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why the bruce jenner interview makes me feel better about the world

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For the past few years, I’ve been blaming the Kardashians for the decline of civilization.

I couldn’t understand why anyone was paying any attention to them, why they were making a fortune, why kids were aspiring to be like them.

It was so disappointing to me that these were the people everyone was talking about. What had they done to deserve their fame and wealth? Kim did a sex tape, showed off her butt and married a narcissist.

The world was falling apart but people were too busy watching the Kardashians to care.

But then I watched the Bruce Jenner interview last night. And I realized why the Kardashians had to become so popular.

Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer was riveting, moving and important. I think it will be a game-changer.

I admire and applaud Jenner for having the courage to get out there and talk honestly and emotionally about his transition to becoming a woman. (Note: I am using masculine pronouns because that is how Jenner said he will be referring to himself until “she” emerges.)

He is starting a serious and long-overdue conversation that, in many ways, could only have this kind of impact coming from him — someone considered the best (read: most masculine) athlete in the world and someone who is part of one of the most famous families on the planet.

In fact, I thought one of the most revealing statements of the interview was when Jenner laughed and admitted that, over eight years of the popular TV show, the most important story was actually his — and it was a secret.

So, last night was the big reveal and I have to believe it will change the way the public looks at the transgender community.

I’m convinced that many people who made fun of Jenner before his announcement will take their cues from the Kardashians and Kanye West, all of whom — to their credit — seem to be 100% supportive. Maybe the general public will actually learn tolerance and even compassion.

And if that happens, and if even one member of the LGBT community is no longer treated like an outsider and driven to consider suicide, I will take back every negative thing I ever said about the Kardashians and be grateful to them instead.

I will realize that the Universe always has a plan. It may not be easy to understand — especially when, in the most mind-blowing admission of the interview, Jenner admits he’s a Republican — but it’s one we just have to trust.


  1. I didn’t watch the interview nor have I read up on it this morning. But from your post and what I already know I am proud of the part of Bruce Jenner that finally spoke up and I’m – dare I say it? – proud of the response from his family.

    I believe it’s everyone’s right to live the way they feel is right for them. Period.

    I have other issues with Jenner that have nothing to do with this (Munich Olympic games) so I won’t go into that here. For now, I am happy he’s out from under the cloud that’s been over his head for way too long. Good for you, Bruce. You deserve your true happiness.

  2. I agree with you Lois that his story is likely to help others. And probably a lot over the long haul. However, the prejudice and/or ignorance so many people have on this topic will be hard to overcome. We have to start somewhere I guess. And he is very courageous to begin with himself.

  3. Lois, beautifully written and much appreciated. This is an important day in the quest for love and acceptance for all people and I applaud any family that gathers together in unconditional support. Like you, I’ve spent years shaking my head in frustration at the popularity of the Kardashsian clan. It’s a happy turn of events that they are now impressing me.

  4. I have an issue with the Kardashians, too, but, like you, see the plan. I haven’t watched the interview, it’s waiting on DVR for later today.

  5. Amen, to all of this!

  6. Beautiful blog post and very eye-opening on a topic that is still taboo to the mainstream. I admire Jenner for publicly sharing his truth. Secrets can become a burden that is too much to bare.

  7. Yes! Too true. I didn’t watch the interview but it’s wonderful he spoke out. I don’t think it’s something to call him a hero for like I’ve been seeing but I’m glad for him he’s finally able to be who he truly is and move on with his life!

  8. I totally agree with you. And what a great essay you’ve written. Terrific first line, it moves along beautifully and I love the way you open it up at the end. You start with something really specific (the Kardashians)… and end up with the Universe. Great stuff.

  9. I agree that the Jenner interview was riveting. But I also found it very sad, VERY sad. The poor guy lived a sham of a life despite the way we all saw his as amazing (in the early years, not the Kardashian years). I wish him well and a modicum of happiness once he comes out. (I must say, I hate the “Her” thing, where he doesn’t yet reveal his soon-to-be name. But who am I to judge?)

  10. You say, “And if that happens, and if even one member of the LGBT community is no longer treated like an outsider and driven to consider suicide, I will take back every negative thing I ever said about the Kardashians and be grateful to them instead. I will realize that the Universe always has a plan.”

    I absolutely love your take that the Universe had to give us The Kardashians in order to get Bruce Jenner teaching the world about the gradations of gender. Fantastic post!

  11. Be whoever you want to be; just be a good person, right? I still have no use for Kim, Kanye and the rest of those useless Kardashians. For all we know, their support is purely for personal gain. As for Bruce, it was sad to hear his story and I hope he has some happiness in his life.

  12. I share your hope that this opens not just a dialogue about transgender but creates a foundation for understanding and moves our world toward acceptance. There was a really powerful point in the interview where Jenner talks about considering suicide. I hope that those who feel the pain of others’ ignorance listen very carefully to his message. Beautifully articulated, passionate post.

  13. I watched the interview expecting it to be more of a circus act and was surprised at how emotional it was.
    As far as the Kardashian women, I think people forget that besides appearing on a ‘silly’ reality show they are very successful business women. They do work hard.
    I feel a bit sad for his younger daughters…
    It will be interesting to see where Bruce’s story goes from here

  14. I have never seen the Kardashians show. I did wonder what they do to get famous, I guess it’s the show. The tape didn’t hurt, I’m sure, lol. But I think they were all born into money long before the show anyway. I dunno. I do appreciate family sticking together and supporting one another and it seems they are very good at that…which should always be applauded.

  15. Well said, Lois. I hope that this helps others to become more open minded, understanding and tolerant. Everyone should be free to be their authentic selves.

  16. Well said. I agree that Bruce is using his celebrity status for a good cause in helping other transgenders.

  17. Pamela Lear says:

    I have a dissenting thought on this (imagine that!) While I agree that Bruce Jenner is brave and I am supportive of him – – and everyone else in the world – – living his life in a way that feels right to him, I feel resistant when it comes to modern medicine facilitating these changes. Hormone therapy and surgery are modern medical options, very recent in the history of the world. Surgery especially is invasive, risky and expensive. It is a privilege for very few people and dramatically alters our God-given makeup. As Lady Gaga so appropriately sang, I was “Born this way” and I wish we could all appreciate the beautiful bodies and souls that we come into this world with. It’s unlikely, but if society could eliminate the gender expectations (i.e. that men and women look, dress & behave a certain way), then transgender people could live a lovely life without the need to physically alter their appearance with drugs and surgery. Of course, we don’t live in an ideal world. Jenner’s statement to the world is awesome; I just wish it didn’t have to come with such a dramatic physical alteration, which is totally based on society’s unhealthy norms.

  18. Wendy Karp says:

    Well said Lois! Indeed, the most shocking revelation was his admission to being a Republican. “Is that a bad thing?” Yes, Bruce, it’s a very bad thing when you stand up for the side that discriminates against the LGBT community.

  19. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    I have watched the Kardashians (don’t hate me) and Bruce has come across as somewhat of a loner. Now I get why. I applaud his courage in finding his true self and letting the public in on his journey. Like you, I hope the conversation will continue and shed more light on this misunderstood segment of our population. Great post.

  20. I hate the Kardashians, but I was surprised at how good this interview was. Bruce seemed genuine and I am glad to see he is able to be true to his feelings now and stop hiding!

  21. I am not a fan on the Kardashians but I have heard great things about this special. I am glad to hear that he was able to tell his story.

  22. I so agree with your statements above. I did not get to watch the interview but I DVRed it and will be watching this week. I could not imagine living a life in secret and I think it is beautiful that his family is completely supportive!

  23. Pamela Johnson-Howe says:

    Kardashians aside ( I would have said infamous instead of famous) it was Bruce’s 4 oldest children that seemed the most important part of his support system. Those 4 were absolutely united in their love and respect for their father and his struggles and decisions. Any parent who raised those 4 earns my respect and admiration.

  24. I join what must be a miniscule number of people who have never watched the Kardashians. I have a very limited idea of what they are even about. Seemingly, it’s a “reality” show that appeals to our “can’t look away” nature. lol While I don’t personally care a whit about Bruce Jenner and his choices, I do see the positive impact his “outing” may have for people faced with a similair struggle. As much as I can’t stand the media frenzy around this family (for whatever reason), it is good for us as a society to really see this out in the open.

  25. When I first began watching the interview I was hear broken for this poor man that never got to live the life he truly wanted. Then I too was proud of him for showing the world it’s never too late to be who you truly were meant to be.

  26. I felt like you with the Kardashians. Never cared for them and didn’t understand why people loved them. I still wouldn’t watch the show cause they are just not my style. I do say that I love that Bruce Jenner is talking about his feelings and his change. This gives people the courage to be themselves and say it is okay to be different.

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