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2016 kia sorento – the next generation

Kia Sorento '16

It’s no secret I’m a Kia Sorento girl. I’ve made my love affair very public, writing not one, not two but three reviews of the car.

And then I actually put my money where my mouth is and bought one.

So I was thrilled to be able to test the brand new Sorento during our weekend at the Kia Classic.

The car was red hot! Literally.

I am so not a red person but I do like the way the color works with the new K900-ish grill of the 2016 Sorento.

Kia Sorento '16 front

And, of course, the beauty of the car is way more than skin deep. Just look at this cushy interior. It’s roomy, plush and so comfortable, even on long drives. To me, it feels like home.

Kia Sorento '16 front seat

Our drive to the Park Hyatt Aviara for the Kia Classic was a short one but the navigation system got us there easily, warning us when we were going to hit traffic and providing clear, easy to understand directions. Trust me, this is a big deal — we have test driven some cars where we had no idea what the GPS was saying and had to turn to our iPhones instead.

Kia Sorento '16 GPSYou know how important music is to me, especially while driving, so I was happy to see that the new Sorento lets you use your finger to scroll down the touchscreen to find the song you want rather than having to hold down the arrows until you get there.

Kia Sorento '16 iPod

There’s supposedly another great feature that not only tells you when and where to fill up (my Sorento does that) but also tells you which station is the cheapest. I haven’t gotten to try that yet because the car has gotten good gas mileage and we still have a quarter of a tank left.

This year’s model has all the features I love in my Sorento, including the blind spot detectors (how can anyone drive without these?!), the panoramic sunroof and the rearview camera.

Kia Sorento '16 rear camera

With three inches added to both the length and wheelbase, the 2016 Sorento is truly bigger and better than ever. There’s room for seven passengers and a whole lot of stuff.

Every parent hopes the next generation will be more successful than their own. As a loyal 2015 Sorento owner, I’m so proud of the 2016, I just may send out birth announcements.


  1. The KIA Sorento was my daughter’s first car, and she loved it!

  2. Another enthusiastic Kia review. The red is red-hot! I like it a whole lot.

  3. The first time I rode in a Kia was a few years ago. My brother’s wife owned one and I loved riding in it. While I don’t own a Kia, I decided to go the mini-van route, I think that when it’s time to trade in my mini-van then this might just be the way for me. I am loving all those features and having a car that tells me when it’s time to fill up and which gas station is cheaper is a win for me. With gas prices being the way they are, who wouldn’t want to save a few dollars filling up?

  4. Now that is nice! I currently am driving a 2003 Durango that has low miles and is in good shape. It is hard for me to get rid of it ( and I do love it) because it only has 60,000 miles on it. However, I do want a car with all the bells and whistles on it. And I would love this car. My husband and I were talking about possibly making a purchase this summer. I will have to make sure he sees this. I love the red too.

  5. This Kia looks like something my mom would drive! She’s always loved red cars.

  6. Kia has definitely come a long way that’s for sure!

  7. Lois Van Dahm says:

    All this and nary a birth pang! And RED to boot (little English there)! I cannot take those “what color are you”? questions since I’m a red AND blue person (you should see my closet)
    May this addition to your family bring you pleasure and all its’ burps be good ones.

  8. Wow! The 2016 Kia Sorento is red-hot and sexy! It has some great features. I would love to have built-in GPS and touchscreen radio controls. I’ll have to add Kia to the list the next time I’m in the market for a car. Great review Lois!

  9. I’m in a 2001 Infiniti sedan that I hope to drive till the wheels fall off. But — I have to admit, I do plenty of looking. Never know when the wheels will come off and I want to be informed instead of rushing and buying the first thing because I don’t have the time to research. Will definitely put the Sorento on my watch list. Gets a lot of cuteness points for sure.

  10. This is a nice car! It’s spacious, it has a wide panoramic screen and it just looks like it would be perfect for the “girl on the go.”

  11. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Sounds like a nice car. I hear great things about Kias.

  12. Love the car and the color! My car now is a candy apple red just like this one!

  13. I love the red. It really is cute, I had no idea it was seven passengers big!

  14. Love new cars!! That color is fantastic!

  15. Husband would love to drive one of these. They are amazing cars.

  16. Wowee That is on beeeautiful car! I love these new cars that sense when anything is near..like a child. That is a HUGE safety concern for us and I would definitely consider that when purchasing a new vehicle.

  17. Great looking car. The color is fantastic!

  18. The reverse camera is a great feature. I hope our next SUV has one

  19. My friend has a Kia and loves it! We are car shopping now!

  20. Sounds like this car has everything you could want – even a price comparison Genie…very impressed!

  21. I’m loving the camera system. I think it would help me get used to parking with an SUV instead of a tiny car!

  22. You are living the life, girlfriend. But I’m happy with my 2002 Toyota Camry.

  23. I loooove your red car! As my mother would say, “Drive it in good health!”

  24. This looks like a really sexy car with a lot of features and plenty of room.

  25. Debbie Denny says:

    I want a Kia bad. I love this one alot.

  26. It is easy to see your enjoyment of the car with your words.

  27. This is totally adorable and great color, too.

  28. I LOVE KIA!! It is the next car I will buy! Yours by the way looks super hot!! Great pick!

  29. That’s such a pretty car! Kia just came out with a new all-electric Soul that I’m excited to check out, too!

  30. The car looks very nice. I have heard great things about Kias.

  31. The Kia Sorento is such a comfortable vehicle. My friend has one and we went on a road trip in it. I would recommend this car.

  32. Wow, that sure is one super sweet ride!

  33. Wow! Good for you! It does look quite nice and seems to have everything you need.

  34. I have been looking for something new because my car is starting to get very worn out. I love the features in the Kia

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