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throwback thursday: puppy love

Sophie puppyJessie puppy







It’s been a long time since we had puppies.

On the left is Sophie, our Chow Chow, back in 1987 when we lived in a Manhattan apartment and she used to charge through the baby gate to escape the kitchen. She was our firstborn, and when I was pregnant with our son two years later, she used to spoon against my stomach in bed, keeping him safe in there. When we brought him home from the hospital, we immediately put him down on the floor in front of her for her to sniff and kiss. I will never forget the moment she truly accepted him into the family. As the delivery guy came in and started putting together the crib, Sophie moved over to park herself in front of baby Alex, making it clear that he was now hers to protect. It was amazing to watch, and it still makes me teary.

On the right is Jessie, our Newfoundland, in 2001. This gentle giant used to get so excited when she saw little kids in the park, you could see the twinkle in her eye. We’d have to try to hold her back before she could run after them to shower them with love and often knock them down. Although Newfies are supposed to be water rescue dogs, Jessie hated the pool and would bark at you not to go in because she wasn’t going to jump in if you needed help. When the wildfires hit San Diego and we had to evacuate to the Loews Coronado, Jessie — who would only walk on carpet — refused to walk across the lobby until the manager laid out a path of towels for her and she sashayed across. She was hilarious, quirky and so, so sweet.

We miss them every day and are so thankful to have had them in our lives.


  1. Such cute photos and adorable stories. They are a part of our family, and I’m glad you let us in on how they touched your life.

  2. I miss all my past doggies, too! There’s nothing like the love of a dog.

  3. Doggie love–always something I enjoy and can embrace. I miss our chow chow, too, she died suddenly and way too young of an undetected heart ailment. Our rescue dog, Tinker, we lost 2 yrs ago cancer, but she was 15. Our beloved Little He is now 16 and undergoing oral surgery for an infection tomorrow –we hope for the best. And my little devil, Riley turns 7 this coming week, where did the time go? Treasure them while you can, is the message of your post and I agree!

  4. Precious babes. Dogs increase our enjoyment of life in unexpected ways. I truly cannot imagine NOT having one. (Though my husband swears “no more” after the two we have are gone. I bet that’ll last a month… maybe.)

  5. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Such precious memories, Lois. They are here for such a short time, but their imprint on our heart is eternal.

  6. We have a dog who has stolen my heart and more surprisingly, my husband’s heart. We have been away from him for 3 months for extended travel. In one month we get to pick him up from my sisters-in-law house where he had been living with them and his dog cousin. I hope he’ll be happy to see us.

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