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meet ubooly, the hot holiday toy by anna crowe

I met Ubooly on a shuttle bus at the Mom 2.0 Summit. Ubooly was sitting on the lap of the woman behind me, and I was mesmerized. Possibly the cutest, fuzziest, smartest toy I’ve ever seen (it’s powered by your iPhone), Ubooly listens to your child and uses voice recognition to talk back in a fun – and educational – way. It made me wish I had grandchildren.

This could very well be the hot holiday toy this year, so when I was asked to review Ubooly, I jumped at the chance. I asked my friend, Anna, if she wanted to test out Ubooly with her own two adorable sons and, as soon as she saw the warning on the box, “Contents are dangerously cute,” she was in.

After you read her review, be sure to leave a comment because we are giving away an Ubooly with a $30 credit to the Ubooly Lab so you can be a hero to some child! Winner will be chosen at random on June 16 at midnight Pacific time, and will be notified by return email. Prize can only be sent to a U.S. mailing address (no post office boxes). Follow Ubooly on Facebook and Twitter for more fun!

This weekend we had the pleasure of adding a new member to our family – an adorable interactive plush toy by the name of Ubooly. Although undeniably soft and cute, Ubooly also happens to be remarkably smart, powered by a clever little app, also known as Ubooly.

After opening the box and skimming the directions, I downloaded the app for my son, Kaelan, stuffed my iPhone into the soft orange toy and browsed the Ubooly Lab experience on www.lab.ubooly.com. I was able to customize the app to my son’s age (he’s three), which I thought was a good start, and downloaded the age-appropriate educational packs. With “Teeth Brushing,” “Seasons” and “Oceans” packs in hand, we began exploring.

Since Kaelan is already savvy with most things Apple, it didn’t take him long to figure out the options on the app and start using coins to purchase food and decorative items for Ubooly’s pad. He got a kick out of moving Ubooly and his belongings around on the screen and enjoyed putting the little orange creature to sleep and waking him up to hear him speak.

When I let Kaelan get acquainted with the toy on his own, I overheard him answering several questions and talking back to Ubooly. Although Ubooly didn’t recognize all of my son’s toddler vocabulary (no surprise there, I can hardly understand it all), he did capture a few words and reacted accordingly. At times, Kaelan brought the toy over to me and so that I could answer Ubooly’s questions as he observed. He enjoyed both of us interacting with the toy and giggled when Ubooly ate his vegetables.

We also took Ubooly out for a couple of rides in the car and he even made it to the aquarium in time for shark feeding. The “Oceans” pack actually came in quite handy for our ride back as we were able to test our knowledge and keep Kaelan awake. Win win!

Although Ubooly is not designed for kids under three, we did a quick cuteness test with my nine-month-old son, Liam. Liam didn’t seem to think much of the snazzy technology behind the plush toy but he did enjoy squeezing the little beast and continuously dropping him from his high chair. On the upside, Ubooly’s squishy body fully protected the phone.

Overall, our family enjoyed spending the weekend with Ubooly. There were enough educational packs to keep Kaelan entertained and it seems like further engagement will lead to more coinage and explorative options. I’m looking forward to seeing the content grow along with Kaelan for a continuously learning experience. Thanks, Ubooly. Big hugs.


  1. Jason f says:

    Move over furby. Ubooly sounds like he has a phd and is welcome in our house.

  2. Joy Elbaum says:

    I’m already subscribed, thank you!

  3. Yocheved says:

    love the job interview! And would love to have my own Ninja Ubooly.

  4. How cute! Well, I’d love to win an Ubooly! Well, since I have six G-Babies I’d have to go out and purchase another five of them! Woot Woot! ; )

  5. Joyce Dalessandro says:

    Love it! With 5 grandchildren all under the age of five, I sure can spot a hit among the toddler set when I see one. I, too, would be ordering a bunch more for each of the kids, and myself.

  6. What a great idea! I am continually amazed at what is invented next! Can’t wait to share with my niece~

  7. Hi!

    This is a great idea & he is SOO cute. I’d love to win one for my little guy. Thanks for introducing us Ubooly! 😀

  8. My grandson would love this!

  9. latanya says:

    I know my son would enjoy this!

  10. penni s says:

    My nephew would love this!

  11. Lynette Baker says:

    Thank you for introducing me to Ubooly; always learn something new here!

  12. Cecelia says:

    I want one!! I mean…my KIDS want one!

  13. Cynthia Richardson says:

    I would love to share this with my grandson


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