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Nightcrawler DVD

I wrote about Nightcrawler a couple of months ago, when my San Diego Film Critics Society group named it Best Picture of 2014. We honored it with a total of seven awards, and you can read my review here to find out why it deserved them all.

Nightcrawler is dark and thought-provoking, and Jake Gyllenhaal was appropriately nominated for a Best Actor Golden Globe — and should have been nominated for an Academy Award — for his riveting performance as a freelance cameraman covering the underbelly of Los Angeles crime journalism.

I know this movie has flown under the radar for a lot of you — or you think it’s too violent and scary — and I’m hoping you’ll give it a chance now that you can watch it at home. In theory, it’s not my kind of movie, either, but I honestly thought it was fantastic. It’s a great commentary on today’s society, and it will give you a lot to discuss.

The movie is coming out on Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday, February 10 and you can win a copy now. To enter, simply leave a comment below. For a second chance, Tweet this:

Contest ends on February 15 at midnight Pacific time. Winners will be notified by return email. Prizes can only be sent to a U.S. mailing address.


  1. I’ve heard Gyllenhaal gives the performance of his career in Nightcrawler. I’d love to see it.

  2. Anastasia Falling says:

    I love jake gyllenhaal 😀 Looking forward to seeing this 🙂

  3. Haven’t seen this yet…I know “Living under a rock” …Looks like it’s gonna be killer AWESOME!!!

  4. I have read a lot about this movie, even that Gyllenhaal was wrongly bounced from Oscar contention by Steve Carell. I really want to see it.

  5. I would love to see this.

  6. I hope to win. I never seem to find time to go to the movie anymore.

  7. I’m eagerly anticipating this film. I’ve heard fabulous things about it, and you just confirmed them all.

  8. I have heard wonderful things about his performance and cannot wait to see the movie!

  9. Kim Henrichs says:

    I wanted to see this when it was out – looks so good!

  10. I will see Jake in any movie. This being a great movie all the better. I am looking forward to seeing this!

  11. Tim Anderson says:

    After reading your review, I really want to see it. Hopefully I’ll win.

  12. Vera Wilson says:

    Looks like something I would like to view. Thanks for the chance.

  13. Maybe I need to get out from underneath the rock I am clearly under because I missed this both in the theater and on your blog.

  14. I am adding it to my Netflix queue asap as I did totally miss it!

  15. He’s a very good actor. I loved his Lipton interview on the Actors Studio and highly recommend anyone seeing it in rerun, and it does play over and over during the year, a few times.

  16. Geraldine says:

    There were imo a few actors who gave tremendous performances and were overlooked by the Academy this year, including Jake Gyllenhaal. He was absolutely fantastic as the overly ambitious, amoral sociopath Lou Bloom.

  17. Geraldine says:
  18. I’d watch it just because you recommended it. And I tweeted too.

  19. Jake Gyllenhaal is one of my favorites! And, this movie is definitely on my must-see list!

  20. This sounds like a great movie. I love action movies and this sounds right up my alley. Thank you for sharing

  21. I haven’t seen very many movies this year. So, I’ll add to this to my list.

  22. I have to see this. Sounds really wild.

  23. Thanks for the chance to win- I really like Jake Gyllenhaal!

  24. I am eager to see this one — I have read and heard such great reviews!

  25. This looks great! I’d love to win!

  26. Haven’t seen this movie yet. Guess it’s about time I watch this. 🙂

  27. Go Jake! I love his sister too. Looks like an exciting flick.

  28. This movie has been on my radar for months – must find time to watch. BTW, I finally just saw “The Judge” – did you see it? What did you think?

  29. I’m a longtime admirer of Jake Gyllenhaal’s work and would love to see this film! Thanks for the chance to win.

  30. Holly Kennedy says:

    This looks so good! Love thrillers and Jake.

  31. Derek Reilly says:

    Love this movie

  32. Laurie Emerson says:

    I love thrillers. This movie looks so good!

  33. Charles Deji says:

    this was my favorite movie of 2014!! i hope i win!!

  34. love him can’t wait to see this

  35. Great movie & great giveaway!! Would love to win.

  36. Christina O says:

    I would like to see this movie.

  37. loved this movie! thanks for the chance

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