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“on the record with mick rock” – and my own mick rock playlist

On the Record with Mick Rock

Thank you, Ovation TV, for sponsoring this post!

As you know, I am a music fanatic.

My iPod is my favorite possession, and I love making playlists.

So when I heard about the new Ovation TV show, On The Record With Mick Rock, I was immediately inspired to create a new playlist. After all, so many songs that make up the soundtrack of my life are somehow related to the famed British photographer.

Mick Rock is best known for capturing some of the most iconic rock and roll legends of our time, from Queen and David Bowie to The Sex Pistols and Blondie. In fact, he’s often referred to as “The Man Who Shot the Seventies.” And, for many of us baby boomers, those were our formative years.

Still busy and in demand today, Rock continues to photograph a new generation of musical legends, including Snoop Dogg, Daft Punk, The Killers and the Black Keys.

On The Record With Mick Rock premiered last night, and can be seen for the next three Sundays at 8 p.m. Eastern time. The series will follow Rock as he heads to the hometowns of four top musicians and sits down with each one for a candid, no-holds-barred conversation that will definitely have viewers talking the next morning.

Last night, Rock took audiences to Los Angeles to visit Josh Groban. This Sunday, August 9, he’ll be in Nashville with the Grammy Award-winning Kings of Leon. On August 16, Rock hangs out in Oklahoma City with the Flaming Lips, and on August 23, he gets a tour of Philadelphia with the one and only Patti Labelle. If you miss any of the episodes, you can check the schedule for repeat showings.

I’m really excited about this series and about supporting Ovation TV because, through the Ovation Foundation, the company has already provided more than $15 million in contributions and in-kind support to arts institutions and arts education.

Check out the Ovation TV site, where you can find out where to watch On The Record With Mick Rock. You can also follow along on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

To get you in the mood, here’s my personal playlist, complete with liner notes. Each song is inspired by one of Mick Rock’s famous subjects. Let me know what you think of them and what they mean to you.

Sunday Girl by Blondie (J’adore this song. Debbie Harry was the original cool girl.)

Heroes by David Bowie (This took on a whole new significance when he sang it at the Concert for New York City after 9/11.)

You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban (I am a total sap for this song, and belt it out when I’m alone in the car.)

You’re My Best Friend by Queen (I quoted the lyrics to mine in our high school yearbook.)

Lady Marmalade by Labelle (Admit it. You thought that “Vous les vous …” lyric was pretty scandalous when it first came out, too.)

Use Somebody by Paramore (Hayley Williams adds major girl power to the Kings of Leon classic.)

Human by The Killers (This always makes me nostalgic because it’s the one song I nailed when we used to play Guitar Hero with the kids.)

Redemption Song by Bob Marley (My husband and I visited Jamaica regularly in our younger days, and this Marley classic is so beautiful.)

Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (I remember seeing the movie for the first time and being blown away.)

Let’s Spend the Night Together by the Rolling Stones (Mick Jagger and teenage hormones were a potent combination.)

Do these songs bring back any memories for you?


  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    That sounds like a great organization. And how have I never heard of Mick Rock before?

  2. I love Time Warp from Rocky Horror (and have fond memories of going to see the show at a local movie theater when I was a teen). The songs aren’t front and center for me (but I do like Lady Marmalade). Thanks for the heads up on this new show.

  3. Love Ovation. Have no idea who Mick Rock is, though. Then or now. Well, ok, now. Love Ovation!

  4. I’m always looking for new music to listen to, but never know where to look. Thanks for sharing these picks!

  5. I feel like I have missed out on a part of life by not knowing about this guy before. I will definitely be watching the shows to fast forward my education!

  6. I love music. I’ve never heard of this guy either! Time to further my education.

  7. I just journeyed across the US with my iPod and my favorite tunes new and old, and bizarre, including the likes of the Tom Tom Club and Tennessee Ernie Ford…

    I loved Dave Grohl doing his town to town thing on HBO (it was HBO wasn’t it?) and I will definitely have to check this out. I’m a sucker for a good cause.

  8. I love your iPod too! It seems to know not just what you want and need but also has played the right songs for road trips and chats. Redemtion Song will always be one of my all time favorites. Yes, it all takes me back and then some! Thank you for the sweet smiles Lois!

  9. I feel awful. I keep seeing Mick Rock mentioned and I have no idea who he is! I’m not familiar with rock music (im a pop/boy band girl) so that could be why but now i’m off to check this out! I dont know much about Bowie either, boy am I missing out!

  10. What a fun way to learn more about music. It will cool to see some conversations with these great musicians.

  11. I have never heard of Mick Rock! Great list of songs here.

  12. I love making playlists too. One of my favorite things to do in the car is to listen to them on the way home from work.

  13. Never heard of him but then again there’s lots of artists I’ve never heard of.

  14. Blondie was awesome and I love that song by Queen. My husband & I used it in our wedding video.

  15. I like those songs. I can totally get into them. Josh Groban, a little slow and sad.

  16. This show sounds really cool. I like Lady Marmalade too, it would be hard to pick some favorites. I have such a varied taste in music from Beethoven to Linkin Park to Eminem to Brad Paisley.

  17. I am not sure why I had not heard of him before. This sounds like a great show.

  18. Sounds like a series my husband should see. He will love this. I have never heard of Ovation TV before. Where have I been? I love your playlist. We have a lot of the same taste in music.

  19. I am out of the loop on this one so thanks for the education, Lois. I never heard of Mick! Will have to keep my eyes (and ears) open!

  20. I JUST heard of Mick Rock recently and it was about this series! But I will admit I have never heard most of these songs. Except lady marmalade of course!

  21. I have to watch this! I have no clue who he is but the other artist you mentioned have definitely been top favorites for me.

  22. I have not heart of Mick Rock until now. He is one lucky guy to be able to take photos of famous musicians. I guess I will have to read more about him and check out Ovation.

  23. This is my first time hearing of Mick Rock. It seems like he has quite the collection available though.

  24. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    This is a great playlist. Heroes by David Bowie is one of my favorite songs.

  25. I have never heard of Mick Rock before but do know a few of his songs. I love Lady Marmalade and yes, I always thought I was being saucy and sassy when I would sing it.

  26. How fun. Like Rachee, I love Lady Marmalade too (and we’ve ALL sung that one in a sassy manner). 😉 🙂

  27. I really had no clue who this guy was, but how awesome! I just put all of my songs into one playlist.

  28. Melissa Smith says:

    Mick Rock sounds like the guy that everybody knows, but doesn’t know! LOL
    & I’m loving your playlist!!!

  29. I feel bad that I never heard of Mick Rock before today. You music collection is awesome!

  30. Ive never heard of Mick Rock before. That music collecton looks good.

  31. Jennifer Williams says:

    I will have to check this out. I am horrible when it comes to music – have been listening to the same playlist for running for over a year. It might be time to at least add some songs to it!

  32. I am loving your song list.You’re My Best Friend by Queen is one of favorite songs as well.

  33. Megan @ C'mon Get Crafty says:

    Great playlist! I’m a sucker for that Josh Groban song too!

  34. I honestly never heard of Mick Rock before but I love all the artisis on your list and really enjoy behind the scenes pieces like this. Will surely check it out.

  35. Music is always my passion. This sounds like such a great organization and looks like a fun way to know more about music. I don’t know much about Mick Rock but your playlist looks interesting!

  36. Sounds like a great show .Can’t wait to watch the interview with the Flaming Lips

  37. Sorry but I’ve never heard of this artist before. Will have to explore further with this post as a guide. 🙂

  38. David Bowie and Queen are definitely on my list!

  39. This is quite a list. Some I have never heard of. I will look into them. Heroes is the perfect song for what happened and for what is still happening today.

  40. My favorite: You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban – And I just watched Josh’s story on “Who Do You Think You Are”. Very interesting….

  41. Interesting mix in your playlist. I haven’t heard of Mick Rock before but I bet he has some really interesting stories to tell.

  42. I’ve never heard of him before, but I love music so I’ll check it out.

  43. OvationTV has some really great shows this summer, two new cooking shows and now this!

  44. I haven’t heard of Mick Rock before but love the concept of a music show. Thanks for sharing!

  45. You’ve got some great taste in music – I love Redemption Song by Marley and Heroes by Bowie too. One of my favourite Bowie songs is Life on Mars.
    I would love this show. So much history with this one person – Imagine the stories!

  46. sounds like a great show! i love that time warp was on your playlist!! 😛 there was one halloween i wanted to dress up as columbia, but it just never worked out! i’m obsessed with making playlists too (usually on spotify). where do you make yours?

  47. Mick Rock looks awesome for his age! Rock on!

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