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The only Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum in the country is located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and it’s a must-visit!

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blogger idol: i really need your votes this week!


This is how hot my topic for Blogger Idol is this week.

It’s Week 6 of Blogger Idol, and our assignment this week was to write about a hot topic.

As you know, I’m pretty opinionated (ha ha, that’s an understatement!) but I ended up writing about something you might not have expected from me.

The judges’ scores are so close this week, it’s all going to come down to your votes. You’ve been so great about keeping me in the game and I hope you’ll continue!

Please click here, scroll down to the blue column that lists the blog names, and vote for Midlife at the Oasis. Make sure to wait for the pop-up confirmation that says “Thank you for voting.”

And, if you have friends/family members/co-workers/strangers you meet on the street who have any kind of electronic device, please ask them to vote for me, too! Voting closes at midnight Central time on Thursday.

Every single vote counts!


  1. Voted. Shared it on FB and Twitter. Got the hot air balloon and airplane flyer drops set to go up tomorrow. Good luck!

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