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The only Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum in the country is located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and it’s a must-visit!

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the kia soul makes it easy to be green

Kia Soul side

Last time I test drove the Kia Soul, I smiled the whole week. I mean, how can you not be happy looking at that cute little car?

I have to admit I hoped I would get a different color this time but, alas, I was destined for the green. Although Kia calls it “Alien,” it did feel very comfy and familiar as soon as I got behind the wheel again.

And I do get the significance of the color because the Soul is “green” in so many ways, like: [Read more…]

2016 kia sorento – the next generation

Kia Sorento '16

It’s no secret I’m a Kia Sorento girl. I’ve made my love affair very public, writing not one, not two but three reviews of the car.

And then I actually put my money where my mouth is and bought one.

So I was thrilled to be able to test the brand new Sorento during our weekend at the Kia Classic. [Read more…]

my weekend at the park hyatt aviara for the kia classic

Kia Classic '15 cars

Two of my all-time favorite cars.

For the past three years, we’ve been lucky enough to get a new Kia to test drive up to the Park Hyatt Aviara for a weekend at the Kia Classic LPGA tournament.

I will write about this year’s model — the 2016 Kia Sorento — separately because, well, you know how much I love the Sorento. But I want to tell you about the Park Hyatt Aviara and the Kia Classic so you can start making plans to come next year. [Read more…]

kia sedona: the grown-up minivan

Kia Sedona in driveway

You would think if we didn’t get a minivan when our kids were little, we certainly wouldn’t be interested in getting one now.

But you’d be wrong.

After driving the Kia Sedona SXL for a week, we’re convinced it’s kind of perfect for this time in our lives. [Read more…]

kia soul: the happy car

Kia Soul married

How cute! The car next to me pretended it had just married my Kia Soul!

I confess. I always kind of made fun of the Kia Soul.

I mean, it was so different and so out there. And using hamsters to sell cars? Come on.

Then I spent a week driving one.

And I would be hanging my head in shame at this moment if I wasn’t so full of that hamster swagger.

I totally get it now. This is not a car in which you feel shame. And that’s awesome. [Read more…]

damn you, kia!

Kia K900 note

I may be writing this post from Utah now. Or Wisconsin. Or even Nashville, Tennessee. I’ll never tell.  [Read more…]