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hey hey hey, it’s world poetry day!

Michael beanie

My favorite poet.

I am not a poet, as I think I made clear many years ago (and with the title of this post).

I do, however, happen to live with a poet and thought I should pay homage to him now that I know it’s World Poetry Day.

My honey, Michael Mark, has been writing poetry for maybe a year, and is already making a name for himself in a number of prestigious literary magazines. I’m so proud of him and want to share some of his work with you.

If you think it must be hard living with a blogger, let me assure you living with a poet is right up there. Everything is fair game, as we all discovered in his now-classic Baby’s Got a Hot Blog, which was featured on Empty Mirror.

His beautiful poem, Flawed, is currently the Top Poem on Everyday Poets, and I hope you’ll give it five stars to keep it there!

One of my favorite poems of his is For Me It Was the Trees, which brings me right back to our amazing trip to Africa last summer.

Michael recently became a regular contributor to Elephant Journal, where he writes about yoga and Buddhism, both of which have become very important to him over the last year. Check out his latest poem, Bad Karma on the Yoga Mat, and maybe even bring it a little good karma.

Last September, Michael did the 500+ mile Camino de Santiago in Spain (I am more of a spa girl, thank you very much), and some of the poems he wrote there are included in the spring issue of The Wayfarer. Just look at this gorgeous magazine!

I hope you’ll check out Michael’s website, follow Michael on Twitter and leave him some comments here to let him know what you think of his work.

Who knows? He might even write a poem about you.


Update, World Poetry Day 2016: Michael has a great poem about Trump’s influence on “How We Argue Now,” plus you can watch a video of him read “For Me It Was The Trees.”


  1. He is quite the poet. Flawed is absolutely beautiful. What a duo! Congratulations!

  2. Lolo
    Thanks for the tribute but let it be known you inspire the best work and often
    edit the crap out of the mediocre and when it just stinks you tell me. I
    Love you.


  3. One day I want to join Michael on adjoining yoga mats, so perhaps his poetic gems will jump across to me. Then I can be jealous of his yoga moves, and he can become jealous of my poetry.

    Nah, I could never be the poet he is!

    I am a devoted fan.

  4. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    I am so glad you posted this, Lois. I was telling my daughter about the iPad poem Michael wrote about you, and made a mental note to find it (not surprisingly, that came to naught). I just tweeted this so now she can read it and will become Michael’s newest fan. 🙂

  5. Flawed is just beautiful. I am enjoying all of your husbands poetry, I cannot believe he has only been at it for one year.
    A woman in my one of my writing groups is writing a book about meeting people in a chat room and then all of them went to Camino de Santiago.
    Have a great Sunday.

  6. What an interesting guy you are married to – and snaps for completing Camino de Santiago!

  7. Sounds like great poetry. Will check it out!

  8. I am not good at poetry either, I like reading it though, it definitely is a talent~!

  9. Hanging head in shame – I have no idea there was a such a thing as World Poetry Day. I love poetry.

  10. I didn’t know there was such a day as world poetry day, but very fitting that you featured Michael today! Flawed is a great poem!!

  11. He is a weaver of beautiful words. I especially enjoyed “for me it was the trees.”

    I’m more of a spa girl, too, but I’m super impressed that he did the Camino de Santiago.

  12. Wow, he sounds like a real poet, ha! My nephew is really into poetry and is a part of many poetry groups. He loves it.

  13. Happy World Poetry Day! What great poetry.

  14. he waxes poetic, you write with wit… you are a perfect match. loved flawed!

  15. what a wonderful way to spend some time- reading poetry! Ilove taht even though they ‘re not teaching poetry, or the art of writing in during these ‘common core” times at my son’s school, he’s whipping out some beautiful stuff. I guess when I poem is in your soul, it has to come out!

  16. What a great way to pay tribute to your favorite poet. I’m headed over to twitter to follow him now!

  17. Wow!! Congrats to him and all his successes. Heading over to check out his work in 3…2…1…

  18. I am not a poet at all! But I recently discovered that my daughter is! She has blown me away with some of her poetry!

  19. Chris Plumb says:

    Great poems, great couple.
    My wife and I complement each other’s talents and gifts, and it’s nice to see other couples who do as well.

  20. Oh how fun and wonderful! Thanks for sharing this, what a unique couple you two must be 😉 Just voted and followed on Twitter! Off to read his poems!

  21. “Flawed” was beautiful and unexpected. “Baby Has a Hot Blog” was funny and honest. You’re both really great writers!

  22. Wonderful! and thank you for sharing. I loved it.

  23. This is really beautiful! I am not much of a poet either!

  24. I am so behind. I had no idea there was a such thing called world poetry day.

  25. Oh how I loved his poem about you always bloggin! I love so many lines…having sex by the light of the ipad…she says she has had too many iced teas and they say she is their hero!
    What a fun, loving, man you got there!!
    I could read poems like that all day!

  26. I love to read poetry! Poetry means something to so many.

  27. How cool! I had no idea that there was a World Poetry Day. Reading these poems, I can see that you guys certainly have reason to celebrate it!

  28. I followed Michael on Twitter. Love his poem about Yoga…..I could so relate!! Happy Poetry Day to you!!

  29. I am definitely not a poet but I love to read poetry!

  30. I am going to check out Michael on twitter. I had no idea there was a World Poetry day.

  31. What an amazing gift he has! Beautifully written.

  32. So neat & i enjoyed his poem.

  33. I have no poetic cell in my body but love reading them! Very enjoyable.

  34. I had no idea it was world poetry day! Heading over to follow Michael on Twitter!

  35. The hot blog poem made me chuckle because I’m sure he’s not alone in feeling like he competes with the blog. I think it’s wonderful how you are so proud and supportive of him!

  36. I’m following him on twitter now, Lois. Love his poems. It figures you married someone as creative as you!

  37. Wow! Great poet! I showed my daughter, she is in love with anything written and has a special passion for poetry. This is great!

  38. LOVE the yoga poem, I could just see myself having similar thoughts if I got to be a yoga regular somewhere! I’m at work now so I’m not going to browse but I shall have to come back for more on my own time.

  39. He did write a poem about you, didn’t he? Well, even if he didn’t, you two love birds are poetry in motion! It’s just that you blog about your love affair with him and he writes gorgeous poetry about it.

    I think that I shall never see. Scratch that. Happy Poetry Day to my favorite poet and his sparklingly beautiful wife.

  40. Wow. What a great poet your hubs is. I let all my FB friends know too. Happy World Poetry Day. I’m going to have to go write something mediocre now, if for no other reason than I don’t want to be left out.

  41. Michael you have fast become one of my favorite poets, for the record that means you’re keeping company with Wendell Berry, Sharon Olds, Mary Oliver and countless others. What a wonderful thing it is to have creativity ooze from your core, I can assure you that we are all better for yours, Michael, so thank you for sharing how you not only move through the world, but how you feel it too.

  42. As a fitness buff, Bad Karma on a Yoga Mat really resonated with me! Sometimes, we have to fight off those feelings. I call “leaving it on the mat.”

  43. I have never really been into poetry. I guess the stuff we had to read in school put a damper on wanting to pursue it more.

  44. WOw he is amazing. As a closeted poet he is inspiring to me. thank you fro sharing your hubby. Oh and I may have a wee bit of a writer crush on him now. But no worries you’re still my number one.

  45. I use to be pretty decent but I won’t try now lol!

  46. Wow! Thank you all for your support. Big hugs!

  47. I had no idea it was World Poetry Day! He is a wonderful poet!

  48. As a writer and someone who enjoys words, I was glad you shared this post and some thoughts about poetry and poets.

  49. This is really beautiful! I am not much of a poet, but I grew up reading poetry in three languages!

  50. I love all kinds of poetry and am sad to say that I used to write all of the time when I was younger but it has slipped away from me over the years – perhaps one day I will start again 😉

  51. I didn’t know it was World Poetry Day! Now that I know I want to pull out a few of my favorite poet’s poems…Maya Angelou!

  52. His poems are really good. Yay for World Poetry Day

  53. Congrats to your hubby! My husband is also a poet! Happy World Poetry Day!

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