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I wrote about 10 Places Where You Can Do Yoga with Goats! for USA Today 10Best.com. It was one of the most joyful experiences I’ve ever had. Just check out the photos!

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my best advice in six words

Posted on November 4, 2015

The Best Advice in Six Words

I got a very nice email the other day saying, “We’re delighted to feature your words in the latest book from the SixWord series, The Best Advice in Six Words. Your advice was selected from tens of thousands of memoirs in consideration via sixwordmemoirs.comFacebookTwitter, LinkedIn, and Quora.”


more »

back by popular demand: boxes of books!

Posted on October 24, 2015

books on counter

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I did the last Boxes of Books promotion! Sorry! No wonder my house looks like it’s been turned into a library! (Note: That photo is from last time and doesn’t even begin to show how many books I actually am ready to send you.)

Many of you have been sending me gentle reminders to get moving with this so here you go, my fellow book lovers.

All you have to do to get a big fat box filled with great winter night reading is follow these steps: more »

talking about “room” with author emma donoghue

Posted on October 22, 2015

Emma Donoghue

I got to see Room the other night in New York, and say hi to author Emma Donoghue, who was doing a Q&A after the screening. The movie was excellent, thanks to powerful performances by Brie Larson and 9-year-old Jacob Tremblay, and a screenplay written by Donoghue herself.

I will be reviewing the movie next week when it opens in San Diego — and if you live here or have friends in the area, make sure you all subscribe to my newsletter because I’m sending out an invitation to see the movie ahead of time — but, meanwhile, I thought I’d re-post my interview with Donoghue from 2011 to get you in the mood.

If you haven’t read the book yet, GO READ IT NOW! more »

“the paris key” book review and giveaway!

Posted on September 2, 2015

The Paris Key

If you didn’t get to take the vacation you wanted this summer, don’t worry. The Paris Key will whisk you away to the City of Light – and probably get you booking flights for next year. more »

my interview with author linda castillo – plus a book giveaway!

Posted on July 10, 2015

Castillo, Linda_CREDIT Pam Lary_her last breath

I’m so excited I got to interview Linda Castillo about her new thriller, After the Storm, because I love all her books and pretty much stay up all night reading every time she publishes a new one.

After the Storm is the latest in her Kate Burkholder series, which takes place in Ohio’s Amish country. It’s another nail biter, and the whole idea of terrible things happening in a society that doesn’t even believe in electricity is fascinating.

Read my interview with Linda, then enter to win a copy of After the Storm. more »

“blueprints” by barbara delinsky book review and giveaway!

Posted on June 15, 2015


How in the world have I never read anything by Barbara Delinsky before??

Apparently, she’s written twenty one bestsellers, which makes me very happy since I finished her new novel, Blueprints, in one weekend and now want more. more »

10 must-read books

Posted on March 21, 2015

10 books

I’ve been reading a ton lately, which makes me happy since I remember what it was like to go through that awful “can’t read” period. Despite a ridiculous schedule, I’ve carved out time to read every day and it’s made me a little more sane.

I no longer feel the need to finish every book I start, so if it doesn’t grab me right away, I’m on to the next one without feeling the least bit guilty.

I know that none of you have time for books that won’t hold your attention, so if you’re looking for a great book for a weekend escape — or just an escape from everyday life — here are my recommendations. more »

my interview with anna quindlen

Posted on November 19, 2014

Anna Quindlen Words Alive

My NaBloPoMo post for today was picked up by Huffington Post so I hope you’ll head over there to read and comment.

As I mentioned to you last week, I attended the annual Author’s Luncheon for Words Alive, a local non-profit organization that promotes reading. This year’s headliner was Anna Quindlen, one of my favorite authors ever.

I got to interview Anna, who was as warm and down-to-earth as you would expect. Check out what she had to say, and read about the books that make up her Ideal Bookshelf. You may be surprised at some of her choices.

boxes of books are back for the holidays!

Posted on November 15, 2014

books on counter

When I did this promotion in June, you pretty much cleaned me out, for which Michael thanks you. But, somehow, in the past six months, the book piles have taken over again and it’s time for me to pack them up and get them out to you.

All you have to do to get a big fat box filled with great winter night reading is follow these steps: more »

to quote anna quindlen

Posted on November 14, 2014

Lois and Anna Quindlen

I got to hear Anna Quindlen speak yesterday at the annual Author’s Luncheon for Words Alive, an organization close to my heart.

She’s one of my favorite writers — and I know a lot of you feel the same way.

I’m going to post my Q&A with her next week, along with a feature about the event, but I thought I’d end the week with a few quotes from her that have stayed with me over the years. more »

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