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“believe in yourself ~ inspire others ~ spread joy!” by amy wise

Amy WiseThis fantastic book that belongs on every woman’s shelf, desk and bedside table where it can be picked up and referred to at a moment’s notice.

Believe in Yourself ~ Inspire Others ~ Spread Joy! is filled with beautiful black and white images and inspiring quotes all written by my dear friend, Amy Wise. You may remember Amy from the popular post she wrote here, Why My Husband Won’t Be Seeing The Help.

Amy is a great writer and a truly special person. We met on Facebook but have become very close friends in real life, getting together every week with the equally special Kim LePiane, whose Soul Sisters is a breath of fresh air in this chaotic world. Amy and Kim are two of the most supportive women I know and their optimistic approach to life is infectious, important and totally motivating.

Reading Amy’s book is like getting the perfect pep talk from your most trusted friend. Her words will inspire, encourage and empower you, and will give you the confidence to make all your dreams come true. Amy’s last name is “Wise” for a reason!

What makes this book even more amazing is the story behind it, which you can read about in her Introduction. During a devastating five-year struggle with illness, legal battles and financial issues all caused by the shocking realization that the water she had been using in her store was actually reclaimed sewer water, Amy started jotting down quotes to express her feelings. Focusing only on the positive, these ideas got her through the darkest times of her life – and they can get you through yours, too. The fact that she was able to turn her thoughts into a book that has been on Amazon’s Top 100 New Motivational Books since it came out a month ago is proof of the power of her words.

To quote Amy herself, “Dreams become reality when we open our eyes and take the steps to get there.”


  1. Beautiful, thanks for alerting us to this gift~

  2. Oh my God I’m sitting here in tears. Speechless! Thank you Lois for this beautiful tribute to our friendship, to my book and to our magical get together’s each week! You have become such a treasure in my life and I can’t imagine what it would be like without you at this point. I’ve known Kim since I was 18 and you for only a year yet it feels like we have been in each others lives forever! How did the 3 of us get so lucky?! Here’s to women who rock the world, here’s to friendship, here’s to MAGIC!!!! I love you Lois!
    Amy W.

  3. Kim LePiane says:

    This is a wonderful book!! Lois you nailed it!! I absolutely love this book and I am honored to know both of these amazing women. When ever any of us come together and support one another miracles occur!! I encourage everyone to buy this book for themselves and for friends and family!! Then start your own magical support group and start each meeting with a quote from Amy’s book!

  4. Kim what a beautiful sentiment and FABULOUS idea!!! I’m smiling from ear to ear at the thought of my book starting out other magical get together’s! Love you woman! A.

  5. Terry Huber says:

    Love Amy’s book and was so pleased to read your review and
    recommendation of it. I have given it to several of my friends
    and they have ordered more to give to their friends. Mother’s Day
    is the perfect time to give it as a gift. I know that Amy wrote from
    her heart. She is living proof that if you keep a positive attitude
    and never give up, you can succeed. I have known her all of
    her life and am so very proud of her. Terry Huber (Amy’s Mom)

  6. Your comment made me tear up! I LOVE you Mom!!! A.

  7. Picking up the book today. Can’t wait to read it. I wish I knew you gals! Your love and friendship for each other is obvious.

  8. Debra,

    I’m so happy to hear you are getting my book today! Wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read Lois’s review and for ordering my book! I would love to hear what you think when you are done. Hop over to my facebook page when you have a moment http://www.facebook.com/AmyWiseAuthor and let me know. Have a beautiful weekend!

    ~Amy Wise

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