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set your dvr for “versailles” on ovation tv


When Michael and I visited Versailles a few years ago (note: that is not us in the photo above; ha ha ha!) we were blown away by its over-the-top opulence.

There is nothing subtle or understated about the lush gardens, the sensual fabrics, the dazzling jewels and the endless gold everywhere you look.

We loved learning about the palace’s rich (literally) history and listening to stories that took us back in time and set our imaginations running wild.

So, when Ovation TV invited me to write a sponsored post about Versailles, its new series which premieres Saturday, October 1 at 10 p.m., I pulled out our vacation photos and started daydreaming about Michael and me scampering hand in hand through the magnificent Hall of Mirrors. (Note: That’s not us in this picture, either!)


I am so excited because I love period dramas and this one joins shows like The Tudors, which is also available on Ovation. (You can check to see what channel Ovation’s on in your zip code by clicking here.)

Here’s the official synopsis: “At 28, King Louis XIV of France commissions Versailles, the most beautiful palace in Europe, which serves as the King’s gilded prison – keeping his friends close and enemies closer. Enter a world of untold wealth, power, and passion. Where love and lust are just a heartbeat away from deceit and betrayal. Experience Versailles in all its brutal glory. Only on Ovation.”

Ooh, doesn’t that sound good? I know what I’ll be doing on Saturday nights for the next ten weeks.

I’ll be drooling over the costumes, the sets, George Blagden, Alexander Vlahos …

George Blagden, Versailles


Sorry, I forgot where I was for a minute.

You may know Blagden, who plays the Sun King himself — Louis XIV — from Vikings, and Vlahos — who plays the king’s younger brother, Philippe — from the BBC’s Merlin.

Doesn’t it look juicy? Versailles is the kind of show I can see myself getting completely lost in, and being distraught when the 10-episode season is over.

And guess what? You can enter to win a trip to the real Versailles to live out your own fantasy just by visiting the Versailles website.

I am so entering that contest because I’d like to actually post a picture of Michael and me looking lovingly at each other as we run barefoot through the Hall of Mirrors.

Stay tuned.

And don’t forget to set your DVR! 10 p.m. on Saturday, October 1 on Ovation TV.


  1. I have never heard of Ovation TV before this — so I had never heard about Versailles. But, sounds like a great show. I loved Downton Abbey and Poldark. This sounds similar. Thanks!

  2. I need another show to get hooked on like I need a hole in the head *looks up how to subscribe to Ovation* Looks like a great way to learn some history and be entertained at the same time.

  3. I’m really looking forward to this one and yes, definitely juicy! I’m binging The Tudors now, wow it’s brutal, exhaustiing and good.

  4. I so want to see this. I love anything and everythign from this time period. this sounds like it will be so good. Take me away my lord.

  5. Ohh. I want to go. Can I can I?? I would so watch this. My husband and I agree on very little with TV, but this would work well.

  6. OOOH this looks awesome. I’m into Outlander on Starz so this looks like it will fit right in. I’m going to set an alarm now to watch it! 🙂 Thanks for the heads up! (We’ll have to discuss after)

  7. I also loved The Tudors so I’ll have to check this out. But I’m not sure if I have Ovation TV? I’ve never heard of that before.

  8. Yes, agreed I love the fashions, fabrics, gardens and property, in these period dramas. Downton Abbey was very good although they used language that wasn’t around then.

  9. I have heard of this show and you have made it even more tempting! lol fun post!

  10. I remember the first time I visited Versailles, I was in awe the entire time. I will be looking for Ovation TV so I can DVR the show.

  11. I enjoyed The Tudors too, so this looks to be right up my alley. So glad I came across this blog post!

  12. Ashley Mullins says:

    I’ll have to look up Ovation TV. Never heard of it. But this looks good! I’m with you, I love period dramas!

  13. This sounds like it will be so good and I’m really looking forward to seeing this one!

  14. I don’t watch much TV outside of ABC Thursday’s. So I’ve never heard of this show but I will definitely be on the look out for it! Best of luck to winning the contest and getting your photo with Michael !!

  15. I have always wanted to visit Versailles. This show sounds right up my alley. I can’t wait!

  16. This looks like the kind of series I would like. Lush scenery, directions and manly eye candy.

  17. This sounds really good! Im not sure I have space or time to add it to my DVR, I need to watch the ones I’m already recording!

  18. I don’t think we have ovation TV. This show sounds amazing and the male lead is pretty cute!

  19. Thanks for the tip! I have never watched Ovation TV. I definitely would love this show…the sets are so opulent and I do love the clothes in period dramas. I find this era so fascinating and romantic. I close my eyes on the violence.

  20. Marie Betts-Johnson says:

    You bring it to life Lois and I will check out Ovation TV. Just signed up for the trip to Versailles! To get ready for the Hall of Mirrors (hope you and Michael can come too) I’m off to powder my wig, tighten my stays and eat cake!

    Marie Antoinette of tennis fame…oh no…wasn’t that “off with their heads!”

  21. Ooh, I bet the show is gorgeous with those sets! I’ve never been to Versailles, but it’s on my bucket list, and the time of the French Revolution is so interesting (as well as sad and scary.)

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