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Handmade gifts are the best, so check out the 10 Charleston artisans creating goods with a Southern accent I wrote about for USA Today 10Best and get your holiday shopping done!

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miraval: my oasis in the tucson desert

Miraval sky

Now that our nest is empty and Michael is “retired,” we spend a lot of time traveling. There’s nothing we love more than discovering new places, and we rarely go back to the same destination twice.

Except for Miraval. [Read more…]

the equine experience at miraval

Lois and Cherokee

We’ve always been taught to get our information straight from the horse’s mouth.

But, as I recently learned firsthand, the deepest truths just may come from the horse’s hoof. [Read more…]

celebrating our 32nd anniversary at la costa

 La Costa Spa and Resort

Michael and I celebrated our 32nd anniversary a couple of weeks ago. How that can be possible when I feel like I’m still 30 myself is one of those mysteries of life – and a topic for a future blog post. [Read more…]

my “a-hot-stone-massage!” moment

Spa weekend

You never know when you’ll experience what Oprah likes to call “a-ha!” moments — moments, as defined by Merriam-Webster, of “sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension” — but I’ve come to expect mine when I’m in the middle of a massage. This was brought home so clearly to me during my girls’ spa weekend that I’ve decided to more accurately call those times “a-hot-stone-massage!” moments.

[Read more…]