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Check out these gorgeous paintings and see why The Blackstone Hotel’s art collection is better than a museum – and how you can spend the night surrounded by it!

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“victoria and abdul” movie review

Victoria and Abdul

Well, I was going to write all about how much I enjoyed Victoria & Abdul, the true-ish story of the unlikely friendship between Queen Victoria (Judi Dench) and the young Indian man (Ali Fazal) who becomes her confidante and spiritual advisor.

But, as I was looking for photos to accompany my review, I came across some articles lambasting the movie for its dismissal of the horrors of British colonialism.

Since I don’t know enough about this period of history, I will have to leave that criticism to the experts. I can only take Victoria & Abdul at face value, although that new context does give me pause. [Read more…]

Check out these gorgeous paintings and see why The Blackstone Hotel’s art collection is better than a museum – and how you can spend the night surrounded by it!


tena intimates let you keep on laughing


Thanks to TENA for sponsoring this post and starting this important 
conversation. All opinions are, as always, 100% mine.

As you know, I am a big believer in laughter.

I have laughed until I cried, I have laughed until my stomach hurt and, more recently, I have laughed until tears started running down my leg.

Yes, as I’ve gotten older, gravity seems to have forced everything down, including those happy tears.

And, well, that’s not really funny. [Read more…]

“the compassion code” by laura jack

The Compassion Code

If there’s one thing we can all agree that the world needs right now, it’s compassion.

So many of us are hurting, and we need to find ways to help each other heal.

When I saw that Laura Jack had written a book, The Compassion Code: How to say the right thing when the wrong thing happens — and that it had already become a bestseller — I kind of felt better about the future. [Read more…]

“the mountain between us” movie review

The Mountain Between Us

The real problem with The Mountain Between Us is that it’s not a true story. [Read more…]

“stronger” movie review


Stronger is the kind of movie you feel really bad criticizing. I mean, it’s the story of Jeff Bauman, the 28-year-old who lost his legs during the Boston Marathon bombings.

You know it’s supposed to be inspirational — and it is.

You know it’s important to celebrate our heroes — and it does.

You know it should really move you to tears — but it didn’t. [Read more…]

“brad’s status” movie review

Brad's Status

Brad’s Status is one of the worst titles ever — yet it’s turned out to be one of my absolute favorite movies of the year.

Ben Stiller stars as 47-year-old Brad, who lies in bed at night, comparing his boring suburban life to the lives of his uber-successful college friends. While he’s struggling to run a small non-profit he started, they’re jetting around the world, writing books, directing movies and spending an early retirement in Hawaii. Everyone is ecstatically happy and living the good life. At least in Brad’s imagination. [Read more…]

“battle of the sexes” movie review

Battle of the Sexes

I remember rooting for Billie Jean King to beat that male chauvinist pig, Bobby Riggs, during their 1973 exhibition match yet I found myself feeling the urgency of her winning even more strongly watching Battle of the Sexes, the fictionalized movie about the two tennis legends.

I was 14 during the original must-watch-TV match and, although I was a devout feminist who believed wholeheartedly in women’s lib, I don’t think I had any clue at the time of just how brave and important King’s efforts really were. [Read more…]

“year by the sea” movie review

Year by the Sea

Joan Anderson’s Year by the Sea has been sitting on my bookshelf for so long, it was inevitable that the movie would come out before I had a chance to read it.

It’s not surprising this memoir has become a kind of midlife classic because so many baby boomer empty nesters will be able to relate to Joan’s story. [Read more…]

“take my nose … please” movie review

Take My Nose Please

This must-see documentary about funny women who have had or are having cosmetic surgery is fascinating, often hilarious and sometimes devastatingly sad. (If you remember Totie Fields, you’ll once again be moved by her tragic story.)

“Plastic surgery is supposed to make you feel good about yourself,” says comedian Margaret Cho. “To me, it’s just brainwashing, manipulation and mutilation of women.”

She waits a beat, then adds, “I’m still going to get it.”

And there’s the heart of the story. [Read more…]