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so i didn’t marry paul mccartney, and other beatles tales


When Linda Eastman became a household name in 1969, I disliked her immediately. Who was this blonde photographer marrying Paul McCartney? Didn’t she know I was supposed to marry him?

I’ve since realized that millions of baby boomer girls were convinced they were the future wife of the “cute” Beatle. Where in the world did we ever get that idea? Even the teenyboppers crying over One Direction today don’t really believe they’re going to marry any of them.

The whole phenomenon of the Beatles — the incredible impact they made on our lives — is a huge part of our generation’s collective consciousness, and it’s something that will probably never happen again.

I used Beatles songs to illustrate my school assignments, I bought each album as soon as it came out and listened to it on repeat (which was quite a feat back in the day when you had to get up and, every single time, gently try to drop the needle into the exact groove on the vinyl record so you wouldn’t scratch it) and I kept a scrapbook, in which I Scotch-taped every item I found that mentioned the Fab Four, from Rolling Stone features to TV Guide blurbs to the tickets I won to the premiere of Let It Be.

I remember the day John Lennon was shot as vividly as I remember the day John F. Kennedy was shot. I bet you do, too.

I recently relived my childhood through Beatleness, a great new book which explores the Beatles through their fans. I got to interview author Candy Leonard, who had some really profound insights into the band that defined a generation.

I hope you’ll read my interview with her on Boomeon here, and don’t forget to leave a comment while you’re there for a chance to win a copy of the book.

As for me, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I was never meant to marry Paul and that the late, lovely Linda really was his soulmate. She inspired him to write “Maybe I’m Amazed,” she left us with some gorgeous photos, she taught him the importance of respecting animals and she gave birth to four children, including the oh-so-talented Stella.

So, Paul, you made the right choice.

She loved you. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


  1. Sisters From Another Mister says:

    We are from Liverpool, my Dad went to school with Paul, my Mom dated Jerry of Jerry and the Pacemakers. While putting himself thro school, my Dad dj’d and Brian Epstein paid him 30 pounds to play Love me do …
    I have many stories 🙂

  2. No, no…I was supposed to marry him. I considered stalking him when he was in town recently…but was too tired! 🙂 I will check out the book…thanks!

  3. What? You didn’t marry him? I thought you DID!!! That wasn’t you?

  4. Oh the Beatles….Loved you, love you……..still in love…I guess all you need is love…dah dah dah dah dah

  5. I felt so betrayed when he started dating that natural and beautiful blonde. I was deeply hurt. But theirs was a true love affair, so I forgave her. She was wonderful till the end. Today? He married someone younger than me! Agh.

    I’d love to read this book, so I’ll go over to Boomeon to try to win a copy.

    Oh, I had a huge poster of the Beatles on my wall growing up. Right next to a smaller one of the Monkees. Looking back, that sounds about right!

  6. My aunt was actually supposed to marry him I thought. I don’t know what happened there….LOL

    The Beatles are my favorite band of all time.

  7. Sounds like a great book. And thank you for reminding me of my own love for the Beatles. In our household, we were big John fans (although my mom loved George best). You could have Paul, Lois 😉

  8. I wanted to marry George. But, like yeah, that didn’t happen, either.

  9. Alisha Kostiuk says:

    We just recently watched The Story of John Lenon. My daughter is a huge fan of the Beatles even though she is only 12.

  10. These kinds of books are always entertaining to read because they are filled with heartfelt moments and memories. The Beatles were a little ahead of my time so I can’t say I wanted to marry any of them though. 🙂

  11. While I wasn’t around for the true Beatlemania, I can totally appreciate the sentiment behind being completely deflated when a much admired, loved celeb goes off the market! 🙂 The Beatles are an amazing piece of history!

  12. Oh that sounds like a great interview. I love the Beatles music.

  13. I have had crushes on so many famous people, I couldn’t possibly commit myself to one. Except for maybe John Cusack. Or Paul Rudd. 😉

  14. Paul was my favorite, too. I think a lot of us shared that…but I DID date someone who looked so much like him.

  15. Oh I can’t imagine anyone NOT loving the Beatles, but I wasn’t even born in 1969 so I can’t possibly be jealous of Paul McCartney’s wife. 😉

  16. The Beatles are timeless. I think I have to introduce my daughter so she can be generation 4 or so!

  17. I feel the same way…the beatles to this day make me feel great. And the fact my son loves them is just wonderful.

  18. Who doesn’t love The Beatles? Great music, great guys.

  19. It was such a love story pre-social media that it lend credibility that it really could happen. My freshman college roommate dropped out to become a Neil Young groupie!

  20. There are so many great Beatles songs. My older sister was quite obsessed with them growing up.

  21. what a fun and easy read. I could use these more than the mystery novel that keeps me up at night.

  22. This is so funny!I’ve always loved the Beatles too!

  23. The Beatles are a classic band whose music will live on for future generations. Thanks for sharing the book.

  24. The Beatles music seems to be so wrapped in memories for so many of us “of a certain age”. I had a huge thing for John Lennon until he met Yoko… I remember thinking “how could anyone of any substance think what she did was good music…?” Almost lost faith in his judgement…and then he wrote and sang Imagine….

  25. The Beatles are a great band loved by many. I’m sure the book is going to be a big hit with their fans.

  26. I wasn’t around for The Beatles mania, but I do think they are fantastic! Marrying Sir Paul… would be something!

  27. I must admit I couldn’t fully appreciate the Beatles till my adulthood — but I vividly remember a moment at a party when I women I thought ancient, remarked how she loved “Let It Be.” That blew my six-year-old mind. Then to have my conservative Dad yell, “Play Yellow Submarine” out the garage band playing at the neighborhood block party. They touched young and old, and still do. And sounds like I was not near as disciplined with you and your vinyls. Mine were scratched — oh so scratched, but I listened anyway. Paul, Ringo, George – and John. Love them all.

  28. Love the beatles. Their music is still relevant all these years later.

  29. My son loves the Beatles. I should think about getting that for him for Christmas would be great.

  30. Reminds me of my uncle who loves the Beatles. He would love this!

  31. My first erotic dream had all the Beatles in it.

  32. Ha, ha, ha… I remember my older sister going gaga over them. Oh my goodness, she would sing with them every time they came on the radio

  33. I honestly know very little about the Beatles (gasp!) but they were a bit before my time of listening to music. My husband would love this though!

  34. I enjoyed this tribute to teen heart throbs and Sir Paul. A good piece of nostalgia yah yah yah.

  35. I started a book a few years ago called Why the Young Girls Fall in Love with the Boys in the Band. I cannot wait to get back to that project!
    I will head over to Boomeon…

  36. I’m definitely too young to live during the Beatles era, but my husband loves them. They are definitely a part of pop culture forever.

  37. love the Beatles!
    I listened to them when I was in high school And my mom just about died laughing!

  38. I didn’t know they had four kids! I knew of Stella but not any others.

  39. Theirs did really seem to be a love for the ages, didn’t it? Everyone had a crush on Paul … there were four of them, why did he win out? Certainly had the talent!

  40. Oh didn’t we all wanna marry Paul. Will check out the interview.

  41. My husband is a big fan of the Beatles! Have to check out the book as it might make a perfect gift for him. Will check out the interview too!

  42. I like how you draw the comparison from the Beatles to One Direction. I know LOTS of girls who dream of marrying one of those boys LOL Me? I liked the guys from 98 Degrees 🙂

  43. This would be a great book for any Beatles fan. I just bought a book full of Photos of the Beatles from there personal photographer.

  44. It’s so sad that she was taken so young! I always thought they looked so blissfully happy!

  45. Oh Paul would have been my choice too! I used to have so many posters of them on my walls. Oh those were the days…

  46. Haha, I get that way about my fav actors!

  47. I think I would have loved to have lived during the Beatles hype! I probably would have also staked my marriage claim to Paul 😉

  48. The Beatles have to be the most iconic band of all time. My mom says she remembers when Lennon was shot. I was still very little at the time though. 🙂

  49. I do love the Beatles. In fact, I’m a pretty big fan of most British music in general, so there seems to be a theme 😉

  50. Ahhh THE Beatles. My dad used to tell a fun story of getting into a limo to head out to LaGuardia from Connecticut and the driver asking him if he knew THE Beatles had landed. HA! He thought the driver was talking about bugs…

  51. Baby I’m Amazed was such a good tune! I was crazy about John Travolta (Vinnie Barbarino and Danny Zucco got me). 😉

  52. I don’t know much about the Beatles other then their music! I started listening to them in the late 90’s when I was in high school. I have loved their music ever since!

  53. I never dreamed of marrying one of the Beatles… I had hopes for Rod Stewart for a short time. Mickey Dolenz from The Monkees for a couple of months too. But quickly threw all my time and attention into Jon Bon Jovi… I’m still holding out hope on that one. Could happen… 😉

  54. I’m pretty sure my mom thought she was going to marry one of them at one time 😉

  55. Wow, you really do have a passion for the Beatles! I remember when John was shot too and how distraught everyone looked in school. There were posters everywhere on the walls in memory too.

  56. How lucky are you to be able to interview an author who has inside info about the band. Sounds like a great book.

  57. My husband loves the Beatles. He would love to read this.

  58. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    I desired moody, mysterious George but I loved them all. Still do. <3

  59. Amanda Love says:

    I love the Beatles and their songs but have never been interested in marrying any of them. 🙂

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