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my husband’s poem, “baby’s got a hot blog”

Michael Mark jumpingTurnabout is fair play so it’s only right that my husband’s poem, “Baby’s Got a Hot Blog,” is on Empty Mirror today (the same site where Bob Dylan reads “The Night Before Christmas,” by the way).

I have to admit it’s a fantastic poem.

Since I’ve shared many stories about Michael here, including what will forever be referred to simply as the purple sweater incident, I certainly can’t blame him for writing loosely – loosely – about me in his poetry. If his poem was a movie, it would say “inspired by actual events,” not “this is a true story.”

In other words, we are not getting a divorce!

Check out the poem here, and please “like,” share and comment on the Empty Mirror site.

Let’s show him the power of his baby’s hot blog.


  1. That was really Good~
    Or should I say, Great!!

  2. Awe, Michael is feeling a bit on the outside of your blog life? Very cute poem.
    As you know, surrender is the best way to go!
    I wish you the Happiest New Year ever! Thank you for a year of great reading and insights!

  3. What a great poem! Made me laugh on some lines.

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