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Anthony Logistics for Men

My husband swears by Anthony Logistics for Men because their skin and hair products are made, well, just for men. Each one is simple to use and easy to understand. There are no fussy names or ingredients, and little chance of us stealing something called Whisker Lifter (although, thanks to “A Girl’s Guide to Anthony,” we do quietly share the Ingrown Hair Treatment).

What makes Anthony even more special, though, is its commitment to men’s overall health. Because one in six men will develop prostate cancer, a percentage of all proceeds from Anthony for Men products goes to charities which support the Fight Against Prostate Cancer. You’ll find the signature blue ribbon on all Anthony for Men packaging.

In addition, the company has donated a portion of proceeds and raised money to fight leukemia and lymphoma. They recently got involved with Hope for Kai, contributing 100% of profits from Anthony for Little Men’s Foaming Hair and Body Wash to help a little boy and his father who were both diagnosed with cancer.

The Essentials Starter Kit is an ideal way to introduce the men in your life to these products that will help them look good, feel good and do good.

This post originally appeared on my former blog, StyleSubstanceSoul.