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Ooh, don’t you want one of these filled with books?

I’ve been asked so many times when I’m going to offer the boxes of books I used to send out through my old blog, that I figured it’s time to get moving. Plus, all the bags of books almost fell on my husband’s car in the garage this morning which was a pretty strong motivation, too.

So — drum roll, please — back by popular demand, here’s the famous box of books promotions!

Because it’s been so long, I have TONS of books ready to send out. All you have to do to get one is follow these steps:

1. Write a check for at least $20 per box ($12.30 goes to the flat rate shipping, the rest will go to a charity to be determined) made out to Lois Alter Mark.

2. Enclose a piece of paper with your name, mailing address and email address. If there are any specific books or genres you’re interested in, mention them. I can’t promise anything but I always try and often succeed in fulfilling these requests.

3. Put the check and the paper in an envelope addressed to Treat Boxes, Midlife at the Oasis, 3525 Del Mar Heights Road #582, San Diego, CA 92130.

Your box will include at least $100 worth of books plus I try to throw in a DVD or whatever other goodies I may have on hand, thanks to generous publicists.

Don’t wait! These go fast, and there’s nothing better than getting one of these in your mailbox. You can also order them for your friends, sisters, daughters, moms, whoever. Just remember to include their names and addresses as well, and let me know if there’s anything specific they like.

Everyone is always happy with these. And my husband will be especially happy now.


  1. I have a feeling these are going to go fast so I am putting it in the mail today and hope you will await my check and send me one….what a LOT of fun…thank you thank you!!!! xxxoo

  2. Wow! What a great idea – thanks for your generosity. I mailed my check off today!

  3. Sending off my check tonight!!

  4. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Sigh. I wish i could,but we are drowning in books here, too.

  5. I’m so happy that you’re doing this again. My check is in the mail.

  6. I’m in. I want two of them.

  7. Sending my check tomorrow. Love this! Thanks

  8. Rachel Stevenson says:

    Don’t sell out too fast. My check has to come all the way from NY!

  9. You should take PayPal (that way you don’t have to go to the bank) and I don’t have to write a check, LOL!

  10. What are these “checks” you speak of? I do everything online these days. LOL

    Totally wish I could do this right but with classes and all the reading I have to do for that, I’m forced to just stick with what I have. Dagnabbit!

  11. Pamela Lear says:

    Oh no, I missed this when you first posted it … check will be in the mail tomorrow! You know I love these!!

  12. I have so many books myself that I should do this. But I have so many different types of books that I would need to make a big checklist of categories for people to choose from. Not so sure if this would work for me.

  13. Oooooohhhhh! Who can resist?? I have too many but WHO can really have too many books??? Writing you a check now and will mail it asap. Thank you for doing this again!!

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