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5 truths and a lie by robin kall

Robin Kall Homonoff

I love when my friends decide to play 5 truths and a lie with me! Last year, Madge Stein Woods and Rachel Joyce played along. And now, Robin Kall of Reading with Robin is joining in. Yay!

I met Robin at Book Expo America a year and a half ago. We sat next to each other at an author breakfast and not only became friends within minutes but discovered that we both went to college at the State University of New York at Binghamton. (Okay, she went a couple of years after I did.)

I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know Robin through these stories and then go check out her amazing podcasts, author interviews and book reviews. She is awesome!

1. I would up stranded on a bus for 24 hours because I was watching a wing eating contest.

TRUE. I was taking the bus to Manhattan from SUNY Binghamton but my friends were participating in the wing eating contest in the dining hall. How could I miss that? One of them even threw up. Because I got on a later bus than I was supposed to, we hit a snowstorm about 20 minutes from the George Washington Bridge, and I had to walk far to get to a pay phone. I told my sister we were in a Howard Johnson’s for the night so my mother wouldn’t worry. The truth was we were on that bus until 1 p.m. the next day. By the time I met my parents at their hotel, I was starving and tired and ordered up a bagel with cream cheese and tomatoes. I think it was $14 and I never heard the end of it from my father.

2. I’ve read Pride and Prejudice five times.

FALSE. I figured people would believe that, as a reader, I would have read that book five times!

3. I scratched Glenn Tilbrook’s (the lead singer of Squeeze) back.

TRUE. Also at college at Binghamton, I bid at the carnival auction for front row seats to the Squeeze concert because I was a huge fan. I had a friend who worked for the concert commission and I tried to get a backstage pass but couldn’t. After the concert, I took a few friends and we walked around the gym until we figured out which doors would bring us to the “green room.” We waltzed in there and had cheese and crackers just like the invited guests! You should have seen the look on my friend’s face! We took pictures and Glenn Tilbrook couldn’t get over my really long Long Island nails and asked for a back scratch. I obliged, natch!

4. I kept a pair of earrings from Sex and the City.

TRUE. I was on the set of the movie – the scene at the Carlyle Hotel where SJP and Jennifer Hudson have their conversation at the bar – and my friend and I were invited to be extras and were whisked away to hair and make-up. I had mine done right next to J. Hud! Part of my ensemble included a pair of large silver hoops, which I realized I was still wearing on the way home. The scene would up on the cutting room floor but I still have the earrings!

5. I tried to sell Imus a Beanie Baby on air.

TRUE. I was listening to the Imus Show on the radio one morning and heard him mention he needed the lamb Beanie Baby for Deirdre. I called and thought it would be funny to have him bargain with me even though, of course, I had no intention of selling it because it belonged to my son. He said something about being able to trust me and I mentioned I was from Providence, the home of Mayor Buddy Cianci, who had just been indicted. Imus loved that and the radio station used it as a sound byte for a long time.

6. I told Billy Joel I was more of a Phil Collins fan.

TRUE. This is one of my favorite stories ever. Billy Joel was in Providence for an event, and I told him my college roommate had an enormous poster of him in our dorm room. He knew which poster it was, and told me it was a bootleg. I told him I was a fan of his but was much more of a Phil Collins and Genesis fan. As an aside, I asked him, “Whatever happened to Brenda and Eddie? It’s been 25 years,” and he was like, “Oh, wow, I have no idea. I just made that up!” He thought it was a clever question!


  1. These are the BEST truths. 🙂 The SATC story? Awesome. I love that you still have the earrings.

  2. My track record is so bad with finding lies! But this was a fun post.

  3. Great stories!

  4. As we wave Brenda and Eddy good-bye…..this was fun getting to know your friend. Wish I was at that author breakfast!

  5. Love these and love getting to know a bit more about a long lost friend from middle school.

  6. Hilarious!! Especially the last one with Billy Joel. These are all really cute stories though.

    • hi lesley -so glad you enjoyed the post. i’ve got to dig up the photos from that night. another funny thing was that Emeril lagasse was also at the event and he was trying to get into the conversation and i wasn’t having that 🙂

  7. I love fun fun posts like this. How cool is that to have met Billy Joel.

  8. Such great stories!

  9. I never would have picked that one as being a lie. It just goes to show you can never really tell! What a fun post!

  10. What fun!
    I think I lead a pretty milk toasty life…so I would have to dig real deep to find something good to share!

  11. Oh I love Billy Joel! Super jealous that she got to talk to him.

    • hi aimee -i had him all to myself for about 1/2 an hour. i soaked it all up. we talked Long Island, music. His piano was at the party but he wasn’t planning on playing. Never quite understood that but I did tell him I knew the words too all of his songs if he needed any help…

  12. All these stories are great, what a wonderful and colorful life! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Great stories! 🙂 How exciting to be an extra on Sex in the City.. one of my favorite shows ever. Love the fact that you took the earrings with you – makes for a great story!

    • thanks, Ronnie! It really was a treat. We were there to watch so when we were told to “suit up” it was a surprise and a thrill. Yeah -I’m glad I have those earrings, too!!

  14. LOL… I like that you got to joke around with Billy Joel. Man…. he has an amazing voice.

    • Hi Terry -it was surreal…i kept thinking to myself -OMG i am talking to Billy Joel. wild …love his voice and miss that fabulous sirius channel he had for a few months.

  15. I am really bad at spotting a lie. thought they were all truths!
    great stories

  16. This was such a fun and hilarious post! I completely forgot about Billy Joel heh

  17. What an interesting read! I can’t believe these stories. So cool!

  18. These are really good stories and it was so nice to virtually meet you. I would have loved seeing Billy Joel’s face when you said that to him.
    I wish you and Lois a blessed Thanksgiving!

  19. You lead such an exciting life! What a cool souvenir to get from the SATC set!

  20. Those are all fun stories. always fun to learn something fun like this about fellow bloggers.

  21. What a fun feature!! I have never met Billy Joel but I am more of a phil collins fan too. Haha.

  22. These are great stories. Love that you snuck back into the green room with Squeeze like you belonged there.

  23. I love the idea of this, and I love her answers! Awesome!!!

  24. Now that was interesting to know, haha! The last one made me laugh lol!

  25. I enjoyed getting to know you Robin through these stories. Love that you kept the earrings from SITC!

  26. Hakikah Shamsiden says:

    This is so fun! Think I’ll try it. You’ve had some sweet adventures!

  27. Haha what a great ‘game’ and fab way to find out some more about a person 🙂 x

  28. These are all fun stories! I enjoyed them a lot! I might have to play too!

  29. I absolutely love playing that game! I’ve done some things in my life people wouldn’t believe!

  30. I love your answers. I am jealous you have the earrings from Sex & City. I would love to have them too.

  31. These are awesome truths. I especially like the Billy Joel one 😛

  32. Ah that’s funny! The one that seemed like the obvious truth was fiction. Well played. 🙂

  33. I used to play this game with my friends. It is always fun to figure out the fib.

  34. What I love most about this game are the stories that go along with the “truths”. These are great!

    And, yeah, you really lucked out with a guest post during NaBloPoMo 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • me, too. really got me thinking about stories and storytelling. my kids are always encouraging me to write these down..maybe now i’ve started! and yes -in quite the month!! happy thanksgiving to you, too!

  35. You have lots of cool true stories. What a fun and cool life you live.

  36. Melissa Smith says:

    Great stories! I really love how all of the truths sound off the wall, but the lie sounds completely plausible! LOL

  37. Great idea for a blog post. How cool must those earrings be! Very neat.

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