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nature’s spa by jurlique at kimpton’s hotel palomar

Hotel Palomar feet

You know how much I love Kimpton Hotels, and you know how much I love massages.

So, when I was offered a chance to experience a massage at the new Nature’s Spa by Jurlique in the Hotel Palomar, well, there I am, above, patiently waiting in the relaxation room.

And, let me tell you, they’re not joking by calling it that.

Just look at this gorgeous oasis in the middle of downtown San Diego.

Hotel Palomar relaxation room

This would be a great place for a girls’ night or a spa day, and they’ve already hosted a number of events in the space since their grand opening just a few weeks ago.

Before my treatment, I filled out a form that asked what I liked best about my last massage and how I want to feel after this one. Those are not typical spa questions and I really appreciated them. I wrote that my last massage was “medicinal,” which I liked because it was focused and therapeutic rather than just a soothing rubdown.

Nichele Fruge, the spa’s lead massage therapist, paid attention to this and when I told her I’d been sitting on a lot of planes over the past few weeks, she worked on getting the blood and oxygen flowing again, especially in my calves, which were tight and cramping, in addition to all the knots that she magically kneaded her way through.

Plus, I got to take a steam shower right in the same room as my massage. This is a great idea because it draws out the experience a little longer before you have to go back into the real world.

Afterwards, I felt just like what I had wished for on my form – relaxed.

Hotel Palomar relaxation room couch

I spent some time with spa manager Courtney Leyva, who was nice enough to join me in my new favorite spot on the cushion-filled couches behind the curtain rather than make me get up. She told me how happy she was that Kimpton had chosen Jurlique not only because their products are plant-based and pure but because the company gives back in so many ways. This has become a deciding factor in who I support these days, and I know many of you feel the same way.

One of their initiatives that touches me deeply is the non-profit Jurlique Ideas of Beauty Fund which raises money to empower women and children around the world. In the United States, for example, they help homeless and low-income women find jobs and become self-sufficient. To me, these efforts say so much about a company.

Plus, their products, which I’ve been sampling at home, are yummy.

I asked Courtney which treatment is her personal favorite and, without hesitation, she practically purred, “The Nutri-Define Contouring Facial. It’s the ultimate pampering facial!”

As she described the jade and rose quartz rollers, and all the luxurious enhancements including NuFace MicroCurrent and two different Clarisonics for deep cleaning, we both seemed to sink deeper into the cushions. You can be sure I’ll be coming back to test this out.

I was so comfortable, the only thing that was able to rouse me was the fact that I was meeting my friend, Anna, for lunch downstairs at Saltbox, Kimpton’s gastro-lounge, and I didn’t want to be late. She and I both share the tendency to get hangry, and we are not salad girls. I love Anna.

So I took my clothes out of the lovely garment bag they provided, got my valet parking validated (love that!) and hugged Courtney goodbye.

Hotel Palomar robe

She sent me off with these words of wisdom, “Order the brie and pear flatbread.”

Loopy from my massage, I first walked the wrong way, then found my way downstairs where I took one look at the grilled cheese (made with goat cheese!) and promptly forgot Courtney’s advice.

Chef Jeremiah Bryant (look how cool he is!) came over to make sure we were enjoying our food while I was happily chomping away on my sandwich and Anna was “ooh”-ing and “ah”’-ing over her short rib dip. I think he got his answer.

The moral of the story is if you live in San Diego, you should book a day here right now.

And, if you live somewhere else, you may want to consider moving.


  1. Masshole Mommy says:

    When we come to San Diego we usually stay on Coronado. This place definitely looks worth checking out though!

  2. This place sounds amazing. I so would not want to leave. I need to go there now after the week I am having.

  3. nice place and cute toes. I just realized i’ve never been to a spa before how interesting.

  4. We spent a weekend at a Kimpton Hotel in NYC last year. It was wonderful.

  5. Ahh looks like a place I need to see. Sounds like a great time.

  6. Alisha Kostiuk says:

    Looks like you had a great time. So relaxing.

  7. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Wow, their spa rooms are really beautiful! They are so relaxing to just look at, never mind experience!

  8. Debbie L. says:

    I love a great spa! Looks like a great place to make a MUST STOP when I am in San Diego.

  9. I need to go to the spa. If I lived closer this would be my first choice.

  10. You have no idea how badly I need a spa day. I’m glad you had a chance to relax and unwind.

  11. Elizabeth O. says:

    I’ll go ahead and get a spa this weekend.

  12. This place looks AMAZING and so relaxing! I would love to stay there!

  13. Mmmmmmmm,a spa day sounds like such a good idea. It is wonderful to be able to sit back, relax and get treated wonderfully for a while.

  14. Oh my goodness, I don’t think there is anything better in this world than a great massage. If I am ever in San Diego I will have to stop by and visit them.

  15. This looks divine. Yup! Time for me and hubby to go to the spa.

  16. Ugh – I could go for a spa day right about now. That all looks wonderfully relaxing.

  17. I want to go!! I could honestly use this right now! Take some stress away

  18. This looks amazing! I have never had a massage or been to a spa. I think it is time to change that

  19. I can practically feel myself melting with relaxation already. I love that the steam shower is in the same room!

  20. I love going to the spa. This looks like a fantastic hotel. Thanks for sharing with us.

  21. Wow! What a gorgeous spa! This makes me want some pampering. Ha!

  22. There’s nothing like a good spa day! If I were in San Diego, I would be headed over first thing- and I would definitely be trying that flatbread at the gastro lounge, too!

  23. Sounds like a lovely place. I need a spa day!

  24. I was sold when I saw that first picture of your feet LOL I DO love a good spa day, that’s for sure!

  25. We do travel to San Diego from time to time to catch the Cubs when they play the Padres and I have mentioned to my husband about staying overnight. Maybe next season we will have to book a room at the Hotel Palomar.

  26. Seems like a fabulously peaceful spot for pampering. I’ll have to show this to my son-in-law-to-be, a massage therapist working at a ritzy spa in Denver.

    LOVE your last line. 😀

  27. Oh, my, looks like heaven. I so desperately need a massage. Sigh.

  28. Okay. You convinced me! Next time I am in San Diego I will plan a Spa Day and stay at the Kimpton, before I track down and try to have at least a coffee with all my San Diego bloggy friends.

  29. I could really use some time at a spa soon!

  30. That room is pretty amazing looking. I have had a massage 2 times in my life and they were both in the last few years. I know everyone loves them and I can understand why, but I just have this weird thing about people touching me. I am a work in process. 😉

  31. Oh, now THIS POST got my attention in a big way. Lovely spa idea!

  32. This place looks absolutely relaxing! I love the color scheme as well. I want a spa day now!

  33. Luxury, peace, and purpose… When did you say it was “girls” day? Because I am in!

  34. That is nice that they ask for valuable feedback that will be important to you (and others too, depending). I would love to give this place a whirl too,.

  35. Wow this looks plush and super comfy! Enjoy your stay!

  36. This sounds like it was an amazing time! I’ve never had a massage before but you have made it sound like I am MISSING out!!

  37. I’ve got a girls weekend coming up in November in Chicago and you’ve provided great inspiration for planning for a great weekend – thx!

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