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This is not me. Yet.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are, as always, 100% mine.

Gift cards have become my go-to gifts, especially as my kids have gotten older. I give them for all kinds of occasions — some which I just make up because they’re both working now and I know an extra little treat is always welcome.

I love that I can buy gift cards to pretty much any store or restaurant while I’m doing my grocery shopping at Albertson’s.

And I really love that this month, you can win 5x the value of your airtime or select gift card you buy, up to $500, by playing Find Your Fortune at any participating Southern California Albertson’s.

Through the end of September, when you check out, you will receive a print out with a code for each airtime or select gift card you buy. To see if you’re a winner, you just have to enter that code at www.albertsonsfindyourfortune.com. You’ll know instantly if you’ve Found Your Fortune, and you’ll receive your prize direct via email.

You can play up to 5 times each day, and with 10 winners per day, you’ll want to stock up on airtime and gifts cards for everyone you know now!

It’s convenient that Albertson’s is running this contest now when so many parents are sending care packages to college students and trying to find ways to reward their younger kids for great first report cards and tests.

Since I don’t have anyone going back to school (wah!), I’m going to surprise my daughter with a Bed, Bath & Beyond gift card to help her furnish her new place and send my son an iTunes gift card so he can fill his iPod with some new songs to listen to while he’s commuting. I’ll probably throw in a Starbucks gift card for each of them — and one for myself while I’m at it — because, well, it is Pumpkin Spice season.

Hey, I just thought of a brilliant idea! I’m going to buy gift cards for myself for all the places I go to regularly (hello, Nordstrom!)! I would be spending this money anyway and now I’ll have so many chances to win!

I’m also going to stock up on gift cards now for the holidays. Unlike fruitcakes, they won’t go bad and, this way, if someone I wasn’t expecting surprises me with a present, I’ll have something ready to reciprocate! Plus, I can get my kids eight nights of Chanukah gift cards — even if I get them $5 cards each night, I get the chance to win $50 for each one!

This is ingenious!

The Find Your Fortune program ends September 30th. There is no purchase necessary to enter or win. There is a limit of 5 codes per transaction. Visit www.albertsonsfindyourfortune.com for official rules and participating stores.

I’m heading to Albertson’s now — and probably every day for the next two weeks. If you don’t hear from me, it means I won and am on my way to Bali. I’ll be buying gift cards for a bathing suit and some new luggage. Just in case.


  1. Masshole Mommy says:

    I think most people prefer getting gift cards these days. It makes gift giving a whole lot easier.

  2. The gift cards we seem to spend the fastest are Amazon. All of us.

  3. How fun is this game? 😉 Amazon is my go-to.

  4. We love to give gift cards too! They make great gifts for the person who has everything LOL.

  5. Sounds like a great sweepstakes! Unfortunately they closed all the Albertsons down here 🙁

  6. Well that’s a fun game to play! I would love to win it! I buy gift cards as gifts now too. It’s just easier and everyone is happy!

  7. LOVE gift cards. They too are my go-to gifts. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. **Stomps feet**
    Why do I live in Canada?!?
    We don’t get anything fun!
    I wish I could win airline tickets…
    I use gift cards lots but never seen a perk like that!

  9. My local Albertson’s has a huge selection of gift cards and I buy them for all occasions. I love that now I may even win something for myself. Thanks for letting us know about about this.

  10. I could definitely use winning that money to pay off my credit cards. My goal is to be debt free as soon as possible.

  11. I used to love shopping at Albertson’s when I lived in CA. And I’m always up for a giftcard.

  12. I love giving gift cards as presents. I know the recipient will buy something they really want.

  13. Such a great concept! I’ve never shopped at an Albertsons before (we don’t have them here on good ole’ Cape Cod) but would definitely shop there if I could.

  14. This sounds like a really neat program! We actually don’t have an Albertson’s in my area.

  15. This seems like such a fun giveaway! Thank you for sharing!!

  16. Wow, now that’s a killer contest! Who wouldn’t want to win $500? 🙂

  17. I use giftcards often. Very neat program.

  18. Maria Oller says:

    I live in Texas and love my Alberston’s but I had no idea about this promotion, thanks for sharing

  19. When our friend was ill and living with us, visitors would bring gift cards for Smart & Final. I can’t tell you how much the cards were appreciated.

  20. That would totally get me shopping there more often. I would love to win!!!!

  21. I remember when gift cards were considered. Now they are the preferred gift, I do believe. I like to give them (and receive them).

  22. I prefer gift cards too! Really love your comparison to fruitcakes 😛 The Find Your Fortune program sounds super great!

  23. Gift cards are a great gift. They allow people to pick and choose what they want. It is a win for the giver and the recipient.

  24. I’m ready to find my fortune! lol Seriously though, this sounds like a good program!

  25. I love gift card and my kids know they can always make me happy with a card from Barnes and Noble. When I was younger (not THAT long ago) I use to buy gift cars for gas and groceries at the beginning of a pay period to make sure I had enough until the next pay period and it always worked for me.

  26. Gift cards are the rage and make such a perfect and easy gift. I have a few I need to use now.

  27. Sounds like fun! I don’t have an Albertson’s close to me but I love to use giftcards. They are so versatile and you can find them anywhere. i’m like you and have older children but they still love to get little treats once in a while so I do the same thing.

  28. This sounds like a very fun contest. I love entering codes to see if I’ve won!

  29. Gift cards are the way to go. It’s so much easier than trying to figure out specifics.

  30. That is such a fun contest. And it is so easy.

  31. I like giving and receiving gift cards! Love this contest from Albertson’s.

  32. Stopping at Albertsons today! What a great idea. This is birthday month in my family#

  33. Great idea for a contest! I used to love shopping at Albertsons. Most of them in our city have closed now. (Which stinks because one used to be within a mile of me… now I must drive 15 minutes or so for King Soopers or Safeway.)

    And gift cards? Love ’em! 😀

  34. Why don’t I live in California?

  35. You know I should live in California. We don’t have Albertson’s in NJ, but in FL they have many. What a great program. In our house, we order so much on Amazon. Love it!

  36. I love receiving gift cards. I think it’s way more thoughtful than buying something somebody doesn’t need. I remember Albertsons in San Diego!

  37. That IS pretty cool! Unfortunately, I don’t have an Albertson’s anywhere near me 🙁

  38. Fun contest – gift cards make buying gifts almost foolproof!

  39. Gift cards are the gold of all gifts. It is so much easier to let people buy what they truly want then to worry you got it wrong.

  40. I love getting AND giving gift cards. It makes me feel good to know that the receiver can get something they really want.

  41. I love giving gift cards too. It is do convenient. I love receiving them even more!
    What a great opportunity with so many chances to enter. I have to try my luck

  42. What a great contest! I wish I had an Albertsons in my area. I love giving and receiving gift cards. All 13 of my grandkids love them too!

  43. Such a great contest! Best of luck to everyone 🙂

  44. I like to give my loved ones personalized gifts or gifts I know they will love, but there are some people you don’t know what to get. Sometimes you don’t even know what gift card to get them, which is why I think VISA gift cards are so brilliant!

  45. Gift cards really do make the best gifts I always like getting them.

  46. This looks like such a great idea. My girls are small so they like toys.

  47. I love gift cards. Now that my girls are older it is the easy no stress way to go when giving presents.

  48. What an awesome program. I much prefer giving and receiving gift cards. 🙂

  49. Now this sounds like something I need to get in on, I would love to win $500.

  50. I have to admit I love giftcards – I think they are great for both sending and receiving. x

  51. Oh wow I love this concept. It would be awesome if I win.

  52. This is awesome, I could definitely use $500! Who couldn’t, of course? I love giving and getting gift cards.

  53. Love the freedom that gift cards give the gifters and recipients. And what a great contest as well. Good luck to everyone.

  54. Amanda Love says:

    We have an Albertsons here in CO but I very rarely go there since it’s not too close by. Thats a great giveaway. Goodluck to all entering.

  55. I wish we had an Albertsons near me. There is one in my hometown and I go to it every time I visit. I love that store!

  56. $500 is quite chunk of change. I would love to win that

  57. Gift cards are such a easy way to give something when you are not sure what to give lol My hubby HATES it lol In all the years we’ve been together, last Christmas was the first time he gave me a gift card and that only after I begged and begged lol

  58. I have always preferred buying people gifts as opposed to gift cards, but as time has passed and I’ve run out of gift ideas, it seems gift cards are the most practical, especailly for picky people!

  59. Sounds fun, I’d love gift cards 🙂

  60. I prefer gift cards as well so I could choose what to get on my own.

  61. Gift cards are the best. I love getting them since it reminds me to spend a little on myself!

  62. Having gift cards for food shopping can help you budget. When you use a credit card you may go over.

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