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of muffin tops and menopause

I don’t blame all of my issues on perimenopause. Just the big ones.

Because I tend to share TMI, you may know that I still have my period even though I’m turning 55 in a few months. My gynecologist, who I adore but who is about 20 years younger than me, laughs every time I complain, and says, “Oh, Lois, you’re not the oldest patient of mine who still has it.”

Okaaaay, but that doesn’t really make me feel better. Winning that title was never on my bucket list.

Although I’ve probably been going through perimenopause for about five years already, I know I’ve been very lucky not to have experienced hot flashes or night sweats.

But the mood swings and the weight gain … Oh, the weight gain.

Over the past few years, the numbers on the scale have been steadily creeping up. To call what’s going on around my stomach area “a muffin top” is an insult to muffins and a cutesy dismissal of a real problem. It looks and feels more like a life preserver – which, ironically, is pretty much the exact opposite of what it is.

I’ve learned that weight gain is almost a given for women my age since our body chemistry completely changes during menopause, and fluctuating hormones can result in hard-to-lose extra pounds.

So when Estroven invited me to try their new Weight Management dietary supplement, I was definitely interested in finding out more about it. I am not a pill popper, though, so I had to really research its ingredients, safety and effectiveness first, and find out what the experts were saying.

Here’s why I decided to try it:

* The ingredients are naturally-sourced. I checked them all out on the National Institutes of Health website (which is a great resource) and discovered that clinically proven soy isoflavones and black cohosh help reduce hot flashes and night sweats, while proprietary Synetrim CQ balances serotonin to help safely manage weight.

* It comes with an eight-week Changing Ways Workout Plan that is practical, presented in large type and geared toward beginners. The featured exercises focus on age-specific concerns like addressing our joints and increasing our sense of balance. Best of all, those exercises are demonstrated by a woman who looks like one of us rather than a skinny young supermodel. I tried a few of them and can assure you that the modified ab workout delivers on its promise to make you “sore and happy.”

* You take one capsule with breakfast and one with dinner, so it’s easy to remember to take them every day. (Memory loss is another symptom of menopause.)

Estroven sent me a month’s supply, and I’ve been taking the capsules twice a day for the past few days. They say it takes most women 8-10 weeks to see benefits, so I’m hoping to get another bottle when I finish this one, and will report back to you then.

I’m hopeful that Estroven Weight Management will propel my current diet and exercise program, and that the muffin top will ultimately be transformed into a flatbread.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Estroven. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    I’ve heard of Estroven and have been curious about its effectiveness. God knows I could use some help. My muffin top is more like a triple decker club sandwich. Keep us posted, Lois!

  2. At my recent annual get-together, my doctor told me how “great” it is that I still have periods. While I’m sure he meant well, I wanted to kick him in his junk.

    My perimenopausal symptoms came with a giant helping of hot flashes from day one. They remind me of the hormonal roller coaster I was on while taking fertility drugs. Ironic, huh?

    And kudos to the folks at Estroven who printed the workout plan in large type.

    • Lois Alter Mark says:

      What is it with these doctors thinking it’s so great to still have our periods? Sorry you’re experiencing hot flashes — Estroven is supposed to be very effective in helping those. Good luck to both of us! And, yes, the large type proved to me they know who we are!

  3. I would be very curious to know how this works out for you. I have been going through menopause for a number of years myself so I totally understand.

  4. Unfortunately, it did not work for me. Although, I believe my hot flashes are God’s way of paying me back for being a pain in the neck as a teen. They’re relentless and I’ve tried everything, EVERYTHING. I’ve found that kicking hot beverages, limiting vino to 1 glass and strength training all minimize my flashes. Let me know how the Estroven works for you. Fingers crossed.

  5. I’m always concerned about supplements and their potential interaction with other meds I take. I’ve never had a good experience with diet supplements–they often have stimulants of some kind that work against high BP–and believe that if I disciplined myself more, I’d lose weight. But then again, do I do that? Uh. No. LOL

  6. Please keep us updated and let us know if it works. I’ve been fully in menopause for a few years now. Luckily my only real symptoms are mostly memory loss and that damn weight gain when I don’t exercise. However I usually forget to exercise (really, I just don’t want to or I’m too busy).

  7. Oh… I commented on the TapInfluence widget as I didn’t look further down the page. Feel free to delete it there. Thanks! 😀

  8. All these *pet names for muffin top make me giggle! I hope this product helps you attain your flatbread. But, when you do, is it okay to spread a little butter on it?

  9. Hot flashes, sleeplessness. Ugh! Let us know how the Estroven Weight management system works, Lois.

  10. Dear Lois

    While on STAR I shared the fact of a traumatic event that happened with George being diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia…..at that time at the age of 38 I went into full blown menopause. That is how it happens with me….my body responds to trauma (another written story in progress) rather than depression! I believe that this happened so that I would have a ton of info for my female clients…more than I did. With that being said do you know of a saliva test. My contact is Connie Chalko who is a clinical pharmacist and knows about all things hormonal. She uses a holistic paradigm to help clients. If you want more info lmk. xxo

  11. Although I am not yet 40, I wake up super hot in the morning. My husband thinks I am crazy. I need to see what Estroven is all about in case this is something Iwill need in the future.

    • Lois Alter Mark says:

      A lot of women swear by Estroven for hot flashes. Will let you know how this works. Meanwhile, hope you stay cool.

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