    12 years a slave should win……but it won’t.

  9. I think Philomena deserves it but American Hustle will win.

  10. I would say American Hustle…..

  11. 12 Years a Slave

  12. Ashley Roberts says:

    I saw 12 years a Slave at Film Festival! It’s a must see for all serious movie buffs! Fantastic !

    With many compelling films this season, My Vote is American Hustle for Picture of the Year!

  13. S Kay DeGroot says:

    So many good ones, but I think American Hustle will win!

  14. Susan Ladd says:

    I think Captain Phillips. Thanks for this awesome sweep 🙂

  15. Frank Polgar says:

    American Hustle

  16. The Wolf of Wall Street

  17. 12 Years a Slave

  18. I think American Hustle will win this year.

  19. I haven’t seen them all but my choice will have to be Gravity….

  20. Crossing my fingers for the heartwrenching tearjerker that Philomena was, but pretty convinced the award will go to 12 Years a Slave if I had to place a bet!

  21. I only saw two of the nominees myself, and loved them both (Dallas Buyers and Philomena), but of those, I’ll pick Dallas Buyers, mostly because OMG JARED LETO.

    That said, from everything I’ve heard, it’s going to either be Twelve Years a Slave or American Hustle.

  22. I hope it is Nebraska because it was different and more creative shot in black and white. The characterization was amazing and the actors they chose could not have been better.

  23. Nicole Newby says:

    I would choose Gravity! Sandra Bullock is an amazing actress!

  24. Susan Jensen says:

    Between the two seemingly top contenders, I saw American Hustle and thought Jennifer Lawrence was incredible and Bradley Cooper was great. I haven’t seen 12 Years a Slave yet but I think think the Academy will select 12 Years a Slave as Best Picture.

  25. Carolyn Blumenthal says:

    I think American Hustle will win.

  26. The Wolf of Wall Street.

  27. Wendy Karp says:

    I think the award will go to 12 Years a Slave. I usually have a hands down favorite, but this year has a lot of great contenders.

  28. Cheryl Scheckel says:

    I have not seen American Hustle and I am wanting to, but from what I have read, there are some incredible performances in this movie. thinking it might be a winner!

  29. American Hustle and I need to see the others in a hurry.

  30. Fran Pillersdorf says:

    My favorite was Philomena , I hope it wins!!

  31. Stephanie V. says:

    Dallas Buyers Club

  32. American Hustle gets my support!

  33. Marilyn Burkle says:

    I am going with American Hustle. Great movie, great acting.

  34. I would choose Gravity because I heard such great buzz about it. Of the nominees I’ve only seen Captain Phillips.

  35. I think 12 Years a Slave will win, but I’m not really thrilled about any of the nominees this year. All of them I thought were great movies, but none stand out as my favorite. I think out of all of them I want Gravity to win.

  36. Jackie Hylen says:

    American Hustle

  37. My choice is Nebraska.

    • Julie Bravo says:

      I’m going with 12 Years a Slave—the only nominated ones I’ve seen so far are Dallas Buyers Club, The Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle. Although I liked them all, I don’t think any of them deserve BEST PICTURE.

  38. 12 Years a Slave should and (hopefully!) will win.

  39. American Hustle

  40. Gail Crawford says:

    12 years a slave will win

  41. My choice is American Hustle.

  42. My vote is for American Hustle. Just saw it Saturday night and thought it was great, the writing, directing music, and particularly the acting..most favorably Christian Bale and Amy Adams.

  43. Donna Kellogg says:

    I choose Dallas Buyers Club

  44. American Hustle

  45. I think ’12 Years a Slave’ will take Best Picture.

  46. I’ve only seen Captain Phillips and Gravity but believe that 12 Years a Slave will win. My personal favorite of the year was The Spectacular Now and I’m really looking forward to the same screenwriters and lead actress’s next movie “The Fault In Our Stars.”

  47. john hutchens says:

    12 Years a Slave will win

  48. JULIE TARDI says:

    American Hustle my son said it was the best movie he has seen in a long time!!!

  49. Sadly, I haven’t seen any of the nominated films, but I’m hoping 12 Years a Slave gets the nod because I’ve heard nothing but amazing praise for it.

  50. I’m betting on 12 years a slave. Seems it fits all the checks- powerful, great acting, dramatic story… well told.

  51. I think Gravity will win, not because it was the best movie, but because it will be the Oscar favorite.

  52. A lot of people believe that American Hustle deserves to win but so often the most controversial topic will nab best film. My guess is that 12 Years A Slave will win Best Picture this year.

  53. I’m going with American Hustle!

  54. I’ve only seen Gravity and Captain Phillips, but I think 12 Years a Slave will win! I saw the main actor interviewed on OWN and the movie looks amazing. 🙂

  55. e michelle says:

    i have only seen captain phillips it was good but not oscar im thinking 12 years a slave!

  56. 12 years a slave

  57. 12 yrs a slave – a very emotional movie –

  58. Dallas Buyers Club –very creative story, talented actors despite the negative topic which got you to think.

  59. Dallas Buyers Club is a powerful movie. I’m going with that one. Thanks for the opportunity!

  60. Debra Guillen says:

    My choice is 12 Years a Slave

  61. Carol Rogero says:

    Dallas Buyers Club is my pick.

  62. bonnie newman says:

    American Hustle

  63. I’m going with “12 Years a Slave”

  64. Jamie Johnston says:

    Dallas Buyers Club for sure.

  65. I’m going with American Hustle.

  66. Danna Givot says:

    I’d say 12 Years a Slave will get best picture.

  67. Tabathia B says:

    I am going for 12 years a slave

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  68. 12 yrs a slave

  69. steve weber says:

    I think American Hustle has this one..

  70. I think it should be 12 Years a Slave, but I think Dallas Buyers Club will win it!

  71. 12years a slave. Awesome movie!

  72. I choose “The Wolf of Wall Street”. The acting was wonderful due to the characters they were portraying.

  73. sandra davis says:

    12 Years a Slave.

  74. kristin sims says:

    i would have to pick american hustle!!! i loved it! thanks for the giveaway!!

  75. Patricia LeBarron says:

    I vote for Gravity! Kept me on the edge of my seat!

  76. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    I’ve seen almost all of them (still a couple we have to get to) and although it wasn’t my favorite movie this year, I think American Hustle will win.

  77. Charly Heavenrich says:

    12 Years a Slave has my vote

  78. Richard Burchard says:

    Dallas Buyers Club a wonderful job by Matthew McConaughey who deserves this, finally recognized after all these years of wonderful work.

  79. Nicole Lancaster says:

    My choice for Best Picture is 12 Years a Slave.

  80. Lorena Keech says:

    I hope American Hustle wins

  81. My vote is American Hustle ftw!

  82. Cynthia Richardson says:

    I haven’t seen any of them, but I’m going to guess Sallas Buyers Club


  83. I think 12 Years a Slave is going to win because it is a well written movie with strong performances.

  84. christine burd says:

    Gravity would be my pick for the winner.

  85. Diane Duthweiler says:

    Nebraska, because it is written by a former co-worker of mine and he’s a really nice guy from Seattle

  86. Ginger Robertson says:

    American Hustle

  87. mitchell h says:

    12 years a slave for sure. very powerful. thanks!

  88. Only movie I’ve seen so far was 12 Years a Slave which was good.

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