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Earth Footwear

As I’ve gotten older, shoes have become more important than ever to me.

I’m so done with Barbie doll heels, and I panic whenever I need to get even remotely dressed up because it’s became really hard to find nice shoes that don’t hurt my feet.

So when I was offered the chance to review a pair of shoes from Earth Footwear’s fall/winter 2014 Earth Collection, I immediately agreed. Not only are most of the shoes under $100 (hello, second pair!) but each style is packed with these amazing features: a cushioned footbed for comfort, a padded heal area to displace shock, a reinforced arch support to stabilize the foot, and a multi-density latex cushioning layer for extra support.

Honestly, I just breathed a sigh of relief reading all of that.

Of course, none of that would matter as much if the shoes didn’t look so good.

I chose Maize in black brush off leather because I love wearing black tights or socks with black shoes for a smooth line. I’ve already worn them not just for “dressier” events but to movie screenings, to a press conference where I had to stand for an hour and a half, and to a restaurant to which I had to walk practically half a mile from the only parking spot I could find. On all of these occasions, I never even thought about my feet.


I’ve gotten lots of compliments on these shoes, which are inspired by vintage men’s loafers but have a sophisticated, feminine silhouette that definitely puts a spring in my step. The leather lining is glove-soft, and I’m thrilled to be able to wear shoes instead of my go-to sneakers.

In fact, I’m so happy with these shoes, I’m thinking of getting the Bellwether flats as well. What I love about Earth Footwear, besides the fact that they look and feel great, is that you can just order them online – they run true to size – and shipping and returns are free. It was so exciting to open my mail and see this:

Earth Footwear box

Best of all, Earth Footwear isn’t just about soles; it’s also about soul. The company plants trees, gets involved in community and gives back — and that’s really important to me. You can read more about their philanthropic efforts here.

And be sure to sign up for the Earth Footwear newsletter here so you’ll automatically be entered in the monthly shoe giveaway. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for the latest styles and news.

Then, stop sitting around admiring your shoes, get up and Walk Your World.

Earth Footwear Maize



  1. That’s a very attractive shoe you picked. If it’s as comfortable as you say, I’d like a pair. My feet will thank you!

  2. Those shoes look really comfortable. Having comfortable footwear is really important to me, too!

  3. I love the shoes you chose. Black and dressy but can also be casual if needed.

  4. Nothing better then comfortable shoes especially if you have to walk or stand all day.

  5. Susan Jensen says:

    I will definitely be heading to a store to try on a pair!

  6. My sister and best friend both make fun of me because heeled loafers are my favorite shoes. I need to buy some of those because they look good AND comfortable! And shout-out to a fellow mid-lifer!! Woo-hoo!!

  7. Those are good looking! That’s not always the case with comfortable shoes. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love Earth shoes. 🙂

  9. Comfy shoes are a must for me. And being past “foo foo” shoes does have to mean boring – crazy socks can add character, but with attractive shoes like this, those are less necessary

  10. These are really great looking and comfy, too! I like that combo!

  11. I signed up quickly for the newsletter, I am also a lover of quality, comfortable shoes. No more stilettos for me, either. I have a few pair of good looking SAS but these are really cute and I’m going to be buying some, never fear! Thank you!

  12. I learned a new brand and signed up for their newsletter too! Those look like great shoes.

  13. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Comfortable shoes are a must for me. I’m going toms he k these out ASAP!

  14. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Comfortable shoes are a must for me. I’m going to check these out ASAP!

  15. These look like very comfortable shoes. I am on my fee all day but nursing shoes are what i spend my day in! My mom might like these she doesn’t do heels anymore either.

  16. I so agree with you about choosing comfort over sky high heels any day of the week. It’s great when the shoes are good looking AND comfy like this!

  17. Comfortable shoes are a priority to me too, now that I’m getting some age on me. They have to be good looking too though, so you’ve got a win-win here!

  18. Those are really cute and stylish. They look comfortable too!

  19. They look great! I need to pay more attention to my shoes. I go from flip flips to uggs to winter boots. I need a good sturdy shoe to add I think!

  20. These shoes sound incredibly comfortable! I love that the company gives back to the community.

  21. Hum this is a find. I have not seen any styles before.They look nice.

  22. Comfy shoes rule! Thanks for sharing this find with us.

  23. Amanda Love says:

    Those are some snazzy footwear. My mother loves these kind of shoes maybe I should get her a pair.

  24. I have been wearing “geriatric shoes” for a couple of years due to plantar faciatis. hard to find cute pairs like this

  25. I swear I remember wearing Earth shoes in the 70s and they were Soooo comfy!

  26. These shoes look so comfortable.. I am over the uncomfortable ones.

  27. These are really cute! I bet they would be great for me with my arthritis and plantar fasciitis.

  28. Save the earth. They look amazing as well.

  29. Those shoes look great! Also, when I first saw your picture, I thought the elephant trunk was some sort of hat! =D

  30. Comfortable shoes have become more than essential for me. My right foot has been numb for years and my balance is off, so I live for comfort! I need to check these out. They also look fabulous. Thanks for letting me know!

  31. These shoes look comfortable but pretty at the same time!

  32. Those are some really cute shoes! I’m all about comfortable footwear now, too.

  33. I love earth shoes. They are sooo comfy!

  34. I will have to indefinably have to check out the brand. I have such a hard time finding comfortable shoes because I have such a wide food. But I have to confess I do still do the “Barbie” doll heel sometimes!

  35. They look comfy for sure and I like the little heel. That always makes pants sit nicer.

  36. Those look super comfy! I need to try these for sure.

  37. Comfortable shoes is a must! Especially when you are on your feet all day.

  38. It’s hard to find a good quality pair of comfortable shoes that still look nice! I like these!

  39. Comfortable shoes are a must but wow they look so good as well! x

  40. Those shoes you chose are awesome! I love that you can dress them up or wear them with jeans. I need new shoes so bad comfort is the biggest issue with me when I am trying on shoes, will have to check these out!

  41. Those shoes look very comfortable. I like the looks of them too.

  42. I really like Earth Footwear and I really dig the style you chose. I may have to look into a pair for myself. Thanks for sharing!

  43. Those look like very comfortable shoes, I would love to wear them!

  44. Ooooh….! I am going to check these out! I have so very few shoes these days because I have a hard time finding ones that are comfortable and don’t make me want to hide my feet! Thanks for introducing me to these Lois!

  45. Menswear inspired shoes are very chic this fall. These look great.

  46. I would love these. I have always had a love affair with shoes but since being diagnosed with RA in 2011. I haven’t been able to wear many besides my sneakers. I would love to have pretty shoes again! Can’t wait to check these out!

  47. Elizabeth Towns says:

    How cool. My big sister’s first choice in shoes was always earth. She is the kid who never wanted shoes on, even when driving a car or working in the yard. When she wore them, earth shoes fit her well. I like quite a few pair at earth footwear.

  48. Comfort is really what matters. I am still flirting with dangerously uncomfortable stilettos. At least for the next few years 🙂

  49. Oh I love those in brown! I had never heard of them before. I totally get what you are saying. Because of my circulation issues I am not supposed to wear heels. They are so pretty though.

  50. I can definitely relate to wanting to be comfortable!

  51. I loved the pair you picked! They look great & probably are really comfy, too!

  52. I totally agree about the older you get the more comfortable shoes you want. I have never worn Earth Footwear before – I like their styles.

  53. I love the look of those shoes as well and appreciate that the company puts in an effort to better their environment. I’m definitely going to look for them when I need shoes, which is now..

  54. Shoes are important and good looks are important as well. For me, comfort is the most important quality in shoes.

  55. I’m over heels. I just can’t commute to the city with sneakers in my backpack. I rather just leave my home with comfortable shoes and call it a day. Those look super comfortable. Definitely my style.

  56. Not my personal style, but they’re actually pretty cute. One of those, “I like them, but would never wear them” type things. They do look comfy though!

  57. These are cute! I’d totally wear them with jeans and feel so comfy from what you’ve said! Bonus!

  58. I love the look of these shoes. It is important to have great fitting shoes. It is worth paying a little extra to have a great fitting and comfortable pair of shoes.

  59. I am all about the comfortable shoes now too! I love how high heels look but they are so hard on my feet!

  60. I would love a pair of these! They look so comfy, and sleek too.

  61. Our feet definitely deserve some good loving comfort too.

  62. Comfy and reasonably priced! Looks like a win-win to me! Great find!

  63. I am all about the comfort of my shoes and the style comes second. So when I can find shoes that are both, they are a win

  64. I love the look of these shoes! Like you said, as I’ve gotten older, footwear has to be comfortable too and not only look good. These are stylish and easy on the feet looking!

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