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WriterAs a writer, words obviously mean a lot to me. I know how powerful they can be, and I don’t use them lightly. In fact, I can spend an inordinate amount of time choosing the right one and then go back and change it several times until I’m convinced it expresses the message I’m trying to convey.

So, as my friends and fellow bloggers have been sharing their one word for 2013, I have sat, stumped. How can I possibly choose one word to sum up my dreams/wishes/intentions for the new year? One word to live by, to honor, to keep me focused on the big picture? That’s a lot of pressure to put on one little word.

And then it hit me. My word is do. Two letters that are more impactful than paragraphs of inspirational thoughts. Of course, you can (and should!) imagine, hope, strive, but to actually accomplish your goals, you have to do something. It’s the reason Nike has been so successful with “Just do it.”

This is such a fantastic word for me for so many reasons. On the positive side, I have experienced firsthand the incredible miracles that can come from taking action, so I know that do-ing works. For example, I’ve had so many people tell me they wish they could have gone to Australia with Oprah, too – but they didn’t take the time to fill out the Ultimate Viewer form!

On the negative side, I am a big procrastinator – not because I’m lazy but because I often over-think things. Would it be better to do it this way or that way? Would it look better like this or like that? I have cartons full of photos and closets full of scrapbooking supplies but the two rarely meet because I can’t figure out the best way to put together albums.

The great thing about do-ing is that I almost always benefit by it. I regret the things I haven’t done way more often than the things I’ve done. And the philosophy I’ve recently embraced – “Done is better than perfect” – is proof of that. It’s also the only reason you see posts from me here.

Once I’ve actually finished something, I rarely go back and think, “Oh, I wish I had done it this way or it would have been so much better if I had done it that way.” I appreciate it for what it is. The couple of scrapbooks I did put together are cherished by my family, and no one has any idea of what may be missing or the other pictures or embellishments I considered including. The same goes for the articles I write — no one knows what’s been changed or omitted. And, honestly, no one cares.

So, 2013 is the year I do. I’ve already planned three trips, cleaned out 1500 emails from my inbox, applied for a couple of very cool professional opportunities and started drinking eight glasses of water a day.

I’m feeling really excited and empowered by my word, and hope to make it proud over the next twelve months. And, if somehow things do go awry, the good thing is my word for 2014 can be redo.

What’s your word for 2013? Why did you choose it?


  1. My word is Be.

  2. Deborah Henry says:

    Believe. Trust. And Magdew’s Be. Ooh, so hard to only pick one.
    My word: Believe.

  3. Vicky Tarulis says:


  4. Lynette Baker says:

    Wow, this hit home hard. It could have been written by me; this is me – right down to the scrapbooks. (I wish I had noted how many times I reworded this comment even though I vowed to just spew out whatever came to mind.) I’ve always chalked my behavior up to (self diagnosed) OCD’s. I hope you & Nike consider it flattery that I borrow your word, not as a New Year resolution, but as a life-changing application.

  5. Now you got me thinking!

    I can see how “One Word” can be a new way of expressing one’s New Year’s Resolution.

    It’s challenging to think of one word…but I think I found mine.

    I have been telling myself that this year I will be more focused in my work, and in general- I too, have found myself procrastinating and being distracted- I think I can regain my strength through one word: FOCUS.

    Have an awesome day!

  6. Enjoyed this post, since I am a journalism teacher!! My word is INSPIRE!

  7. Tricia van Dockum says:

    My word is “Thankful”. To be thankful for everyone and everything in my life. If I could choose a second word, it would be “clarity”. Clarity for the things happening in this world and how best to make them better.

  8. jae kremer says:

    Please put a lunch date with your pal (ME!!!) high on you do list. No procrastinating, no over-thinking, JUST DO IT, GIRLFRIEND! HAPPY 2013! LOVE YOU!

  9. Confidence :>)

  10. My word is “write”, because for some unidentifiable reason I just stopped 6 months ago! I’m no busier than I ever was before, so there are no excuses. Thanks for spurring me into action by making me think about just one word!

  11. Love the idea of picking a word. Hate the idea of having only one! I’m thinking now.

  12. My word is “ambition.” This is not a word I would ever have chosen in the past. I am using it as a motivator to achieve things in 2013 that I never thought I could. Your word is fabulous.

  13. Damn! I wish I’d read this earlier. What great words your readers chose. So now I’m left with only 20 million choices. This comment or thought will have some serious repercussions on my entire life. What if I choose a word – then realize an hour from now I chose the wrong word. OMG! Such drama. I thought PERFECTION was a good choice for about 20 seconds then I realized that would work against me as usual. Ugh! Okay – I’m doing it…JOYFULLY!

  14. Live.

  15. Carpool Goddess says:

    I so identify with this and I love your word “DO!” I’m adding your’s to my list. If I can RELAX I will be BOLDER and DO more.

  16. Gratitude is my word.

  17. Helene Bludman says:

    All great words! Mine will be BELIEVE because this will be a year of planning for the future, and the most important thing is for me to believe in possibilities, and in myself.

  18. Mary Shah says:


  19. Diane Y. Welch says:

    ACCOMPLISH. For me success, and therefore, happiness is about setting a goal and reaching it, and that tough-to-beat feeling of accomplishment that comes afterward. To accomplish is to live a full and meaningful life.

    • I love every one of these words, and so appreciate you sharing them! Let’s check in at the end of the year, and see how we did! Here’s to an amazing, creative, happy 2013! xo

  20. My word is “magical”. It was my 2012 word and I’m keeping it. Over the course of the year and having used it for many different reasons, I have found it to be a very uplifting word…for me as I use it and for those that I share it with! There is magic in our being and in everything around us. It makes me smile!

  21. Wow. Great word. Great post. Great inspiration. I have to think about this. I am a photographer so think more in visual terms than written ones. But this is good for me. Just one word? Hmmmm. Thinking…thinking…thinking…

  22. keep DOING what you DO, Lois! It’s all fantastic! I would love to be half as motivated to DO things as you! Happy New Year….

  23. I guess my word would have to be “present” because I tend to spend too much time planning for the future or being bogged down by the past. Enough with that! Thanks for making me think about it- it’s a good way to start 2013.

  24. This is tough. But, I think I’m going with freedom. Freedom to and freedom from. Freedom to be impefect and make mistakes gives me confidence. Doesn’t mean to be rash or foolhardy, but to not worry about being perfect. Freedom from fear. This covers a whole lot. Freedom from fear of the future, fear of the unknown. This means trust and makes me want to be more adventurous, but with a quite confidence to go into the world bravely.
    Thank you!

  25. Not sure that I have one word, yet, but you really have me thinking. Gratitude, as was mentioned above, might be a good one for 2013!

  26. Sisters from Another Mister says:

    Love the word DO.
    We can do more, we can less, we can do anything, we can just do it …
    Thank you for linking up with ONE Word, hope you find the other posts as inspiring as I have!

  27. My word for 2013 is “Commitment”. I’ve been always afraid of committing myself to people, or projects for fear of failure. So this year I’m going to commit to things and do my best. I’ll follow my heart for a change, not my mind!

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