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Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesdays

I was so sad when Jen Kehl announced that today would be the last Twisted Mixtape Tuesday for a while. Granted, I only discovered it a few months ago and have missed many weeks along the way, but being part of this passionate-about-music group has been such a great and meaningful experience.

As someone who remembers the events of her life by the songs that were playing at the time, I’ve loved putting together playlists for the weekly theme. I’ve also loved reading everyone else’s lists and downloading lots of new songs — or ones I’ve just forgotten about — on to my iPod.

This week, we’re talking songs about saying goodbye – even though I hope this is only a see ya later. The theme is, appropriately, Missing You, which, Jen, I will.

Here Without You by 3 Doors Down –  I love the lyrics, I love the chorus, I love the way they sing, “When  the last one falls, when it’s all said and done …” Yes, I am a song dork. And I also really love their other Missing You song, Landing in London, and the line, “All I think about is you.” Sigh.

Bright Lights by Matchbox Twenty – I’m a big Matchbox Twenty fan, and I think this is one of their best. The line, “Some things you don’t need until they leave you, then they’re things that you miss,” gets me every time.

I Will Always Return by Bryan Adams – I know this is getting a little sappy now and I’m kind of mortified that I’m using a song from a Disney animated movie I must have seen when I was reviewing movies for NickJr.com, but I am making the same promise to Jen as … one of these horses promises the other? Whatever. To you, I will always return.

The Load Out/Stay by Jackson Browne – Best tribute to the roadies, the fans, the people who make concerts such incredible experiences. “And when that last guitar’s been packed away, you know that I still want to play …”

And now, here we are, at the last song of the final Twisted Mixtape Tuesday. All that’s left to do is send out a big hug to Jen for keeping the music alive and reminding all of us of its power to bring us together. I titled this post “and in the end” after the Beatles’ song, and it segues perfectly into Jewel’s “aha”-moment-lyric, “in the end, only kindness matters.” Yes.

So, to Jen, with love and gratitude for all your support, encouragement and Twitter tags, this one’s for you. xoxo

Kind and Generous by Natalie Merchant


  1. Great mix tape! A couple of my fav’s are on this list too.

  2. Love your song choices!

    I don’t know if I ever thanked you for turning me on to this blog hop.if I didn’t, please allow me to take this opportunity to do so. Thank you, Lois!

    • Lois Alter Mark says:

      You’re welcome, and so happy you joined in too!

      • Not only did I join in — I’m going to host my own hop while Jen is on hiatus. F you get a chance, check out my TMTT entry for this week. The MusicAtoZ details can be found there!

        And, I forgot to give you a high five on the Jackson! I’m happy to report that I will be seeing him perform live and acoustic with John Fogarty in August. Woo-hoo!

  3. I had to include 3 Doors Down in my mix, too. I love belting out the song, only to realize midway through a verse that i don’t actually know the words.

    • Lois Alter Mark says:

      Ha ha! I do the same thing and, according to the lyrics sites, I don’t have all the lyrics right here. But that’s how I sing it and that’s how it makes sense to me, so there you go!

  4. Bianca @ Rant Rave Crave says:

    I’ve always liked Bright Lights & dammit, that animated horsey music video got me all misty eyed. Who the heck is cutting onions over here?

  5. very nice ‘final’ mix tape… a perfect example of what has made this a very cool ‘hop

  6. I am amazed at how many people mentioned the twitter tags. I always do it really fast so I don’t worry that I’m annoying people. But everyone has thanked me for it. It’s funny, honestly, I didn’t realize that this meant as much to everyone as it did to me. I got so caught up in the “business” I didn’t know how to get back to the passion.
    This list is really perfect and the songs really spoke to me, I read 3 whole posts today without crying and YOU RUINED IT! I mean that in the sweetest way… how can I say how much it means to me that this hop touched so many people. You know how when you are young and in love you wonder if the other person thinks about you when you’re not around? I started thinking no one thought of me when I wasn’t around…..
    I PROMISE YOU we will be back in the fall with a new and improved mixtape! Once a month will make it easier for all of us, easier for me to keep loving it….
    I can’t stop listening to Matchbox 20 right now which is why I’m still typing.
    Thank you for caring enough to be sappy, for seeing me. xoxo

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