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Savvy Traveler

As you’ve noticed, I’ve discovered a lot of great travel gadgets — and more great travel gadgets — lately.

Today, I want to share some fantastic new finds to get you where you’re going in style and comfort. I have personally used all of them on recent trips — and I am kind of high maintenance when it comes to traveling 🙂

Savvy Travelers Jet Set

Savvy Travelers packets

This is a brilliant collection of single-use, eco-friendly sheets of everything you need to take on a trip, from deodorant and mouthwash to cleansers for your face, hands, screens and surfaces. Instead of shlepping bottles and containers of stuff that is likely to leak all over everything or get thrown out by the TSA, you can just pack a bunch of these little packets. I used these all over Europe, and I’m now keeping them in my bag and in the glove compartment of my car, as well. You will swear by these.

Chi Escape Professional Cordless Styling Iron

Chi Escape flat iron

Yes, you read that right: cordless! That is awesome for so many reasons, including the fact that European bathrooms aren’t allowed to feature electrical outlets so I’ve often had to straighten my hair without a mirror while on a trip. That is, admittedly, a first world problem — but it’s now solved by this beauty. The Chi Escape is small and easy to throw in a carry-on (or your purse), it comes with both wall and car (yes!) chargers and it has its own thermal pouch for safe traveling. I no longer have any excuse for bad hair days.

Znzi Travel Pillow

Znzi travel pillow

I suffer from pillow problems. I practically bite Michael’s head off if he accidentally takes mine, and I’ve never found a travel pillow I liked. Until now. This one has six cool magnets that let you create the perfect shape for you. It also has little suction cup things to stick to a plane window so it won’t fall down that space between the seat. I actually use this at home on the couch or in the backyard sometimes because it’s so comfortable and supportive.


Baggallini bags

Before I was introduced to that adorable little Chi Escape, I carried around my big, clumsy flat iron and I used to have to hold it separately if we were leaving right away for the airport because I couldn’t put it in my suitcase and take the chance of burning all my clothes! Baggallini — which, you should know, was founded by two flight attendants — offers an amazing selection of bags and accessories for travel, and the Hot Iron Cover has literally been a lifesaver. I also love the wristlet with RFID technology (notice the little red tag with the lock on it) to protect the personal information on the credit cards inside.

Foot Petals

Foot Petals

I discovered these can’t-live-without products completely out of necessity when I stupidly wore a new pair of shoes to walk around Manhattan. Bleeding and blistered, I hobbled over to Bloomingdale’s where the saleswoman took one look at my feet and led me over to these little bits of heaven. Whether you’re wearing high heels, sandals or sneakers, Foot Petals has something to make them feel like your most beloved slippers. They have cushions and insoles for heels, toes, arches, whatever. If they could only make these for the rest of my body!

Vim & Vigr Compression Socks

Vim & Vigr compression socks

Experts tell you to wear compression socks when you’re sitting for hours and hours — like on international flights — and, since I’ve been flying a lot lately, I’ve actually been doing this. Luckily, Vim & Vigr has put together a collection that don’t look like the ones your grandma might have worn. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and they’re actually comfortable. I’m considering wearing them when I sit at my computer all day, too.

G2 Organics Mini Bath Bombs

G2 Organic Mini Bath Bombs

One of the best things about staying in a hotel is the bathtub because, let’s face it, who takes the time to clean the bathtub indulge in a bath at home? So I’ve taken these yummy-smelling mini bath bombs on a couple of trips and they’ve turned even long days of sightseeing into spa vacations. I love the colors, the scents — Fresh Apple! Mango Cilantro! — and the fact that they make me feel totally pampered. They also leave my suitcase fresh, even when it’s filled with a week’s worth of dirty clothes.



Okay, this is the one product I haven’t tried yet because my recent travel has been more luxury than outdoor adventure. But we’ve all seen Buffs on Survivor, and my husband is planning to take one along when he walks the Camino de Santiago again. This multifunctional headwear blocks 95% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, keeps you cool and is great at protecting you from the elements. I would opt for one of the more subtle colors/patterns, and I’m thinking it might be a good thing to have on my upcoming trip to Hawaii, where I will still not be dining on bugs, thank you.


  1. I don’t know what it says about me that the buff is the only one I’ve ever tried – – but I’ve loved it 🙂 and the rest of them? Dang I love them. You’re awesome. Now I need to travel more 🙂

    • Lois Alter Mark says:

      I LOVE that you’ve tried the Buff – you’re the one who’s awesome! What did you think of it? Would love to see pictures!

  2. I so want all these. They would make traveling so much nicer when taking long car rides. Off to shop and thank you.

  3. Ruth Curran says:

    I am ordering some of those compression socks. My husband’s recent DVT (blood clot) after a series of long flights has cured both of us of the “that won’t happen to us” but we both are, silly as it sounds, pretty vain about how our socks look. These are not old people socks and that is awesome!

    And that pillow looks perfect!

  4. I love all the suggestions but especially the Savvy Travelers Jet Set. It never fails that something will leak in your personal items no matter how many baggies they’re in. I’d love to try the pillow too.

  5. Those are some great options for travellers. The pillow is one I would love for sure.

  6. I’ll have to get the compression socks for Randy’s next flight! Looks better than white hose!

  7. This is timely. Because of your world travel and suggestions I will now purchase the 1)compression socks 2)Savvy Travelers Jet Set packs and 3) the pillow. You’re a wonder!

  8. That pillow looks so comfy and perfect. THAT I need. The socks, too, would be pretty great. I could probably use them as I sit in front of the freakin’ computer all day, not just traveling. 😀

  9. You got some big balls! So many items I have never heard of before. WOW…thanks for the great tips. I really need several of these in my daily life. Especially the foot petals.

  10. That travel pillow is calling my name for my next cali trip. Those long flights get me!

  11. The cordless flat iron with the thermal pouch, YES! I like the Jet Set too. Thanks for the info!

  12. The savvy travelers jet set looks perfect for a long flight! Anything to help remove the gunk that is “plane air.”

  13. I could definitely use some Foot Petals when traveling because walking and standing for long periods of time can become painful. The mini styling iron would be a lifesaver too.

  14. Whaat!? The Savvy Travelers Jet Set looks awesome. There’s one for every situation! Those socks are definitely going to be handy on long flights!

  15. Excellent suggestions. I’ll look for those Savvy Travelers Jet Sets and the pillow.

  16. Thanks for sharing such a great list. I am really interested in the Foot Petals. They look awesome!

  17. OK why didn’t you post this 4 weeks ago before I traveled to London. I could have used quite a few things on your list. Well better late than never because I have another trip coming up soon. Great products!!

  18. As a traveler that goes on at least one business trip every 60 days, these are fab ideas. I have a Bagellini bag. Great ideas here.

  19. I want that pillow! I don’t need it for travelling – just for home would be nice 🙂

  20. I’m always nervous about packing necessities for an airplane flight that won’t make it through security for some reason or another. I really like your Savvy Travelers Jet Set mini-sheets suggestion. Will have to look into those.

  21. I wore new shoes to Vegas once. I had no idea how much walking I would be doing. Those shoes ended up in the donation pile, lol. relief would have been nice, oy, my aching feet!

  22. Wow. I love these posts and always find something I want and need. Pinning, because again, I see stuff I will buy. Thank you!

  23. All the things you shared here are so wonderful. I especially like the things that help the feet. Vacation and travel often involves a lot of walking so these things will be great to add to the travel bag.

  24. I think those different wipes are a great idea and what a space saver. Have a trip coming up in April! Definitely need those!

  25. Those foot petals are life! I wear them constantly while teaching and traveling

  26. Wow! So many neat gadgets! I can’t decide which ones I should put on my birthday list! I love the idea of a cordless iron, and I love my full size baggalini, but it’s not nice enough for a night out. That wristlet is great!

  27. I love it all, the bath bombs are awesome to soap and relax after travel!

  28. Love all of these – especially the pillow! What great finds.

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