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8 travel gadgets to take anywhere!

TruFob Wireless Tracking Tag

Last week, my slideshow of 10 great new gadgets to take on your next trip was featured on USA Today 10Best. That TruFob Wireless Tracking Tag, above, is one of my favorites, whether you’re traveling or not. (Hello, lost keys!)

While doing my research, I discovered so many other must-have travel gadgets that I decided to write another post to share some of them with you. Seriously, you will wonder how you ever traveled without these.

I’m going to give away a couple of these so leave a comment below to let me know which item you want the most.

Candywirez Charging Cable


This colorful cable may not seem like a big deal until you accidentally leave your charger in a hotel room because it simply blended into the background. I love this 3-foot braided cable, which is Apple-certified, and pretty in pink. No one ever mistakenly takes my charger when I’m using this one.

Zus Smart Car Charger and Vehicle Finder

Zus car charger

No wonder this little gadget, billed as the First Smart Car Charger & Vehicle Finder in the World, was successfully crowdfunded by IndieGoGo. It’s brilliant and, in fact, I’m going to have to get a second one because Michael claimed this one for himself after he watched it in action. Not only does it charge two devices at twice the speed of regular car chargers but it has its own bright light so it’s visible even in the dark. And, best of all, IT TELLS YOU WHERE YOU PARKED YOUR CAR. This is a game-changer if you’re in a rental car or, ahem, even if you’re in the parking lot at Ralph’s. Do yourself a favor and buy one for every car in your family.

Kodiak Plus Portable Rugged Power Bank

Kodiak Plus Power Bank

Since I carry so many electronics on my trips, I’m always looking for a good charger. The Kodiak Plus seems to be it. Ultra-thin, it’s waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. It can charge almost any portable device using its huge rechargeable battery and dual USB outputs. To put it in practical terms, it fully charges an iPhone four times and a GoPro eight times. That gets me charged, too!

Olive & Cocoa Adapter and Case

Olive and Cocoa adapter and case

I’m always scrambling for the right adapter before leaving for a trip so this will make my life so much easier — not to mention more stylish. This compact adapter features settings for the U.K., Europe and Australia and comes in its own beautiful little leather case.

Fitbit Surge Smartwatch

FitBit Surge

The Fitbit Surge is a sleek Fitness Super Watch that’s built for training, so you can train smarter and go farther, even when you’re traveling. Available from AT&T in black or tangerine, it provides an in-depth look at training stats, sleep patterns and heart rate readings, while helping you reach your fitness goals. I wish I’d had this when Michael and I walked endlessly around the deck on our last cruise so I could brag about how many steps I took.

Ditto from Simple Matters


This little gem ensures you won’t miss that important call or message, even if you’re someplace you can’t check your phone right away. Small and discreet enough to slip into a pocket or clip to your bra or tank top strap, it can be programmed to alert you to specific notifications which you customize on the free Ditto mobile app. This is great when you’re driving, in a meeting or any place you can’t constantly check your phone.

Sticky Sounds Speaker

Sticky Sounds speaker

If you’re one of those people who prefers a soundtrack to your trip, this portable speaker from Sticky Sounds will be music to your ears. It’s waterproof, GoPro compatible and it has an eight hour battery life. Because it attaches easily to everything from surfboards to snowboards, it lets you participate in any activity to your own beat.

Reach Attachable Cell Phone Antenna

Reach antenna

Remember those old Verizon commercials where the people spend most of their time asking, “Can you hear me now?” We’ve all been in areas where you just can’t get reception, and this easy-to-attach antenna improves your phone’s signal strength so you have a better chance of getting through, whether you’re lost in the woods or just trying to Instagram a Selfie from the top of that mountain.

For a chance to win one of these items, you MUST first “like” this post, then leave a comment below. For a second chance to win, Tweet this:

Contest ends on March 20 at midnight Pacific time. Winners will be notified by return email. Prizes can only be sent to a U.S. mailing address.


  1. I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to win a cool travel gadget. You know much we love our travel and I am short of gadgets these days! Trip to Portugal with Viking coming up, so…maybe I’ll win!

    • Lois Alter Mark says:

      You will love these! Are you doing a river cruise or ocean cruise? We’re going to be in Lisbon on a Viking Ocean Cruise!

  2. Oh man, this makes me feel old, or just not very well traveled, but I’ve barely heard of these things. And I just know I need and will fall in love with each one. The Fitbit is cool!

  3. Fabulous gadgets! The pink cable is visible because Yes I have left my chargers as it blended into the wall?

  4. I cannot travel without charging cables and external chargers- life savers!

  5. Lois the earplugs you encouraged me to buy a couple years back are my fav and have bought several for others too. Could have used some of these in Egypt last year but am willing to try them out as we hike Mont Blanc thru Switzerland, Italy and France. Here is hoping something comes my way….kisses all around!

  6. Great list of travel gadgets. I really want to get a laptop or tablet fro traveling so I can blog.

  7. Sheryl Baron says:

    I love all of these gadgets. Going to check them out on-line. We have a daughter who is a big traveler. I want to get her some of these gadgets, Winning one would be amazing!

  8. Love all of these. Candywirez = my pick!

  9. Yes I am all about taking extra chargers…everything needs a charger right?

  10. Oh my goodness what neat gadgets! I’d love to win one of these!

  11. Wow, that charger even tells you where your car is parked. Now that would come in handy when traveling.

  12. How fun! We love to travel with our kids. Any charger would be awesome. There are five of us, and of course we all have electronics! Thanks for doing this contest. Any prize would be fun to win.

  13. I cannot travel without external chargers! Love your list! All amazing travel gadgets!

  14. any kind of charging device is always at the top of my list. Heck I am so paranoid I won’t be able to charge that I always take about 3 chargers! lol

  15. I always carry a power bank or two when I am traveling. No need to fight over outlets when you have your own.

  16. That Sticky Sounds speaker is right up my alley. I am so telling the Easter Bunny spouse to check that out for my basket!

  17. Gadgets? I’m in! I love my Fitbit. It’s really helping me pay more attention to walking more. Thanks for the giveaway. I love me some gadgets!

  18. I want the Fitbit Surge most.

  19. Oh yes! Those portable power supplies are a must-have when traveling. They really come in handy when at a conference too.

  20. I need that car finder! I can never find my car in parking lots!

  21. Ooooh that Kodiak portable charger is sooo cute! This post is perfect for the coming spring and summer trips! Thanks for sharing Lois!

  22. Portable power supplies are brilliant for not only traveling, but the storms that take out our power on a rev basis!

  23. The ZUS is pretty cool. I *just* published a review of it. 😀
    I would love the FitBit! Or any of the gadgets. Thanks for the opportunity!

  24. OMG we lost a set of keys here two weeks ago. They just haven’t turned up but they have to be here, I had to use them to get in the house. So odd! I need that device!

  25. These are all really great gadgets for the traveler! I think I’d really like a few of these…now to get busy planning my travel itinerary!

  26. Kristin Goodson says:

    The Zus smart car charger looks amazing! Love that it can tell you where you parked your car. I need to get one for every family member.

  27. Great list of travel must-have’s and I love the car finder!!


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