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2106 hyundai tucson limited

Hyundai Tucson side

Here’s the funny thing about the 2016 Hyundai Tucson Limited.

I usually take photos throughout the week of the cars I’m reviewing but I felt so at home in this one that I kept forgetting it wasn’t mine!

Honestly, it feels just like my Kia Sorento’s younger and slighter smaller sibling. Which means I love it.

I had to snap a bunch of pictures right before the car was picked up so I could share some of my favorite features with you.

Hyundai Tucson buttons

I am a huge fan of all of these safety features, especially the blind spot detection system which, at this point, it would be hard for me to drive without. I also really like the lane departure warning system because it lets you know when you’re drifting. Not, ahem, that I ever do that.

And the lights! Oh, the lights. As I get older, I really dislike driving at night but these lights are bright and clear, and it makes a huge difference.

The interior is nice and comfy, both front

Hyundai Tucson front interior

and rear — which I got to test personally when our son was home for the weekend and he rode shotgun while Michael drove.

Hyundai Tucson interior back

You can tell Michael was also driving at this time

Hyundai Tucson temperature

because the temperature is always higher on his side. And, while I can’t drive without my iPod plugged in,

Hyundai Tucson Sirius

he has to have the Yankee game on. The way they’re playing, though, it’s a good thing there are so many other channels to choose from on Sirius.

I was glad we had the Tucson when we were cleaning out our garage so we could pack up the roomy cargo hold and head to Goodwill before we had second thoughts and decided to keep everything.

Hyundai Tucson trunk

We were able to fit in a couple of ginormous speakers, a few sets of golf clubs and lots of bags of stuff that I’m sparing you from having to look at.

I’m not surprised that U.S. News & World Report named the Hyundai Tucson “2016 Best Compact SUV for the Money.” It’s a great car.

Sad to give it up at the end of the week, I immediately booked a trip to Tucson for next month. Coincidence? I think not.

I’m hoping the next car I get to review is a Maui.


  1. You look like you’re having fun in that car! 🙂 I just got a similar car this year and I’m in love! I love how much space there is!

  2. It’s lovely, actually. And i adore the color. My friends who have bought Hyumdais speak so highly of the brand and their experience.

  3. You are like me, as I get older I’m disliking night driving so a car with bright lights is a win for me. Glad you felt at home driving this car.

  4. I hear you about driving at night. As I get older, it’s more difficult to see and I could definitely appreciate a good headlight system. Plus, I love the room in the trunk!

  5. That looks like a smooth, comfy ride with plenty of storage! Right up my alley!

  6. I love that interior! The seats look beautiful! How fun to get to test drive new cars, I love the new car smell.

  7. That’s a nice car! I love how much space is in the back of the car. It amazes me how cars can look small on the outside, but when you get inside the space is huge!

  8. What a sweet way to consider buying a car. Listening to real people, driving real cars.

  9. I love that about the lights. I hate driving at night anymore because it’s hard to see clearly. Very cool.

  10. what a nice car and so spacious as well. You would never know just by looking at it ENJOY

  11. Love all of the new safety features, such a cute SUV and I love the color!

  12. Our next vehicle may be a Kia Soul, and I’m not sure what that means for travel. Will we, perhaps, go to Nepal?

  13. The blind spot detection system and the lane departure warning system sound like two features that I would love, as well! You look great in that car. It is so sporty!

  14. What a great looking car! I love how spacious it is!

  15. That looks like a nice ride! I haven’t driven one before, but its looking like I will have to take one for a spin!

  16. Wow. I commend you for being so adventurous. Glad you had fun!

  17. I test drove a vehicle with the blind spot detection and it was absolutely awesome. Looks like this Hyundai has a ton of bells and whistles

  18. Hyundai Tucson is my dream car. Honestly, I’m learning how to drive and when the time comes, I’ll get this one.

  19. This looks like a great car for a young family! That trunk is seriously huge!

  20. Khrista says:

    We are in the market for a new car and this looks great! We have test driven the Santa Fe but not the Tucson. Looks like we are headed back to the dealership!

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