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april is pixie tangerine month at the oaks at ojai!

Oaks at Ojai Pixie Tangerine Month

Not that you need another reason to visit the iconic Oaks at Ojai but April is Pixie Tangerine Month and that just sweetens the deal.

So, when I was invited to spend a couple of days at the spa, I booked myself a ticket on Amtrak and headed north.

Oaks at Ojai

The Oaks at Ojai has been around since 1976 and many of the women I met during my stay have been coming religiously every year since then. No wonder.

This destination spa, which regularly wins top spa awards, is a little haven in the middle of one of the cutest artist towns in California — a town you may remember from my favorite TV show, Brothers and Sisters.

I checked into my cottage — a spacious and comfy home-away-from-home — and immediately headed for lunch.

Oaks at Ojai cottage

Because the focus at the Oaks at Ojai is on health, fitness and weight loss, the menu is calorie-conscious and full of fresh fruits and vegetables, natural foods and no added salt or refined sugar. I admit I was a little wary of this but the three meals a day plus snacks were delicious and surprisingly filling.

Oaks at Ojai tuna

I could definitely eat healthy if someone was cooking these meals for me every day.

Oaks at Ojai dinner

And, yes, there was dessert.

Oaks at Ojai chocolate strawberries

They even served popcorn during the movie nights, and had tea, coffee and fruit available all day.

Oaks at Ojai Libbey Lounge

There are dozens of classes and fitness options at the Oaks at Ojai. I started the day with a morning stroll with general manager Peter Bowen, who shared with me the fascinating history of this Pink Moment city. You see, because Ojai is located in an east-west valley, it is one of a handful of places in the world to be blessed with a gorgeous pink sunset — which, unfortunately, I missed because I was enjoying spa treatments at that time. I will have to go back sometime soon to experience that Pink Moment although I don’t feel bad because those treatments felt a little like heaven themselves.

Although I never tried any of the gym equipment — are you surprised? — I did take some great classes in jazz dance, Zumba, meditation and stretch.

Oaks at Ojai

Because that was more exercise than I’ve done in a while, I also spent some nice quiet time on a lounge chair

Oaks at Ojai lounge chairs

and on my beautiful little patio.

Oaks at Ojai patio

I “forgot” to bring my bathing suit so I skipped the water classes, which looked like fun. I like that there’s an awning over the pool so you can swim without worrying about the hot sun beating down on you.

Oaks at Ojai pool

Because, to me, spas are all about pampering, I was excited to try the Fit & Firm Signature Facial. After the sugar cane AHA resurfacing, the mask, the eye lift treatment and anti-aging “cocktail” — not to mention the luxurious hand, arm and neck massage — my skin looked clear and rejuvenated. Oh, and the spa just sent me a box of Skin Authority products in the mail so I can keep it like that.

I also had a Pixie Pedicure in honor of Pixie Tangerine Month — which, I should explain, is celebrated throughout Ojai, the exclusive home of these seedless, easy-to-peel balls of sweetness.

Oaks at Ojai Pixie TangerinesFor my pedicure, Pixie juice  — as magical as Tinkerbell’s pixie dust! — was squeezed into the sugar scrub rubbed on my feet and legs. It smelled delicious. I considered having my nails painted one of the cute tangerine-colored polishes that were being featured but ended up opting for Opi “It’s A Boy” baby blue instead.

The spa also offers a full body scrub which uses tangerine essential oils along with fresh Pixies squeezed into products table-side, and a Pixie scrub class so you can make your own bottle to take home .

During the month of April, Green Tangerine Dream cleansing drink with Pixie juice is served daily, there are special menu items and cooking demos, and, for afternoon snack, there are my new favorite Pixie Popsicles.

Oaks at Ojai Pixie Pops

Oaks at Ojai Self EmbraceI can definitely understand why so many women (and a few men) make annual pilgrimages to the Oaks at Ojai. It’s such a low key, supportive place and is more affordable than you might expect, considering everything that’s included. This beautiful sculpture in the lobby is a perfect representation of how you feel while you’re there.

On my final morning, I spent a few minutes in the Intention Garden, feeling deep gratitude for my time at the Oaks at Ojai.

Oaks at Ojai Intention Garden

You still have 10 days to experience Pixie Tangerine Month at the Oaks at Ojai. Orange you glad I told you about it?!

Full disclosure: On one of my walks through town, I stopped in here. In the name of research, of course.

Ojai Donut Shoppe


  1. Yep. That’s a place I’d like. Of course, I’d also like the donut shoppe. Just thought I’d point that out.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    That looks like a fun place to stay and the food looks amazing. I will definitely have to add it to my list of places to visit.

  3. Never heard of this place! Looks like a nice little oasis – so peaceful!

  4. Wow I would love to visit that place. It looks peaceful!

  5. What a peaceful and relaxing place to visit. I would totally stop at the donut shop too!

  6. Lois – I LOVED Brothers and Sisters! The Spa, the facilities, the treatments the food all sound heavenly. Would love to visit there someday. And I’m like you – if someone cooked me 3 gorgeous, delicious meals like that a day, I would have no problem eating a healthy diet!

  7. What a wonderful trip and so beautiful. i would never want to leave.

  8. Wow!! I have never had a full spa weekend- it is pretty high up on the list though, especially now!!

  9. I love the idea of a full spa weekend away and that is definitely on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing your experience I felt relaxed just reading about it. Sue from Sizzling Towards Sixty.

  10. I love how they incorporated it into your spa treatments in so many ways. It would definitely smell heavenly!

  11. Never heard of it! Looks like paradise, so peaceful and beautiful!

  12. That looks like fun! Ojai looks like a fun place to visit, for sure!

  13. What a pretty quaint place to stay. The food looks amazing especially the chocolate strawberries.

  14. I love Ojai! I’ve never been to The Oaks, but after reading your review need to try it out. I’ve always stayed at the Ojai Valley Inn but this sounds so perfect for a girls weekend getaway! Thank you for sharing this spot!

  15. And you totally have me dreaming about a spa day now! My girlfriends and I need to get away!

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