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proof that it’s always your mother’s fault

potato latkes


Over the past three months, I have been the model Jenny Craig/Jazzercise citizen. I’ve resisted Dunkin’ Donuts, Sprinkles cupcakes, cronuts — and haven’t felt deprived once.

Then my mom brought over her potato latkes and mandel bread for Thanksgivvukah, and all hell broke loose.

I would guess I’ve eaten maybe 30 latkes — with sour cream — and a dozen pieces of mandel bread since Thursday night. (It’s only Saturday morning now.)

So, as we always do, I blame my mother.

And thank her.

And love her.

And will go back to being good now that it’s all gone.

mandel bread

That empty space is from the piece I had to have while taking the picture. You’d understand if you tasted these.


  1. Well I know my kids would agree with you about this! xo

  2. We eat latkes with powdered sugar. Try it.

  3. My mother doesn’t make latkes or mandel bread, but she makes a mean potato salad! What is it with mothers and carbs?

  4. Lois, I’m sorry…. Didn’t you share with Michael, Alex and Sara? Madge, I put powdered sugar on the matzah meal latkes at Passover. Try them.

  5. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    I am drooling just looking at these photos. Lois, I’m glad you didn’t deprive yourself his time.

  6. Ruth Curran says:

    I am so with you on this one — except I made my own poison! I might need a latke intervention….:)!

  7. Oh! I so want to taste! The latkes would be my downfall, without doubt!

  8. Mom’s mandel bread and latkes look yummilicious!

  9. Robert O. says:

    Latkes are my kryptonite. And your Mom’s latkes look especially appetizing.

  10. Belinda brock says:

    Your mother sounds like mine! Anyway, her latkes look delicious. This year for thanksgivukkah, we had sweet potato latkes with homemade applesauce (less caloric than sour cream and delicious).

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