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a special gift from the crafted cup company

The Crafted Cup

Thanks to The Crafted Cup Company for sponsoring this post. 
All opinions are, as always, 100% mine.

I have no problem finding great gifts for the women in my life, yet it seems like I’m always struggling to find something interesting for the guys.

I want a gift that’s unique yet practical – something personal that makes the recipient feel like I picked it out just for him.

So I was excited when The Crafted Cup Company, makers of the finest handmade tankards and mugs, invited me to review one of their gorgeous pewter tankards – because as soon as I saw them, I knew they would be perfect for our friend Dan.

Crafted Cup

The Crafted Cup Company believes that great craft beers deserve to be enjoyed in equally great craft vessels, whether they’re pewter tankards or ceramic mugs. (They even have Mint Julep Cups!)

Dan believes this, too. He’s been brewing beer at home for 25 years, and we distinctly remember him once telling us, “You drink with your eyes first, so the presentation is important.” (Okay, he’s told us this way more than once.)

We spent a lot of time on The Crafted Cup Company website, admiring all the amazing options and trying to choose the ideal one for him. We knew he would love the 19 ounce Stout Tankard because 1) he’s a big stout fan 2) it’s stunning!

Handcrafted from a single disk of superior grade lead-free pewter, it’s so unique that the company warns it may actually be too unique for traditionalists who want a classic tankard shape!

That sounded very appealing to us. In fact, when it arrived, I was glad we had opted to have it engraved with Dan’s name because I was very tempted to keep it for myself. It’s so simple yet sophisticated, and I would love to display a set of these tankards on our kitchen shelf.

Crafted Cup engraving

But, alas, we packed it up and presented it to Dan at dinner the other night. He was smitten.

In fact, he was so happy with it, he whipped up some of his delicious home-brewed beer for us. And now we just may have to buy a couple of tankards for ourselves.

Crafted Cup

Thankfully, The Crafted Cup Company is offering Midlife at the Oasis readers a special 15% discount right in time for the holidays. It’s good for every single item, and even includes free standard shipping. This is a great time to buy gifts for the hard-to-shop-for people on your list – and to stock up for your own holiday entertaining.

Just head to The Crafted Cup Company website and type in code OASIS when you check out. The code is good until December 31, 2017 – but don’t wait!

If you can check the most challenging people off your list first, you’ll have lots of time to relax with a drink in your own beautiful tankard from The Crafted Cup Company this holiday season!

Note: So it turns out that pewter is pretty difficult to photograph — but I assure you the engraving, in person, looks stunning!


  1. Oh what a great gift idea. I bought a specially made leather one for my husband a few years ago and he loves it but we could definitely use a few different ones

  2. This looks like a great cup! I’ve not seen one like that before, but I will have to check out the company.

  3. What a wonderful gift idea! Thanks for sharing!

  4. That’s a really nice cup and something I think my husband would like. I will have to get it for his stocking.

  5. You really did find a perfect gift for Dan that he will use and appreciate. And he will think of you and your generosity every time he uses it.

  6. Dan looks very happy! I’d love to personally own one of those, I bet they keep beers nice and ice cold.

  7. I 100% feel ya on the struggle to find the perfect gift for men. I already started brainstorming ideas for what to get my boyfriend because I know if I wait till the last minute, I won’t be inspired by anything. I’m a huge fan of personalized gifts, and my boyfriend is a huge fan of craft beer, so I’m excited to check out this site!

  8. Thanks for the discount code! I think my husband would like one of these for Christmas.

  9. What a great gift idea. I 100% agree that finding a right gift for men is a lot harder than for women. My partner is a coffee addict, and I am thinking to buy a personalized coffee mug for him.

  10. I am in love with this cup. So wonderful that you found an amazing gift idea! I can use this discount code.

  11. Dawn Nieves says:

    This is such a great gift idea! I know a few people who would love this! Thanks for sharing!

  12. These look so awesome and unique. They would definitely make some great gifts.

  13. That is a cool cup! I’ll have to check them out, I know some big Moscow mule lovers!

  14. Oh this is fantastic! I know my husband would love a cup like this. Thanks for the gift idea.

  15. Great gift idea! I always struggle trying to pick out gifts for guys; I never know what they would want/like! I’ll have to check this out.

  16. That is one sharp cup! I will definitely consider this for a gift gifting idea. I may not drink but I think it would carry my cocoa well!

  17. Jack bransson says:

    This looks great cup, would definitely be a prefect gift for my cousin, he wanted to try a new different one.

  18. Nice this is a perfect gift for the holidays…I have plenty of people who would love this one!

  19. What a beautiful cup! I have a few friends who would love one of these as a gift!

  20. That’s a good looking cup. It would be the perfect man gift. It looks solid and is probably a little hefty too? A nice strong looking sophisticated cup! Do I have to give a gift of beer with the cup?

  21. This is such a pretty cup! I love that it is engraved that makes it such a special item. This would be a great gift!

  22. That’s a seriously cool looking cup! I have loads of different ones in my cupboard, but nothing like this 🙂

    Louise x

  23. That looks beautiful and unique. You should get one for yourself too so you both can have matching cups!

  24. What a beautiful cup seems really sturdy too! I know a few women in my life who may even like one 😉 ha I know a lot of guys too. Wonderful gift idea!

  25. What a great gift idea and so unique. I like gifts that are personalized and picked just for the right person.

  26. What a neat idea! I’m not a beer drinker but I can think of a few people who would love this!

  27. It is always so tough to shop for men! I always have a hard time finding unique gifts for my husband! But I think that this is spot on as far as a gift for a man.

  28. What a lovely cup and such a good gift idea! Like you were saying, finding gifts for females is relatively easy but I am always struggling with gifts for the males in my life. I love that you can personalize it too! I am all about personalization!

  29. He seems to be enjoying it to the fullest!! I love that you can add their name to it!

  30. I am a firm believer that every great brew should begin with a great cup! Maybe it is just me but I think it really brings out the taste. Although this looks like it would make a great gift, I think I will just pick one up for my own personal use 🙂

  31. Wow! What a great cup! I am sure my husband will love this. Thanks for sharing.

  32. This would make a great gift for my husband. Thought I was all set until I clicked, and they don’t ship to the UK.

  33. What a unique and awesome gift idea. I know lots of people who would love this as a gift. Thanks for sharing! I cant wait to browse their website

  34. just loved the gifting idea

  35. What a lovely gift idea! I love making holiday gift baskets and this would be a great way to throw in a little something personal.

  36. I love those! I would love to receive one as a gift 😉 haha

    Sondra xx

  37. Thanks, Lois. I can cross a few names off my gift list – they will love this.

  38. I love personalized gift. This is going to be a great gift for many men who are hard to shop for!

  39. I totally get where you’re coming from when you say you struggle with the gifts for the guys in your life – I do too! I reckon my little brother would love this cup for his coffee xx

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