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my #solestory about vionic shoes

Vionic Venture Walker

Oh, if only I’d had these shoes when we were in Paris!

We walked so many miles every day, I would inevitably have to stop and put my feet up at some point while Michael, who had walked the 500+ mile Camino de Santiago last year, waited patiently.

Although I was wearing comfortable sneakers, they just weren’t up to the job. I have what my doctor calls “a little arthritis” in my toes and I’ve had plantar fasciitis so my feet are more of an issue than I’d like to admit.

Paris feet up

This may look pleasant but my feet were killing me.

So, when Vionic offered me a pair of their shoes featuring breakthrough Orthaheel Technology, I jumped. Well, I would have jumped if I had been wearing the Venture Walker at the time.

Vionic has a great selection of sandals for summer (and they’re the only ones recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association) but I chose the Venture Walker because I pretty much live in sneakers these days.

And now, I pretty much live in these sneakers. I love the colors and I especially love how cushy but supportive they are.

Vionic Venture Walker side

Actually, they’re kind of life-changing. Designed by a podiatrist and backed by integrative medicine expert Dr. Andrew Weil, every pair of Vionic shoes comes with built-in orthotic technology that provides proper alignment and reduces overpronation. You can read all about the science here but, if you have any kind of pain in your heel, knee, shin, back or ball of your foot — and a whopping 75% of adults do — you need to try these.

I’m thinking I just may have found my solemate in these shoes. I can’t wait for us to return to Paris together. Michael can come, too.


  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    My husband has a really bad knee. I think he needs a pair.

  2. I always get tired after walking for hours throughout my Europe vacations too. I should definitely check these out for my next trip…LOL

  3. I messed my feet up on the last trip we took to New York City. Now I have to be very careful with my feet. I would love to give these shoes a try.

  4. These would be perfect for my husband or even myself. Always on our feet. They look really nice too!

  5. Madge woods says:

    Will check them out price wise to my current shoes. I did buy a pair of regular shoes where they have you stand on something and then add orthotics to the shoes for free. Love them. Going to site now.

  6. These sound amazing. My feet always hurt and I would love to see if these could give me some relief.

  7. aimee fauci says:

    My husband is getting to the age needing all the help he can get so he can withstand long walks and keep up with me. He tends to get sore fast.

  8. Nice shoes. I love the color. I bet they are super comfortable.

  9. These shoes sound perfect for me! I always have problems with my feet after walking for long periods of time.

  10. Those look so comfy and light. I love the color.

  11. I like that style and I don’t wear sneakers often because I have more comfortable shoes. These are an awesome option!

  12. When I saw the top photo of the blog – I thought – nice shoes. The to read your description convinced me that I may have to investigate further, I am always in the market for comfortable shoes.

  13. I had no idea that Vionic shoes were so stylish. I love how comfortable this pair looks too.

  14. Comfy shoes–my thing. I’m looking into these! They sound like something I’d like.

  15. Tiffany Steadman-Collins says:

    I suffer from chronic pain in my feet and struggle to find a decent pair that work for me. These look like something I should check out for sure. I love the colours of them. Thanks for sharing!

  16. After running for so many years in the army I have to have good shoes. These look like shoes I would love to try out.

  17. These shoes look super comfy! I like how they were stylish too!

  18. This is very timely information, my feet and my back hurt so bad right now. When I saw the picture I thought the shoes were cute, I was surprised to see they were orthotic.

  19. Those look so comfy! I need some new sneakers

  20. Wow, this comes at a perfect time. I haven’t heard of this brand, but this is why I love blog hopping. I can’t wait to try these. Thanks again.

  21. My husband always has foot problems. I think he needs to look into shoes that give more support, like the Vionic!

  22. I need to get these just because they sound so amazing! I will walk all around in them

  23. Those shoes look pretty neat. They look comfortable and I like they are designed by podiatrist

  24. A good pair of shoes is something I will never skimp on. I’ll be in Paris next summer and will have to break in a pair before then.

  25. Sold! Been looking for a recommendation for a good pair of walking shoes.

  26. Ha, that’s a fun ending. 🙂 I’m glad you love your shoes. If Michael doesn’t want to go to Paris, I’m happy to volunteer. 🙂

  27. These looks awesome & I would like to have one for me as I would need some comfort for my feet. The colors are vibrant & the shoes looks very much comfortable as well.

  28. Thanks. I have plantar, so I am going to try a pair. I’ve been wearing crocs most of the time.

  29. Chrissy Mazzocchi says:

    These look so comfortable and I love the blue and black colors!

  30. These shoes sound like a dream. I think I need 3 pair! Wow!

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