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KN Sweepstakes

How can you not adore someone who believes the best moments in life are experienced in pajamas?

I’ve been a fan of KN Karen Neuburger since my friend (!), Oprah, touted them as her favorite pajamas and gave them away on her first “Favorite Things” show.

As any of us who work at home know, there is nothing better than spending the day in your pajamas. Because she understands this completely, KN Karen Neuburger designs all day sleepwear that you will just want to live in. And you can. These pieces look so good, you can feel comfortable wearing them anywhere.

This holiday season, the company will be giving away the KN Family Kitchen Cookbook as a free gift with purchase, and your personal recipe just may be featured in it! Plus, one grand prize winner will also receive a trip to one of my favorite places in the world, Miraval Resort and Spa in Tucson, Arizona. My husband and I live in our robes there!

To enter the KN Family Kitchen Sweepstakes, all you have to do is submit a unique recipe on their website. The contest ends on September 15 so get your recipe in now. I can’t think of a better place to hang out in pajamas than Miraval.

KN pajamasBecause I don’t cook, KN Karen Neuburger has generously offered to give away a pair of pajamas to me and one Midlife at the Oasis reader. I love that I can be twinsies with one of you! I chose the Ditsy Print Girlfriend Style Pajama Set because they’re adorable and, well, the name seemed totally fitting.

We can have a Google hangout together in our pjs!

For a chance to win these cuties, simply leave a comment below. For a second chance to win, Tweet this:

Contest ends on September 15 at midnight Pacific time. Winner will be notified by return email, and prize can only be sent to a U.S. mailing address.


  1. I *love* my KN Karen Neuberger jammies I recently received. So soft and comfy. Good luck to one and all entering to win. You will love them!

  2. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Hey, I’m ditsy, too. We can be twinsies online or off! I love jammies!

  3. I could use some new jammies! The cold weather is coming and those will keep me nice and toasty!

  4. We have full on pajama days in our house. It’s a winter thing and typically the day after Christmas, NY Day and any other time I can swing it.

  5. I love spending the day in my PJ’s. This is a great giveaway. (And I don’t really cook that much either ) 🙂

  6. What cute pajamas! I need new ones so badly and these I love. Thanks for showing them to us. 🙂

  7. Nothing like a great pair of KN PJs. I love staying in PJs all day, although hubby gets dressed IMMEDIATELY!

  8. I would love a pair of these jammies!! They are adorable! I wouldn’t mind a break from it all either! The only time I ever hung out all day in my PJs was at the Mirbeau Spa and it was DIVINE!!!

  9. These PJ’s look divine! And I certainly wouldn’t mind a vacation in Arizona either!

  10. There is nothing better to me than knowing I don’t have to leave the house for any reason and I can stay in my PJ’s all day ~ Best feeling ever!

  11. I am so ditzy I left the house today excited for my haircut and as I was talking to my niece promptly stated where are we going? Oh boy I think I need a day home lounging in these great Pjs xxo

  12. I will most gladly be your twin! Then, my life would be complete. 🙂

  13. I need new jammies to snuggle up in. These look wonderful.

  14. Okay, I am going to PRAY that I win these. Because I (a) love my pj’s (2) live in my pj’s (3) work best in my pj’s and (4) in the winter don’t feel like getting dressed when it’s cold outside so I stay in my pj’s. Did I mention I’d love to win these?

    And of course I’d love to do a G+ hangout with you in our twinsy pj’s.

  15. Not sure if I could ever give up my flannel pj’s with little piggies eating ice cream (does it get any better?). Perhaps we should all have a pj party on G+!

  16. You mean I have permission to stay in my PJ all day? I do work from home and I do tend to wear yoga pants and tshirts because they are comfortable. These jammies are adorable.

  17. I love wearing KN Karen Neuburger PJ’s – I am wearing them right now 🙂 They are the softest PJ’s made!

  18. Give me a pair of comfortable Pajamas and I am in heaven. I have never tried kn Karen Neuburger PJs but you have me very interested.

  19. I love sitting in my home in my pajamas! It’s so much more comfortable.

  20. My favorite days are the ones where I grab my cup of tea and walk across the hall to my office in my comfy pj’s and spend the entire day writing and reading. I would love to try these pj’s, I have never heard of them.

  21. Jessica @EatSleepBe says:

    If I were a halfway decent cook I would absolutely submit a recipe. Instead I’ll pass this along to a good cook friend and I’ll hope that she takes me if she wins!

  22. These are adorable! I’ve never tried them before but they look perfect for my “pj days!”

  23. I’d love to win! I love those PJs

  24. Never heard of them, but I am definitely checking into a pair. Nothing feels as comfortable as spending an entire Sunday in pjs.

  25. Those pajamas are absolutely adorable! I don’t own any but I think I need to.

  26. I would love to get these pj’s they are so cute and look so comfortable! Adding these to my Christmas list!!

  27. If only there were more “pajama days” on my calendar. If I win, I promise to pencil one in! 🙂

  28. I do pajama days as I put on pajamas when I wake up. ;-p a pajama hangout – love it.

  29. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Do you believe I do not own pajamas? I have a few summer night gowns but no pajama sets..I’m missing out big time!

  30. Those look like some comfy pjs! I’m def going to enter this one 🙂

  31. I love my pj’s I need to get me a pair of these.

  32. I could use some PJ’S. They will keep me warm and cozy

  33. This is my first time hearing of this brand. However, I love jammies. +

  34. I think I need to get me some of these jammies. Sound awesome.

  35. What pretty pj’s. Love the pattern and the colors.

  36. Love your profile photo 😀 Thought you were wearing a hat but when the pic turned blurry to clear, it’s funny that it’s an elephants trunk! Love this set of PJ’s looks comfy!

  37. I had never heard of Karen Neubeuger. I want to get one of her awesome looking pj’s

  38. So wish I could win this cute pjs! A Google hang out in our pjs would be so much fun! =)

  39. Easiest contest I’ve ever entered! And it’s time for me to win something… haven’t won anything since I won that great trip to Bermuda two years ago.

  40. I can’t remember the last day I got to spend in my pajamas 🙁 But these are really cute!

  41. I don’t have any KN Karen Neuberger jammies and now I want some very badly. I’m a new mom and I live in my jammies. I need good ones. LOL!

  42. Pick me!! I love kn!!

  43. I would love to win these pajamas! I practically live in my pajamas. Benefit of working from home.

  44. I have KN pajamas and socks, and I love the line. I definitely need to enter that contest!

  45. These pyjamas are gorgeous! I’ll bet they’re incredibly comfortable, too.

  46. Oh how fun! I just LOVE pajamas!

  47. I love that your bestie, Oprah, let you in on her favorite PJ secret. Days lounging about are my favorite thing to do, in fact, I’ve worn out many of my jammies. I’m tossing my slippers into the ring to perhaps win a new pair.

  48. I love these pj’s and we all know I ruined my favorite pair jumping into the lake for Alzheimer’s! I desperately need a new pair!

  49. I just tweeted and followed. Crossing my fingers to win, thanks for hosting!!

  50. I’m diggin’ those jammies for sure!

  51. Stacie Gorkow @SincerelyStacie says:

    KN Pj’s are the BEST!

  52. I haven’t heard of this brand before but it looks a lot like one that I own… and love… that was a gift. (I’m not one to look at labels.) The ones pictured look comfy!

  53. I’ve never been a fan of pull Pjs, but these look comfy! I think I may be changing my views on PJs.

  54. I love those PJs. I really need some new sets for fall/winter.

  55. I love wearing KN pj’s in the fall, but I would be stoked to win a spa trip to Miraval. That would be magical!

  56. Nice! What an awesome giveaway. I swear I live in PJs!

  57. Cute pajamas and a great giveaway. I usually don’t like to sleep in too much clothes though

  58. Melissa Smith says:

    A cookbook, jammies & the spa…I’m in heaven right now just thinking about it. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  59. I love a good pair of jammies! I wish it wasn’t frowned upon at my office!

  60. I have heard such great things about these pj’s! I am definitely adding them to my Christmas wishlist this year!

  61. Peggy Rydzewski says:

    These would be perfect for my day off from work in other words..Jammie day..

  62. I need some Karen Neuburger pajamas! I would be real comfy in them.

  63. Suzanne Timmsen says:

    Karen Neuburger pajama’s are the best.

  64. I love my PJ’s and these look extra comfy

  65. fran pillersdorf says:

    Need new PJ’s!!

  66. I have a thing for pjs…can’t resist buying the really nice comfy ones. My hubby has purchased a couple KN pajamas for me over the last few Christmases…love them! Would love to win this set. Thanks for the chance.

  67. Love these pajamas!!

  68. Dorothy Deakyne says:

    I Love PJ’s and KN

  69. Phyllis Lamken says:


    awesome prize. Good luck everyone.

  70. they look like the perfect pjs! love!!

  71. I happen to love Karen Neuburger, and being PJ twinsies with you would add a whole new dimension to our friendship! Oh, and a trip to Miraval sounds good too.

  72. I work from home but not usually in my jammies. Maybe all I have been missing is Karen Neuburger PJ’s 😀 It’s the little things in life that teach us about personal care. Maybe for my birthday on Tuesday, 9/16, I’ll try wearing all day 🙂 Thanks for all you do!

  73. Danna Givot says:

    A full day in PJs is my idea of heaven!

  74. On Christmas Day, it’s a tradition (created by my boys) that we stay in jammies all day. They love it.

  75. Those pajamas look divine !

  76. Would LOVE to have a pair that match my bunny slippers!

  77. Those PJs look much more comfy than what I’m wearing now!

  78. Love these Cozy PJs and reading Midlife at the Oasis!

  79. I seriously need to get some pajamas. I just checked out her line and like it.

  80. They are my favorite PJs…. soft and cuddly.

  81. I turned 60 this year and have not had a pair of pajamas since I was a young girl. My sleepwear is a big old t-shirt and a pair of panties. You could pick me and I would get a real pair of pajamas. How fun and dreamy! Since I now work at home, a pair of pajamas would come in handy! We could talk about how much we love and have been inspired by Oprah and “What she knows for sure!” has taught us so much! How fun for both of us and enlightening, too. Hope you have a super day! Many hugs in advance, Lois! Keep up the great blogging and keeping us informed! Hugs!

  82. KN’s are my FAV’s!!

  83. Deborah Anderson says:

    Since I work at home as a freelancer, it’s sheer luxury to be able to spend all day in my pajamas! I’d love to win KN pajamas!

  84. Neysa Whiteman says:

    Hope I win! Better than an old t- shirt and shorts!

  85. I would LOVE to win some new jammies! I have several pairs of ratty looking ones that should have gone into the trash a month or so ago, haha.

  86. Moving into a big old house soon! Gonna need some warmies!!

  87. Tricia Thompson says:

    I work from home and was recently introduced to the concept of “working pajamas” vs. Bedtime pajamas. Essentially, the idea is that to be at my most productive I need to make sure I get dressed everyday. I haven’t tried the theory of having “working” pajamas, but these would be a great way to test it!

  88. Debra Stein says:

    Would love to win these jammies! Im PJs alot with my twin girls, with these i may actually be presentable.

  89. I live a very hectic, stressful life, so I love anything that makes me feel warm and cozy! These pajamas would be wonderful! I haven’t purchased a new pair of pj’s in a very long time. 🙂

  90. Tweet url:


    Thanks for the second chance!

  91. What a fun design. I love cozy pjs

  92. Cynthia Richardson says:

    It would be nice to wear something other than my husband’s old tee shirt.

  93. Cynthia Richardson says:
  94. I just love it when someone even CALLS them Jammies….I love mine, would love to live and work in them if I could (if mine weren’t so disgusting, that is). I hope I will – will retweet 🙂

  95. Theresa Jenkins says:

    I’m a jammy gal, so I’m loving this giveaway

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